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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 11 Recap

Wu Baiqi swayed in the street and unknowingly came to Ruyi Tower, thinking that he could see Fu Xuan and went in. It happened to be Fu Xuan and his maid Gu Yuan. Speaking of Wu Baiqi, he looked like a bad person without learning and skill. In fact, he was kind and righteous in his heart. If he worked hard and worked hard, he might become a good general.

Xu Jin went to the street to inquire about Dong Fangli’s whereabouts. Fu Rong followed him, calling him the prince, for fear that everyone would not know who he was. Fu Rong took a fancy to a sachet, suffering from no money, Xu Jin bought all the sachets from the vendor. Whenever I met someone, I asked if I had seen Dong Fangli. A coachman had a beard similar to Dong Fangli. Xu Jin asked him to find no results. He sent a sachet to continue inquiring. Fu Rong was holding a large sachet. There is not much left.

When it was time for dinner, the two of them came to a store and ordered the food. The guy asked what he had to avoid. Fu Rong didn’t even want to tell him not to eat ginger and garlic. Xu Jin was surprised. How did she know he didn’t eat ginger and garlic.

It’s different to who Xu Jin is looking for. Fu Rong said. If you don’t say it, you don’t want to say. Every time you know about him, Fu Rong is unlucky. It’s better not to know. Xu Jin asked Fu Rong to put away her yin and yang strangeness.

The streets at night are more lively than during the day. There are lanterns everywhere. People pray through lanterns. It is said that the higher the lanterns, the better. Suddenly Xu Jin saw a figure walking by, much like Dong Fangli, she told Fu Rong to rush to catch up. Fu Rong also saw a figure in the distance that looked like Master Liu Ruyi, helplessly crowded, and lost after two steps.

The person like Dong Fangli was not Dong Fangli. In desperation, Xu Jin saw the lantern on the small stall and brought two lamps to Fu Rong. Fu Rong took the lantern and Xu Jin jumped up and flew onto the tallest lantern stand. He was afraid that Fu Rong would fall down, so his hand kept tightly around Fu Rong’s waist, and Fu Rong yelled that it was taking advantage of her. Xu Jin pretended to be helpless and let go. Fu Rong lost his balance and quickly grabbed Xu Jin’s arm. It was Xu Jin’s turn to accuse her of taking advantage.

Hanging the lanterns facing each other, the bright moon is shining, you can’t spit, hanging high in the sky, is a sea of ​​lanterns, they exude warm light, float slowly to the sky, standing in such a star point, make people feel the world. All are gentle.

Fu Guan went out to play and lost today. Fortunately, Miao Ling got it back in time. Fu Rong came back and touched his face. It was a bit hot. He criticized Fu Guan without paying attention. He gave him medicine first. Xu Jin didn’t mention Fu Guan, so he gave him two sachets, one of which was the one Fu Rong liked today.

Before going to bed, Fu Rong gave Fu Guan some medicine, and the child drank some naughty coaxing. In order to calm his sister, Fu Guan took out a candy from a small bag and gave it to Fu Rong. Fu Rong teased him for being naive but ate it. Then Fu Guan gave him a sachet which was bought by Xu Jin in the day. That, needless to say, it was given by Xu Jin, and Fu Rong accepted it. He also instructed Fu Guan not to take other people’s things casually. Fu Guan looked at his sugar bag anxiously for a long time.

As soon as Fu Rong came out, Xu Jin knew it was her without even looking. The smell of the sachet was easy to recognize. Fu Rong said that he had lost the sachet, and Xu Jin’s face was unhappy and fleeting. In the small courtyard, the two of them were drinking and chatting, and Fu Rongjing Xu Jinjiu, hoping that he would never have anything wrong. Xu Jin wondered why Fu Rong always felt that something would happen to him and always said he was going to die early.

Speaking, Fu Rong began to fight with Xu Jin for drinking. In the end, Xu Jin was half drunk and half awake. Fu Rong was unconscious of the nonsense. Xu Jin hugged her back to the bed. She was still muttering the silly things she didn’t want to die. And there was the sachet she liked right next to the pillow. Xu Jin took the sachet and looked at it and chuckled openly.

When Xu Jin woke up the next day, he had already left, and Fu Rong’s dizziness had not been relieved. Miao Ling hurried to say that Fu Guan had chickenpox. The doctor looked at it and was helpless. Fu Guan’s chickenpox seemed to be different from ordinary chickenpox, and the onslaught could not be restrained. To make matters worse, Fu Guan just had chickenpox on his front feet, and a chickenpox appeared on Fu Rong’s forehead on his back feet. In order to prevent more people from spreading the infection, Fu Rong sent back all the maids and servants and left alone to take care of Fu Guan.

Xu Jin went to the street to meet with Xu Jia and Mr. Ge. He saw that the coachman, who was still dressed in coarse linen yesterday, entered the restaurant cleanly today. He chased up and asked, it turns out that the coachman took a big business to send jewelry out of the city last night, but since it is jewelry , Why should it be transported to the wilderness.

After asking the coachman, Xu Jin saw that the maid Lanxiang set up a carriage by herself and was going back to Beijing. Only then did he learn that Fu Rong Fu had an accident. I took Mr. Ge Chuan straight to Biezhuang, and got his pulse by Ge Chuan. Fu Guan was not suffering from chickenpox but was infected with the three-day blight. The child was weak and the reaction was obvious, and Fu Rong had milder symptoms. Ge Chuan quickly prescribed the prescription, and within a few days, the crisis could be turned into peace.

Today Xu Jin rescued him, and Fu Rong, a great kindness, was unforgettable. In the future, Xu Jin would catch her no matter how much she doubted her. But Xu Jin suspected her with a bracelet alone, it didn’t make sense. Xu Jin told her that the ornamentation on Qi Ce’s letter was the same as the ornamentation on the bracelet. Fu Rong remembered that Hua Dengye seemed to have seen Liu Ruyi, but was not convinced.

Fu Rong had long dreamed that Fu Guan would have chickenpox, so she brought a lot of medicinal materials to Hongcun Biezhuang, Miao Ling took Fu Guan to a crowded place and she was so anxious. Of course, I also dreamed that Xu Jin died early, so when she was drunk, Xu Jin would hear her say that she would die early. Fu Rong hurriedly got up and saluted, repaying Xu Jin’s kindness by acting as a cow and a horse in the next life, and praying for him in the Hall of Longevity at Yunluo Temple.

Two days in the past, Fu Rong had chickenpox scabs on her forehead. In the dream, she had scars on her forehead, so she painted Huatian. This time she said nothing to leave scars. After taking care of him for two days, Fu Guan Fu Rong finally couldn’t help but lay down beside the bed. Xu Jin rushed to worry about her, and when she saw her resting, he covered her with a layer of clothing. Who knew that Fu Rong suddenly woke up, the cloth rubbed his forehead, and the scab If it fell, there are still scars left.

Fu Guan’s body finally recovered, but who on earth was Fu Guan, Xu Jin told him to think about what happened when he went out and lost with Miao Ling. Fu Guan said that when he saw a lot of large boxes on the carriage, an uncle gave him a bag of sugar and told him not to speak out. The sugar bag was still there, and it contained the sugar that Fu Guan gave Fu Rong to eat.

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