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Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 13 Recap

In the kitchen, Nan Xi, with foam on his nose, reached out and touched Xia Rui’s nose lightly. The sun shined through the gap between the two people, illuminating each other’s faces. At the moment when the atmosphere of the two of them was delicate, they were interrupted by Grandpa Xia and Grandma Xia. Xia Rui felt a bit ashamed to see her grandparents showing her childhood photos in front of Nan Xi.

Looking at the photos in the past, Grandma Xia loves Xia Rui, who lost her father since childhood. Her mother is busy losing her job. Only her grandparents can give her family warmth. Even so, this is the warmth that Nan Xi has never felt before. Although his parents really love him, they always neglect his feelings because of work.

At night, Xia Rui came to the living room wrapped in sheets and chatted with Nan Xi who was lying on the sofa. It was a pity that she actually fell ill at this time and missed the first birthday accompanied by a small wooden, but they still have many more Birthdays can be spent together. Nan Xi returned to the room with Xia Rui who had fallen asleep unknowingly, her eyes were always gentle and full of nostalgia.

On the first day after the holiday, the heroic deeds of Mr. Hu being injured for saving Cheng Erluo and Zhao Yishu spread around the school. Mr. Hu suddenly became the object of adoration by the students. This was also deliberately spread by Cheng Erluo before the training camp. Although Teacher Hu is a man, he couldn’t help shed tears of emotion in the face of the sincere care of the students.

The university professor’s lecture was about to be held at the school. When Xia Rui saw the architecture department, he subconsciously wanted to accompany Nan Xi to attend the class. On the contrary, Zhao Yishu was careful. After all, the crowded environment is not good for Nan Xi’s mood. On the contrary, it will affect his grades. If Xia Rui proposes to attend the class, then Nan Xi will definitely respond to satisfy her. At Zhao Yishu’s reminder, Xia Rui gave initiation and let Nan Xi choose.

The schoolwork is heavy and stressful, and Nan Xi’s tutoring for Xia Rui is becoming more and more strict. Of course, Teacher Hu’s suggestions behind it are indispensable. For the student’s academic work, Teacher Hu deliberately uses a notebook to write down the strengths and weaknesses of each student, as well as the personal improvement space. He is a good teacher who truly considers students. Knowing this, Xia Rui also secretly put her English tuition and a cup of coffee in Teacher Hu’s office, and the note that promised to study hard made Teacher Hu very pleased.

As tutoring became more frequent, Xia Rui also began to worry, whether this would delay Nan Xi’s grades. in fact. Accompanied by Xia Rui tutoring, Nan Xi will improve the quality of study, which finally let Xia Rui let go of the burden in her heart, but she still wants to pay for Nan Xi.

In order for Nan Xi to have double insurance for the college entrance examination, Xia Rui, regardless of anyone’s obstruction, recommended Nan Xi in front of Professor Gu in front of Teacher Hu. In the end, Xia Rui was dragged away by Nan Xi, but in fact, Teacher Hu had long recommended Nan Xi to Professor Gu.

After school, Xia Rui was unwilling to give up. When Professor Gu was about to leave the school, she intercepted people again and kept recommending Nan Xi. Xia Rui carried the wooden schoolbag made by Nan Xi himself, and under this opportunity, let Professor Gu notice this unique schoolbag.

Although the schoolbag is made of wood, it is very light to carry, and the books can also be stored in different categories, and the appearance is more exquisite and beautiful. Because Xia Rui did not give up, Professor Gu finally let go and was willing to wait for Nan Xi’s arrival at Binhai University’s independent admissions site.

Xia Rui ran to Nan Xi’s home out of breath, and couldn’t wait to share the good news with him in the first place. With this self-enrollment quota, he no longer has to worry about the hidden danger of Nan Xi’s performance fluctuation. But Nan Xi didn’t feel so happy about the news. All he cared about was whether he could be in the same university as Xia Rui from beginning to end.

On the day of independent admissions of Binhai University, Xia Rui, Nan Xi, Zhao Yishu, and Liu Bin took pictures at the university gate and were mocked by students passing by. Just as they were about to leave, a boy who was surrounded by girls suddenly turned his eyes on Zhao Yishu.

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