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Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 14 Recap

As Binhai’s independent enrollment examination is coming soon, Xia Rui puts her necklace on Nan Xi’s neck, hoping to bring him good luck and company. On the way to the examination room, Nan Xi accidentally collided with a boy. The two seemed to know each other, but the person tightly clung to his schoolbag that he had to pass every test, as if he was avoiding meeting Nan Xi.

Outside the examination room, Professor Gu once again paid attention to the necklace on Nan Xi, which made the professor’s impression of him even more profound, and his goodwill also improved. With the company of the baby whale, Nan Xi was not disturbed by any unexpected circumstances, and completed the exam steadily.

On the contrary, Xia Rui, who was also preparing to broadcast and host the art test, forgot the words because she was nervous, which caused her to be stopped before the performance was finished. Xia Rui hid in the toilet, constantly adjusted her emotions in the mirror, forced herself to be strong, not allowed to cry, let Nan Xi see and worry about her.

Everyone is full of confidence in their own exams, only Xia Rui is trying to keep from being seen by them. Xia Rui wants to be admitted to Binhai, her last hope is the college entrance examination, but with her grades, there is not much hope.

Xia Rui kept studying, without anyone’s supervision, even Cheng Erluo was very surprised. Finally, the art test notice was issued, and everyone found that only when Xia Rui was absent, did they know why she was so nervous about her academic performance recently.

When Nan Xi learned that Xia Rui had failed the Yi exam, he decisively discarded the envelope in his hand. He just wanted to be with Xia Rui. Even though Nan Xi didn’t care, Xia Rui didn’t want to hurt him because of herself. It was in the final sprint stage. Cheng Erluo, Zhao Yishu and Nan Xi all tried their best to prepare for Xia Rui’s exam.

Recently, Nan Xi is responsible for supervising Xia Rui’s academic performance in various subjects, and Cheng Erluo is responsible for improving her physical fitness. After all, having a good condition can better perform her due scores in the exam. With friends by her side to work hard, Xia Rui finally regained her confidence and believed that she could create miracles.

In the evening, Xia Rui was invited to the Yize coffee shop. Nan Xi personally made a cup of coffee for her as a reward. This time the model test was very difficult. Xia Rui could get more than 400 points. In the grade, It has improved dozens of places. There is still a month to go before the college entrance examination, even if I only improve by one point every day, I believe that Xia Rui’s admission to Binhai University is no longer just a dream.

The overall performance of Class 9 has improved this time. In order to let the students relax, Teacher Hu rarely agrees with Cheng Erluo’s idea of ​​relaxing his nervousness. Who knows that his relaxation is to take the students to climb the mountain on Sunday. A group of students groaned while climbing the mountain. Cheng Erluo was worried that Zhao Yishu would be exhausted and wanted to carry her up the mountain. Who knows that Xia Rui made Nan Xi jealous for a joke.

Nan Xi didn’t want anyone other than herself to have too close physical contact with Xia Rui, for example, only he could carry Xia Rui on his back. Seeing Nan Xi’s serious appearance, Xia Rui had to promise that no one except his family and him would be allowed to carry herself, so Nan Xi obediently put her head on Xia Rui’s outstretched palm.

Teacher Hu led the students all the way to give up the road, but from the rugged trails to the mountains, in order to let the students realize that after overcoming various difficulties, persisting in not giving up climbing to the top of the mountain will have a sense of accomplishment. This feeling will accompany them throughout their lives, knowing that it is precious not to give up, and they will not be afraid of any difficulties in the future.

Although the results of the second model examination were not satisfactory, Mr. Hu did not give up on them, nor should they give up on themselves. Only persistence is the way to victory. The students were moved to tears by Teacher Hu’s words. They greeted the sunset and shouted out the school they wanted to pass. Spring will always belong to the infinite future.

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