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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 28 Recap

Lin Taimo and Du Lin met. Lin Taimo mentioned that Du Lei had found herself. Du Lin was shocked, but she could only pretend to be calm. Lin Taimo began to doubt Du Lei’s intentions and warned Du Lin to watch Du Lei. Facing the cold-blooded man in front of him, Du Lin, who had always been calm, was so nervous that she began to tremble. When Lin Taimo negotiated with Du Lin and Jiang Yaoming, Jiang Yaoming became ill, but Lin Taimo grabbed Jiang Yaoming’s life-saving medicine in one hand, which directly led to Jiang Yaoming’s death without timely rescue.

At that time, Du Lin was on the sidelines, witnessing the whole process of this cruel man causing others to die, naturally she felt terrified. Thinking that her brother Du Lei was not knowing how to challenge Lin Taimo, Du Lin did not have the confidence to keep Du Lei, she could only find ways to stop Du Lei.

In fact, Lin Taimo’s concerns are right. When Du Lei was overwhelmed by the Jiang Jun elevator incident, he decided to surrender falsely when discussing countermeasures with Yuan Shuai. He pretended to join hands with Lin Taimo to deal with Yuan Shuai. In fact, he helped Yuan Shuai collect black information about Lin Taimo. Expect to fight back in one fell swoop.

It was Du Lei’s idea to cooperate with Zhu Youyi to pretend to expose Yuan Shuai to win Lin Taimo’s trust. In order to bring down Lin Taimo, Yuan Shuai pretended to go abroad, but actually wanted to hide in the country and join Du Lei. In order to find information, Du Lei provided Yuan Shuai with information about Jia Yuanji, the only son of GE director. Yuan Shuai is also preparing to investigate. On the other side, Yuan Shuai asked Zhu to question Fu Jiangjun again.

Sure enough, Jiang Jun came to Zhu Youyi’s office, but Jiang Jun kept silent about Yuan Shuai’s affairs, playing games to compile Zhu Youyi’s words. Zhu Youyi, who is not deep in the city, almost dragged out the whole game. And Jiang Jun stopped asking more, turned around and left.

Jiang Jun and Xu Li approached Li Xiaochuan and wanted Li Xiaochuan to investigate Yuan Shuai’s location. Although Yuan Shuai was instructed by him, Li Xiaochuan, who was nervous, still leaked his feet. With a series of flaws, Jiang Jun saw that Yuan Shuai’s original intention was indeed hiding a certain plan, so he stopped asking Li Xiaochuan too much. Just when the two were about to leave. Li Xiaochuan still stopped Xu Li, wanting to say something with Xu Li.

Who knew that Xu Li asked about Yuan Shuai’s position on behalf of Jiang Jun, and Li Xiaochuan, who could not resist the pressure, finally told the truth about Yuan Shuai in Shanghai. Knowing the truth, Jun Jiang decided not to ask any more. He knew what Yuan Shuai meant, and Jun Jiang did not intend to pursue it any more. Leave Li Xiaochuan and Xu Li to chat alone.

Li Xiaochuan apologized to Xu Li for the confession that day. Xu Li couldn’t help but ask if Li Xiaochuan really liked herself. Li Xiaochuan said that the differences between the two might be the reason for the 1% chance. Once again Feeling stabbed by this sharp data, Xu Li did not expect that numbers will determine everything in love. No longer waiting for Li Xiaochuan to say more, Xu Li shed tears aggrievedly, thinking that Li Xiaochuan still has not changed his stubborn character of obsessing with numbers. , Then bid farewell to leave. Unexpectedly, Li Xiaochuan laid out such a long sincere confession, but he couldn’t say a word.

Jia Yuanji, who loves the band, sang in the bar, but because the singing was too ugly, the bar was empty, and only Yuan Shuai was left. For the sake of intelligence, Yuan Shuai slapped Jia Yuanji’s flattery and cheered Jia Yuanji up. The simple Jia Yuanji regarded Yuan Shuai as his soul mate, and immediately decided to take Yuan Shuai back home. Originally intended to introduce Yuan Shuai to his father, but Jia’s father already knew Yuan Shuai’s intentions, and the two sat down to talk. Shuai Yuan asked President Jia to thoroughly investigate Lin Taimo, but President Jia from GE offered to let Yuan Shuai come to GE to work in exchange…

In order to collect information, Jiang Jun hid the recorder in Du Lei’s office. So that you can detect the enemy. On the other hand, Li Xiaochuan is trying every means to improve his match with Xu Li. Use the western world to convey your love.

After get off work, Jiang Jun returned to Du Lei’s office to retrieve the recording pen, but Shen Xin was accidentally aware of it. Thinking that Jiang Jun was kind to him, Shen Xin kindly reminded Dao Jiang Jun not to act on Du Lei for the time being, otherwise it would be very difficult. It is possible to be retaliated by Lin Taimo, and Lin Taimo was instructed to mention the last elevator incident. Hearing a piece of news, Jiang Jun suddenly realized that the enemy in the dark seemed to be not only Du Lei alone.

When Jiang Jun returned home, he found that Xu Li had helped him sort out all the chores in the house. He thought that everything was arranged by Xu Li. Who knows that Yuan Shuai secretly put in the feed…

Turning on the recording pen he arranged, Jiang Jun overheared the conversation between the two, but unexpectedly discovered that Lin Taimo mentioned Jiangnan flavor. He quickly sent the recording to Jonah, and Jonah realized that the purpose of Lin Taimo’s return this time was originally part of Jiang Jun. At this time, Qiao Na and Jiang Jun were working together. The two thought about Yuan Shuai’s layout and who the assists arranged by Yuan Shuai were. After the elimination, the two remembered that the Du Lei in front of them belonged to Yuan Shuai. helper.

Yuan Shuai and Mr. Jia worked together to thoroughly investigate the internal structure of Group C, and discovered that the small company Huixing Industry, which was full of doubts in the past, was only an ordinary female secretary of the Du Group. The two are going to investigate the secret agreement between Du Lin and Lin Taimo. Shuai Yuan asked Tojia to make an appointment to Du Lin to prepare for a formal confrontation.

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