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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 17 Recap

Peng Yuchen had a fight with Yuan Zhiqiang in the office of Team Yong. Because Yuan Zhiqiang wants Peng Yuchen to go home. Yuan Zhiqiang knew that it was very difficult in their training venue. He has no free time to take care of Peng Yuchen. So Yuan Zhiqiang tried his best to drive Peng Yuchen away. Peng Yuchen left angrily. Peng Yuchen told Yuan Zhiqiang that if something happens to her, the responsibility lies with Yuan Zhiqiang. Yuan Zhiqiang felt very helpless.

He didn’t know how he offended the Peng family eldest. So Yuan Zhiqiang watched Peng Yuchen leave and sent a text message to Peng Yue. Yuan Zhiqiang never thought about it again. After Peng Yue saw this text message, he was very surprised. Peng Yue didn’t know how Yuan Zhiqiang had his mobile phone number. Peng Yue didn’t even know how his sister would be with Yuan Zhiqiang. With these questions, Peng Yue called Yuan Zhiqiang to find out what happened. However, Yuan Zhiqiang was worried about Peng Yuchen’s safety and did not sleep all night.

Just fell asleep in the car. Peng Yue made many calls to Yuan Zhiqiang, but Yuan Zhiqiang did not follow. Immediately afterwards, Peng Yue called Aunt Bai at home, but Aunt Bai didn’t know that Peng Yuchen was back. Peng Yue came to the factory where Yuan Zhiqiang was located. However, Yuan Zhiqiang had already set off for Xinjiang. This made Peng Yue very annoyed. Peng Yue suddenly thought of someone.

That person is the culprit in his eyes. So Peng Yue and Qiu Ling went to the 4s shop to find Ouyang Xialan. Ouyang Xialan is introducing the cars in his store to users. He didn’t have time to talk to Peng Yue. As a result, Peng Yue sent Ouyang Xialan’s client away. Peng Yue told Ouyang Xialan what he knew about Peng Yuchen. After Ouyang Xialan knew about it, she agreed to Peng Yue looking for Peng Yuchen. So they set off together.

The night gradually came out as the sun went down. Everyone is very anxious. Just when they felt hopeless, Yuan Zhiqiang sent a text message to Ouyang Xialan. It turned out that Peng Yuchen did not leave the team where Yuan Zhiqiang was. She sneaked into the convoy when Yuan Zhiqiang was not paying attention. It was not until Yuan Zhiqiang and the others arrived at the destination that they knew that Peng Yuchen was hiding in the carriage. Yuan Zhiqiang was very angry about this. But no matter how he explained to Peng Yuchen, it was useless. Peng Yuchen just refused to leave.

In desperation, Yuan Zhiqiang sent Ouyang Xialan a message for help. In the end, this incident was caused by Grandpa Peng. Grandpa Peng thought about it. I feel that Peng Yuchen’s time in Xinjiang is also a kind of training. There was no request for her to come back.

During this time, Futai Group Company was not idle either. Futai’s boss put a lot of pressure on Jie Zutao. Futai Group has always wanted to take over the power of Tianguan Automobile Group Co., Ltd. to produce its own branded vehicles. However, Futai’s boss did not know that Bloomberg had emptied Jie Zutao. Bloomberg simply does not look at the motion raised by Jie Zutao on Lu Xiang.

Therefore, Jie Zutao took up the mind of the head of the Tianguan Xingchen Group of the Marketing Department of Tianguan Group. But he never thought that Ouyang Xialan was also considering the matter of the head of the Tianguan Xingchen team of the Tianguan Group’s marketing department. Ouyang Xialan also found Lin Jiayang to help.

Peng Yue thought Ouyang Xialan was still doing sales at the Fourth S shop. When he came to the Fourth S shop again to find Ouyang Xialan. Manager Zhao told Peng Yue that Ouyang Xialan had been transferred back to the home court. This made Peng Yue unexpected. Ouyang Xialan was able to end her internship in the branch ahead of schedule. Peng Yue is willing to find the home area in person. He ignored Ouyang Xialan’s meeting in the meeting room and rushed into the meeting room.

Therefore, the meeting was also interrupted because of Peng Yue’s arrival. Ren Jiayang knew that Academician Peng had come to the main factory in advance because of Ouyang Xialan. Therefore, Lin Jiayang announced at the meeting that Director Chen had appointed Ouyang Xialan as the deputy head of the Tianguan Star Working Group of the Marketing Department.

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