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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 21 Recap

Ouyang Xiangling was kidnapped, and Chi Tiecheng was sure that the Communist Party would not exchange Yin Qiansu for her. Yin Qiansu wants to exchange Ouyang Xiangling back, but the current problem is not to change the hostages, but why they kidnap Ouyang Xiangling at this time. Maybe this is purely a cover, the real purpose is to destroy the plan to persuade Qin Henian. Section Chief Cao realized that their phone calls might have been monitored.

Chi Tiecheng didn’t know why Qin Henian had the same opinion of Yin Qiansu because of a phone call, but after thinking about it, he knew that it had something to do with what happened three years ago, and it was expected that they had a problem with Tang Siyuan. Chi Tiecheng felt that the Communist Party would come to save Ouyang Xiangling. Even though those Communist parties were not their target, Chi Tiecheng was stimulated by Su Wenqian’s words.

Mayor Wen decided to postpone the meeting time and asked Yin Qiansu to contact Tang Siyuan, asking Section Chief Cao to find Su Wenqian immediately and rescue Ouyang Xiangling no matter what way he tried. Su Wenqian found the pharmacy buddy.

The buddy said that he had lost the key card of the high-end restaurant when he paid for the single-sided shopping, but he didn’t know the specifics. Su Wenqian called the Public Security Bureau and said that he was investigating and wanted to give himself some time, but was told that Ouyang Xiangling had disappeared and hurried back.

Qin Henian looked at Yang Zhiliang’s clothes back then. Chi Tiecheng learned that the Communist Party had called Qin Henian’s home and started to prepare for the postponement of the meeting. He also made preparations for evacuation.

There is no damage to the Qin Mansion, so the problem may lie in the telephone exchange. Section Chief Cao borrowed Yin Qiansu’s clothes, disguised himself and planned to change it back to Ouyang Xiangling. When Su Wenqian came back, he was very angry when he saw it. Yin Qiansu was the target they had deliberately studied, and he couldn’t help it.

But when Section Chief Cao answered, there was still a glimmer of hope after they went, and Dagu, Xiucai and others wanted to follow. The jellyfish group appointed Su Wenqian to replace, and Su Wenqian decided to come forward by himself.

Chi Tiecheng let Monk Hua stay for a few hours, optimistic about Ouyang Xiangling. Monk Hua asked himself if it was useless for him to lose his eyes, and Chi Tiecheng said that they were a family.

Although he said so, Chi Tiecheng left Monk Hua with explosives. If he didn’t succeed, Monk Hua would die with Ouyang Xiangling. At the telephone bureau, Xiao Zhang heard that Mayor Wen called Qin Henian again and said that he would cancel the meeting, but he refused to explain why, Qin Henian thought she was a fake.

At 9:30 in the evening, the Communist Party set off from Yin’s house. Chi Tiecheng asked Li Beicai to confirm the target. He must wait until Su Wenqian got off the car before firing. The reason why Chi Tiecheng appointed Su Wenqian as his liaison was to ensure that the Communist Party had no back-ups and that there would be no worries about the fight when the time came.

The Communist Party is still ten minutes away from the Bell Tower Square, and Chi Tiecheng has already asked Li Bei-Ra to prepare for action. Mayor Wen and Yin Qiansu waited for the news. When Ouyang Xiangling woke up, they found themselves tied to a chair.

Monk Hua ate this and told her that the Communist Party was rushing to the Bell Tower Square to rescue her, but what awaited them was an ambush. Ouyang Xiangling was angry and annoyed for a while, suddenly sneered, sarcastically that his eye was blinded the moment the curtain fell. No wonder he didn’t dare to open the curtain.

Monk Hua was angered and turned on the music instead, did not open the curtains as Ouyang Xiangling expected, and even ruined Yang Zhiliang’s collection of poems. The last tokens Yang Zhiliang left her were destroyed, and Ouyang Xiangling cried heartbreakingly. Chi Tiecheng realized that he might be in danger in the telephone exchange, so he asked Shan Leng to call Principal Fang to ensure her safety.

Principal Fang was very angry when he learned about her. If the Communist Party found out about her, he would even have to do it. Principal Fang told Xiao Zhang for a while, but if something went wrong, Xiao Zhang would have prepared the poison.

The Communist Party’s car had arrived. Chi Tiecheng asked Shan Leng to make a phone call. After Su Wenqian got out of the car, he shot at the truck, leaving no Communist Party in the car. When the time came, a bell rang in the phone booth, and Li Beifa and others were waiting in the dark, but Su Wenqian did not get out of the car to answer the phone. Li Beifa, Leng Qiao and others couldn’t wait, and they wanted to do it right away, but Chi Tiecheng decided to call again. If Su Wenqian doesn’t come out to answer the phone within 30 seconds, it means that the Communist Party is bombing, and they will shoot together. .

Su Wenqian who was in the car hesitated to get out of the car, and Chief Cao and the others were so anxious that they told him to leave them alone. It turned out that there was only Su Wenqian in the car. He knew that this replacement was a trap made by Chi Tiecheng, so he refused to let others go. Su Wenqian told Mayor Wen and Director Wen, Section Chief Cao and others of his inference, and began to plan to save Ouyang Xiangling.

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  1. Thank you for this Synopsis. Where can I get Synopsis for Episode 23, & 24 and so on ? I am going to watch Episode 23 onwards because I have completed Episode 1 to 22 already. Thanks for your help, Dr.LIM, MALAYSIA. 


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