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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 10 Recap

With darkness shrouded in front of her eyes, Fu Rong remembered the strange dreams she had had. He was lying in the coffin and no one cared about it. The bloody hands on the walls were full of bright red marks, and she was so scared that she even threw away the arrows. Xu Jin realized that something was wrong and stepped forward and gently placed the arrow in her hand. Fu Rong seemed to suddenly gain confidence and win the game.

Some onlookers were excited and disappointed. Uncle Hou had arrived, and Mrs. Hou took Fu Rong to the doctor. Uncle Ji told Mrs. Hou that Fu Rong was indeed cold, but he also found out that she was of extremely cold constitution and she would become pregnant in the future. Can only give birth to daughters. Now Mrs. Hou, of course, did not recognize the marriage, and found some unpredictable grounds to humiliate Fu Rong. Fu Xuan listened and listened to the outside, and finally came in to theory, and finally Mrs. Hou ordered someone to fetch Fu Jiageng’s post, Fu Rong. Immediately took out Zhang Yan’s Geng Tie, the two exchanged and returned it, Xinduhou and Fu’s family had no affiliation.

Fu Xuan had already known what Fu Rong’s calculations had been after he left the house of Hou, so he retired his marriage. Xu Jin also came out and returned the bracelet to Fu Rong. Fu Rong put it on. The overlapping ends of the bracelet just reflected the pattern of Ruyi Lou. Xu Jin tightened and pinched Fu Rong to question her, frightening Fu Rong. She was not a prisoner. If you are really suspicious, send someone to arrest and torture you.

Fu Pinyan was so angry that his daughter was so angry that he gave up without asking his parents about marriage issues. He wanted to beat Fu Rong when he was angry. Fu Xuan immediately took responsibility and decided to take Fu Rong to Yunluo Temple for repairs. Collect your heart.

What Dong Fangli did was written as a letter and sent to Xu Jin, and the person who sent the letter was not the same group as Ruyilou. The person behind this must be to pull Xu Jin and Dong Fangli into the water. Xu Jin saw the Ruyi pattern on Fu Rong’s bracelet today, but he didn’t catch it for interrogation or the urge to doubt. The reason was only to ask himself.

At the Dong Fangli Mansion, the doctor sighed and Dong Fangli sighed. The youngest son Dong Wen is really in a bad condition. If he can’t find the green sky sunflower and live Lüchong, he is hopeless.

Soothing Dong Wen and returning to the study, the original poster of Ruyi Lou had been waiting for a long time and asked him to go to the palace in three days. Step by step and wrong step are controlled by others. If the sulfur he releases explodes, if the people are injured, Dong Fangli is a sinner through the ages. He had to go, to become a canine tooth.

Wu Baiqi hugged a raccoon slave and came to the lake to tease Fu Xuan. He put down the raccoon slave and said nothing. He turned around and found that the raccoon slave was missing. So the two of them hadn’t quarreled yet, they only diverted their heads to find them.

It was dark, and Fu Xuan was still worried about the little raccoon slave. He carried the lantern and went to the woods to look for it. The candlelight burned so dimly that he couldn’t see, but he happened to run into Wu Baiqi who was also looking for a raccoon slave. He heard that there was a raccoon slave. Called, looking for reputation is just a white little thing.

When Dong Fangli went to Cheng Wang Xu Mao’s house, he felt a thousand reluctances in his heart, and Cheng Wang was able to cooperate with such a person at ease. The sulphur had been transported out by Dong Fangli’s hands, but it was still not enough saltpeter, sulphur mixed with saltpeter, God knew what Cheng Wang wanted to do, but since he got on the thief ship, there was no innocence at all. Dong Fangli had no choice but to be threatened.

Liu Ruyi looked through the news about Dong Fangli in the secret room and learned that Dong Wen’s illness needed rare medicinal materials, and ordered his men to send the two medicinal materials to the Dong’s mansion.

The walls of Yunluo Temple couldn’t close Fu Rong. She had already been walking around. An Wang’s small attendant suddenly appeared. They watched a shadow puppet show together. They were one person for the rest of their lives. Fu Rong was a wonderful place for love. Moved, I made an appointment with Wang An to watch the shadow puppet show tomorrow.

The next day, Wang An took the playbook he had written and asked the boss to play it today, but Fu Rong did not come when the story started until the end. Wen Xing came up to report that the two girls of the Fu family had left Yunluo Temple early in the morning. Fu Rong didn’t stay in the house for long, so he took his brother Fu Guan to Hongcun Biezhuang

Mr. Shushui is looking for Ruyi Lou for something, and at the moment he is waiting for the host to visit in Xiaozhu. He takes off his mask to show his sincerity. Ruyi Lou asks him to wait for good news. But when he asked about Fu Rong suddenly, the host had obviously changed his expression and still answered that he had never heard of it. How can An Wang be such a fool, Liu Ruyi, the treasurer of Ruyi Yinlou, is the owner of Jianghu Ruyilou.

Knowing that Dong Fangli had been running to Hongcun recently, Xu Jin also chased after him. The big bags in Hongcun Biezhuang were transported. Fu Rong was lying on the couch. Recently, he had nightmares all night long. If you can take a break, let’s take a break. Unexpectedly, his younger brother Fu Guan shouted that he was going to see the geese. Fu Rong had to take him into a group of geese in the forest. The geese looked gentle and lovely, but it was really scary to chase them after their brother and sister. Fu Rong held the little goose cubs in his hand, it would be strange if he didn’t chase them.

Suddenly the sound of two branches stroking, the geese behind him were driven aside, Xu Jin temporarily kept the two siblings safe, released the goose, Fu Guan pulled Xu Jin’s clothes pendulum to be grateful, Xu Jin kindly looked at Fu Official, but when my sister spoke, Xu Jin looked at Fu Rong, his face instantly turned from sunny to cloudy.

Because he was afraid of being chased by the goose, Fu Rong made up a suspicious accusation that Xu Jin sent her back to Bezhuang. When it arrived, Xu Jin took the initiative to suspect Fu Rong again. In case she confided to the enemy, Fu Rong followed him all the time. This plan was exactly what Xu Jin wanted.

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