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Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 12 Recap

In the physical education class, Yuan Qian told Qin Shen that he still had a chance to change departments. They were not arranged by fate. It was obvious that Yuan Qian had misunderstood Qin Shen’s meaning. Ling Wei told Yuan Qian if she didn’t go to the party, she would tell her that she was unfamiliar with the people in the art school, and she was drunk. Qin Shen said to Ling Wei that it has nothing to do with Yuan Qian or not. Yuan Qian wanted to know whether Qin Shen was trying to cover up what he lied yesterday or to protect her, but Qin Shen didn’t say it directly.

Song Siyi asked Yuan Qian to return the money she lent her mother. He told Yuan Qian to stop working and go to class. In fact, Song Siyi sold his grandfather’s watch for the money. Aunt Zhou felt that she was sorry for Song Siyi, and Song Siyi quickly comforted her mother.

Ling Wei asked Jia Sicheng to come over to celebrate her birthday. She couldn’t invite Qin Shen herself. She wanted Jia Sicheng to help. Jia Sicheng told Ling Wei that she could invite Yuan Qian, so that Qin Shen followed. Ling Wei brought back to Yuan Qian the book she had left at the art school, but said that she was not in school for the past two days, and asked Yuan Qian to come to Windsor KTV at 7pm to find her. Ling Wei asked Yuan Qian to come to her birthday to invite Qin Shen to join. Qin Shen tried to see if Yuan Qian would have time at night, and when Yuan Qian said that something was going on at night, he did not ask.

In Windsor KTV, Qin Shen really came, and Yuan Qian who was about to come to get the book was also pulled into the box by Ling Wei. Qin Shen pulled Yuan Qian to sit beside him, while Jia Sicheng watched the interaction between the two. Jia Sicheng took the initiative to tell Yuan Qian that Qin Shen and Ling Wei were high school classmates. Qin Shen used to take care of Ling Wei.

Qin Shen also gave Ling Wei a wallet. Yuan Qian was not happy when he heard this. Jia Sicheng said that there was a problem between the two. In the truth or dare, Qin Shen looked at Yuan Qian expectantly when she asked Yuan Qian the boy she liked. Yuan Qian said that she had no one she liked, and Jia Sicheng was interrupting him all the time. Ling Wei kept explaining to Qin Shen that she regarded Yuan Qian as a friend, and Qin Shen told Ling Wei to stop looking for Yuan Qian.

Yuan Qian was not suitable to play a palace fight together. Hearing these Yuan Qian, he planned to leave. The drunk Ling Wei and Yuan Qian apologized for lying to her, because her love for Qin Shen was so humble that she had no self. Yuan Qian stopped Qin Shen and asked about his relationship with Ling Wei. Yuan Qian didn’t understand why Qin Shen repeated himself to himself. Yuan Qian, who had just said that he ignored Qin Shen’s text messages, repeatedly struggled with Qin Shen’s text messages, not knowing what to reply.

Yuan Qian, who was about to go to bed, heard the call and thought Qin Shen, but Song Siyi called. She didn’t have much patience with Song Siyi, and hung up the phone without waiting for him to say. It turned out that Song Siyi had won the rowing competition, and he wanted to go back to see Yuan Qian earlier. At this time, Song Siyi and Yuan Qian confessed the video frantically in the boys and girls dormitory. Qin Shen felt uncomfortable when he saw it. He couldn’t help calling Yuan Qian. He didn’t expect Song Siyi to call Yuan Qian while they were on the phone, and their phones collided again.

With a look of gossip, Yi Ming asked Xue Congyang about Song Siyi. Xue Congyang said that Song Siyi had one of the greatest advantages: taking the initiative, while Qin Shen listened quietly. He took the initiative to talk to Yuan Qian, but he was instructing Yuan Qian on how to make sculptures. Yuan Qian said that Qin Shen was under pressure to stand by his side and asked him to leave first. Qin Shen could only feel that taking the initiative was pseudoscience. Yuan Qian stopped Qin Shen who was about to leave the classroom and asked him how to make a swan cross.

Qin Shen asked Yuan Qian if he was working for Song Siyi. He jealously asked if their relationship was good. When Yuan Qian said of course, he broke the neck of the swan angrily. Qin Shen said it was better to call him a swan. Sorrow. Yuan Qian asked Qin Shen why he broke the neck of the goose. He didn’t expect that Professor Jin would directly praise Yuan Qian’s sculptures because the swan is strictly monogamous and it is a kind of sadness and beauty.

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