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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 5 Recap

As Ye Shu’s letter was found, scenes of past events were revealed… After Ye Shu was abducted and sold, he was humiliated and beaten. Suan Bao’s father couldn’t bear it, so he decided to save her and take her away. At first, Ye Shu refused because she stayed and looked for something. Shuan Bao’s father quietly took care of Ye Shu until he received a note from Ye Shu, and the two met to run away tonight.

Shuanbao’s father immediately packed up his things, set up Shuanbao, and then came to pick up Ye Shu. Unexpectedly, the escape plan was discovered. Wang Hai’s family chased them out with clubs. They also captured Shuan Bao who had returned.

Upon hearing this, Shuan Bao’s father gave Ye Shu the money and asked her to go to the hotel to wait for him. When he rescued Shuan Bao, he went to find her. But Shuan Bao’s father never saw Ye Shu again. Ye Shu left a letter saying that she was going to take revenge and she didn’t want to hurt Dad Shuan Bao. She loved him. If she could come back safely, she would definitely go to Dad Shuan Bao. The mystery was solved, Qiao Nuo contacted Li Xuyao ​​to inform him. The faceless man who appeared in Wang Hai’s house is the key to the case.

As expected by Yang Boqing, Chen Wenbin submitted the agency fee invoice as evidence to the court. This also means that Li Xuyao’s efforts in the last trial were all in vain. Jonuo didn’t worry, because she already knew the truth and just waited for the fish to get the bait. Qiao Nuo voluntarily asked Ying to notify Ye Shu’s family to participate in the third trial, and assured Yang Boqing that this was the last trial. Zhao Peng struggled with Qiao Nuo and Li Xuyao ​​getting too close, determined to protect the little nine in his heart.

Before the third trial, Li Xuyao ​​looked around at the door of the court, and Qiao Nuo appeared, which made him feel at ease. They prayed that He Xuebin would show up. Li Xuyao ​​greeted Chen Wenbin, Chen Wenbin was confident, took out the receipt of agency fee, and sued Li Xuyao ​​for defamation. Li Xuyao ​​looked at He Xuebin who had already appeared in the trial court and said that he hoped Chen Wenbin would like the surprise he gave him. Chen Wenbin followed Li Xuyao’s line of sight and looked over. Seeing He Xuebin, his expression instantly became tense.

At the court hearing, Li Xuyao ​​stated that Wang Hai was just a scapegoat. Chen Wenbin opposed. Li Xuyao ​​asked as Wang Hai’s defender that if Wang Hai was a scapegoat, his sentence could be reduced. As a defense lawyer, why did he oppose it? Chen Wenbin was speechless.

As Li Xuyao ​​talked about it, the truth of the case was gradually revealed: on the night of Ye Shu’s disappearance, He Xuebin called Ye Shu on the excuse of an apology, and it coincided with the wedding anniversary of the two. Let Ye Shu go to the villa and wait for him. Ye Shu happily went to the appointment, still carrying the anniversary gift to He Xuebin in his pocket, the folding dagger. At this time, He Xuebin had already contacted a taxi to wait, and there was a film on the car, so no matter how Ye Shu struggled, he couldn’t see it outside.

He Xuebin did this because he is the faceless man in the photo, and he is also another son of Wang Hai’s family. He was abandoned by his parents, taken in by an orphanage, and later adopted by an English couple. Later, he married Ye Shu. Until he went to gather in the village and met his biological mother. Since then, Wang Hai’s family has been blackmailing him like a vampire. He Xuebin is not worried about money, but he is afraid that his true identity will be revealed.

Then the image of the upper class he has always created will become a bubble. What was even more troublesome was that Ye Shu saw Wang Hai asking for money. So when Wang Hai told He Xuebin that he wanted to find a wife for his stupid brother, He Xuebin thought of an idea. The plan is seamless. He didn’t expect Ye Shu to escape.

Ye Shu, who escaped, was thinking about revenge. She asked He Xuebin to come out. Ye Shu knew that He Xuebin was not necessarily here. She picked a location that the camera could take in advance, and waited for the danger to come. Sure enough, the person who came was Wang Hai. When Wang Hai stabbed herself with a knife, her plan of revenge with her life was successful, and Ye Shu was free.

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