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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 27 Recap

A group of inspectors found Yuan Shuai and asked Yuan Shuai to take a trip under the pretext of being suspected of accepting bribes. After Yuan Shuai left, the inspectors recklessly flipped Yuan Shuai’s office and provoked Jiang Jun’s anger, but he was pulled by Su Chang. go. Su Chang only silently said that Yuan Shuai was framed, and Jiang Jun could only wait for Yuan Shuai’s return temporarily.

Yuan Shuai was taken to the huge conference room. Shareholders sat and watched Yuan Shuai confronting Lin Taimo. Lin Taimo pointed out that Yuan Shuai had harvested Zhu Youyi’s acquisition, but Yuan Shuai explained that he was nothing but Zhu Youyi. As a true friend, Yuan Shuai privately lent money to Zhu Youyi to help Chenxin Technology. Lin Taimo was introduced to Zhu Youyi at the right time.

At this time, Zhu Youyi had been bought over by Lin Taimo and others. The opening was to frame Yuan Shuai for “extorting” Zhu Youyi with his own status, facing the shameless man. “Dark clouds”, Yuan Shuai stared at Lin Taimo, silently enduring these slanders.

Lin Taimo and Yuan Shuai came to the office alone. Yuan Shuai went straight in and asked about the meaning behind Lin Taimo’s actions, and Lin Taimo mentioned the matter of Group C. All of Yuan Shuai’s conjectures are in line with Lin Taimo’s every move not only to suppress Fan’s strength in the company, but also to pursue all those close to the truth. Lin Taimo even mentioned Jiang Jun’s name tentatively.

Yuan Shuai perceives the malice behind Lin Taimo, and can only pretend that he doesn’t know Jiang Jun, and he is in a relationship with Jiang Jun. Lin Taimo also mentioned Yuan Shuai’s foreign parents and suggested that Yuan Shuai should leave MH immediately, otherwise everything would change dramatically.

Yuan Shuai walked back to the office speechlessly and gathered up his belongings. Facing the worried eyes from everyone, Yuan Shuai gritted his teeth, and only ordered word by word to the next job assignment problem, restraining his emotions. Even when Jun Jiang came to stop him, Yuan Shuai still didn’t say a word, and threw away Jiang Jun’s hand.

Jona quickly rushed to find President Fan, but this time the matter was very important, and President Fan couldn’t tell Jonah the reason. He just persuaded Jona not to intervene, accept the notice, and deal with the legacy with the new replacement. work. Knowing that everything is difficult to speak, Jonah had to use the contacts she had, and she was bound to inquire clearly.

Jiang Jun frantically gave Yuan Shuai a series of calls, but all were rejected. Even if he chased Yuan Shuai’s car, Yuan Shuai started the car without looking back, and quickly escaped from his sight. Yuan Shuai was breathing deeply in the car, the bell rang, and Jiang Jun’s name was beating on the screen, blindly avoiding it was no way. For Jiang Jun’s safety and the future of the two, Yuan Shuai stopped the car and called Jiang back. Jun’s phone call, and Jiang Jun agreed to meet.

When Jun Jiang came to the dim place and saw Yuan Shuai standing alone, he couldn’t help but rushed over, but was stopped by Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shuai frankly accepted Zhu Youyi’s bribe at this time. The temptation of fame and fortune. Jiang Jun stayed in the same place and received this amazing news.

Regardless of Jiang Jun’s questioning, Yuan Shuai continued to talk about his process of “accepting bribes” and proposed to break up, indicating that he was about to buy tickets to go abroad. Jiang Jun slowly approached Yuan Shuai, holding the last glimmer of hope, hoping that Yuan Shuai could tell the truth under his gaze, but Yuan Shuai still insisted on his script and did not express his difficulties.

Unable to get Yuan Shuai’s confession, Jiang Jun finally left disappointed. The sudden blow stimulated Jiang Jun’s lacrimal glands, and the spouting tears stimulated Jiang Jun’s body. Jiang Jun, who was about to have an allergic attack, fainted again. Yuan Shuai, who said farewell, still arrived again, but But I can’t stay anymore, I’m about to board a flight to a foreign country…

Lin Taimo received a notice from his subordinates, saying that Yuan Shuai had left by plane, Lin Taimo succeeded in his strategy, but he cautiously ordered to stare at Yuan Shuai.

When Jiang Jun woke up, he saw Lily on the side. He mentioned who sent Jiang Jun to the hospital last night. Jiang Jun suddenly remembered the face of Yuan Shuai last night and realized that everything is probably not that simple. When he returned to the company, Lin Taimo brought his appointed executive director to introduce to everyone. Jiang Jun, who was originally listless, saw a familiar face again: Du Lei.

At this time, his teacher Du also maintained a personable appearance, introduced himself to his colleagues, and seemed to have a good relationship with Lin Taimo. When the introduction was over, Jiang Jun was called into the office by Jonah before he could relax.

Qiao Na told Jiang Jun that the origin of Yuan Shuai’s report was the report letter written by Du Lei, and all these were actions made by Lin Taimo. Jiang Jun, who was still confused, understood the situation at once. Everything in his mind slowly flashed. Jiang Jun knocked on Du Lei’s office. Faced with Jiang Jun’s question, Du Lei explained that he was just adjusting his state. . When Jun Jiang was about to leave, Du Lei asked Jun Jiang to eat.

At the dinner table, Jiang Jun didn’t move a bite of the food, but told Du Lei that he knew everything, and hoped that Du Lei would stop targeting Yuan Shuai. He would not change his opinion by turning the wind, but would insist on standing by Yuan Shuai. This side. Du Lei, who was just immersed in eating, remained silent, watching Jiang Jun leave. At this time, Jiang Jun wholeheartedly treated Du Lei as an enemy, but the facts are often not so simple.

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