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Living Toward The Sun 向阳而生 Episode 18 Recap

Mother Bear really wants Xiong Dun to find a doctor to start a family, which will help her in the future, and Amy also supports her idea. Xiong Dun came to the medical school to find Lin Zhiheng in advance, and he saw from the window that he was giving lessons to the students. Most of the classrooms were girls. Xiong Dun felt sour.

Xiong Dun finally waited until the bell rang for the end of get out of class. Unexpectedly, Lin Zhiheng was surrounded by the girls again and rushed to ask him for advice. Xiong Dun could only wait patiently at the door. The male classmate passed by her and called her eldest sister, Xiong Dun. I strongly protested against this title and severely criticized the boy. After Lin Zhiheng answered the classmates’ questions, he took Xiong Dun to the cafeteria for dinner. He pointed out that Xiong Dun’s makeup was too heavy, and he couldn’t tell whether her face was good or bad. Xiong Dun repeatedly stated that she was no longer Lin Zhiheng’s patient, and now she is Getting along as female friends, the female classmates who were eating next to each other looked sideways.

Lin Zhiheng wanted to use Xiong Dun’s case to study the cure rate of lymphoma, and promised to meet any of her conditions. Xiong Dun waited until he thought about it. Early the next morning, Xiong Dun followed her parents back to her hometown of Lishui. Before leaving, he quietly revealed to Amy that she would be back soon. A family of three returned to Lishui. Father Xiong took their mother and daughter to a rented house, under the excuse that it was very close to the hospital. Xiong Dun was not satisfied with the house and couldn’t compare with the original home. The mother Xiong felt good, Xiong. Father can’t wait to go shopping.

Xiong Dun went around the house and suddenly realized that the situation was not good. She hurriedly called Xia Meng to confirm. After learning that her father had paid back the medical expenses Xia Meng had paid, Xiong suddenly understood everything and her father went home halfway. It was not repairing the water pipe at all, but coming back to sell the house, just to repay Xia Meng. Xiong Dun was very distressed. In order to treat her illness, Xiong Dun didn’t even have a home to settle down. The more Xiong Dun thought about it, the more sad he was, and he just went for a walk. When he returned to his original home, he saw that the door was locked tightly, and “This house has been sold” was posted on the door. Xiong felt heartbroken and cried out sadly.

At this moment, the staff of the real estate agency brought a couple to see the house, and Xiong Dun could only leave in anguish. That night, Xiong Dun accompanied her parents to watch TV in the small rental house, but she couldn’t enter a word. Xiong Dun felt guilty that she had caused her parents to be displaced at such an age. That night, Xiong Dun tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep.

Early the next morning, when Xiong Dun got up, she saw her second aunt come to the house to chat with her parents. She started to ask questions as soon as she had a meal. Thanks to her mother’s relief from it, Xiong Dun was able to withdraw to have breakfast. She stopped to make irresponsible remarks about Xiong Dun’s illness, worrying that she would not be able to marry later. Her mother claimed that a doctor from the Shanghai Grand Hospital pursued Xiong Dun. The second aunt didn’t believe it at all, and she had to introduce Xiong Dun to her boyfriend who sells cars, Mother Xiong Unable to disturb him, he hurriedly found an excuse to dismiss Xiong Dun and couldn’t help but complain about the second sister.

Suddenly, Xiong Dun received a greeting call from Yin Dong. Yin Dong was talking and laughing on the phone. He has gradually recovered. Xiong Dun promised to return to work as soon as possible. Father Xiong just heard him when he came in. He didn’t want her to return to Shanghai, so he contacted her here. For a job, she still wanted to go back and persuade her father to buy the house. Xiong Dun vowed to take good care of her health and never get sick again. Her father kindly persuaded her.

Xiong Dun sent a message to Lin Zhiheng, photographed the moon outside the window, and drew a smiling face on the moon. Lin Zhiheng was amused by the cute pictures. Xiong Dun wakes up early in the morning to make breakfast for his parents. The parents are very pleased. Xiong Dun is also very interested in learning to cook lunch with his mother, and he takes the initiative to soak his parents’ feet after the meal.

Xiong Dun took her parents to drink tea. Mother Xiong realized that she was not right in the past two days and told her to tell the truth. Xiong Dun wanted to return to Shanghai to pursue her career and love. Mother Xiong tried hard to persuade her to stay. Xiong Dun has decided. She regained her second life. She didn’t want to go to waste in this way. Xiong Dun vowed to live a good life and promised to pick them up after buying a house. The mother Xiong just wants her to be well. The house and the car are not important. Xiong Dun presented facts and reasoned out to persuade his mother, but her mother couldn’t help her, so she approached Xiong’s father for help, but he did not expect that he would support Xiong Dun’s decision.

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