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Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 11 Recap

Yuan Qian didn’t know that a little turtle was painted on his back, so he tried to escape Qin Shen’s protection on the bus. Several attempts were unsuccessful. At this time, the bus shook and Yuan Qianyi fell into Qin Shen’s warmth. In the arms, heartbeat spread among them. The bus finally arrived. Qin Shen grabbed Yuan Qian’s collar and walked down after all the passengers got off the bus. Yuan Qian thought that Qin Shen had something to say to her, so he stopped Qin Shen. Yuan Qian happily waited for Qin Shen’s words, but in the end he told her the tortoise behind him, Yuan Qian looked embarrassed…

Yuan Qian saw that Zhang Yuqi’s child in the art school did not paint and handed in a blank assignment. Song Siyi called. Yuan Qian and Song Siyi were in a much better mood. When Qin Shen came in, Yuan Qian immediately hung up the phone. Qin Shen couldn’t help picking up Yuan Qian’s cell phone and looking at it. The kid treated Yuan Qian to bad things and asked Yuan Qian to put the hamster in Yuan Qian’s clothes.

Yuan Qian jumped up in shock. Qin Shen watched and hurriedly covered Yuan Qian’s chest. In order to catch the hamster, Yuan Qian had to He clutched his chest and pulled a bit of clothes to let Qin Shen help. Song Siyi is still negotiating with Mr. Zhang of the Peter Movement.

He promised that he would get a lot of champions in exchange for changing the clause that cannot be dating and marrying within ten years. Mr. Zhang liked Song Siyi’s appearance conditions, so he couldn’t agree. Yi still rejected Mr. Zhang’s contract. It was raining outside, but Yuan Qian did not hold the umbrella. Qin Shen took the initiative to give Yuan Qian the umbrella and walked with his bag. Yuan Qian caught up with Qin Shen and walked together. There was too much rain on the road, Qin Shen naturally Picked up Yuan Qian.

Song Siyi called Yuan Qian who was with Qin Shen. Yuan Qian wanted to explain to Qin Shen that he hadn’t matched him with Ling Wei. The phone kept ringing, but Yuan Qian was interrupted. After answering the phone, Yuan Qian wanted to continue to explain, but Qin Shen heard that it was Song Siyi’s call that he didn’t want to hear any more explanations. When the school arrived, Song Siyi, who was hurriedly hung up, saw Qin Shen Yuanqian walking together, and felt distressed. Yi Ming asked Qin Shen where his umbrella had gone. Qin Shen said that he had lost it. Yi Ming guessed that Qin Shen had lent the umbrella to Yuan Qian and hurt his waist while playing around.

In physical education class, Yi Ming happened to touch Porcelain Yuanqian with his injured waist. Yuanqian saw Song Siyi next to him and asked him what was wrong. Song Siyi asked Yuanqian if she and Qin Shen had an umbrella yesterday. When he came back, Yuan Qian denied it in front of Ling Wei. At this time, Qin Shen walked over to Yuan Qian and told Yuan Qian that the umbrella was easy to Ming, and remember to return it. Yuan Qian ran away in embarrassment, and Song Siyi stayed in Yuan sadly. Ground.

In the cafeteria, Yuan Qian decided to smash Zhang Yuqi to the end. Yuan Qian tempted Zhang Yuqi with snacks to make him obedient, but Zhang Yuqi disappeared after receiving the call from the director. Yuan Qian anxiously searched between the classrooms but couldn’t find it. In the end, he could only report to the director. Qin Shen said that he had tied Zhang Yuqi’s phone and he could find it by following the location. In the classroom, Yuan Qian was doing sculptures happily because Qin Shen helped retrieve the child, but the counselor told Yuan Qian because Zhang Yuqi’s parents came to the school to complain, and that it is now a critical period for the transfer, and the part-time job should not affect the transfer.

The counselor helped to explain to Mother Zhang, Yuan Qian cried aggrievedly when she heard it. In order for Qin Shen to take her to shoot darts to make Yuan Qian relieved, Qin Shen taught Yuan Qian to shoot darts, and Yuan Qian became positive again. To thank Qin Shen for teaching her darts, she invited Qin Shen to dinner.

Yuan Qian came to the art school full of vitality. Zhang Yuqi watched Yuan Qian not speak, and drew a sorry painting to Yuan Qian. Yuan Qian felt that his hard work had paid off. The director told Qin Shen and Yuanqian that the first, second and third prizes in the children’s group of the painting competition were all from their class, and the school decided to vigorously promote them.

Yuan Qian knew that Qin Shen and Zhang Yuqi had made three chapters to prevent him from bullying Yuan Qian. She wanted to know why Qin Shen helped her this time. When the photographer took a group photo of the two people for publicity, Qin Shen pulled Yuan Qian away and stood very close to him.

To celebrate the award, the art school had a dinner again. Director Lin called Yuan Qian and said that Ling Wei was also here, and Qin Shen next to him said that a child had splashed paint on it. Yuan Qian went on to say that they were getting them everywhere. People are making excuses not to go to the party. The two people who had already arrived at the dinner place began to walk to school again, and Qin Shen brought Yuan Qian to his high school. Senior Xiao Jing is also an alumnus of Qin Shen. Qin Shen once asked Senior Xiao Jing’s family what to do if they objected.

Senior Xiao Jing said that the most important thing is to persist. Yuan Qian also mentioned to Qin Shen the attitude of her parents when she transferred. She talked about being bumped into the water by Qin Shen during the first transfer exam. Qin Shen said that maybe this was the arrangement of fate. Back to the dormitory, Yuan Qian had been thinking about the arrangement of fate. She wanted to change her fate. The transfer must be successful.

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