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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 14 Recap

Chu Xiuming remembered him when he was a child. At that time, he was a little man with a half-year-old boy. His aunt told him to be kind to the world, to become capable and powerful, and to protect the people he wanted to protect. At that time, my aunt gave him a piece of jade pendant, hopefully in the future he will give it to his beloved one.

Now that the aunt is no longer there, he is holding the bottle of powder, secretly determined that he will take care of his love and seek justice for his aunt. The Eagle Street is no worse than the General’s Mansion. It’s also very lively. The strange things on the road please the daughter’s family. Shen Jin seeks to see the shirtless warrior wrestling, and finds it directly on the ground. After eating the meat skewers made, Chu Xiuyuan finally stumbled and protected his wife well. The three of them took a rest in the pre-arranged tavern, waiting for Chu Xiuming to come.

A few big men at the neighboring table drank their heads, teasing and harassing a few girls. Shen Jin couldn’t stand a bowl of water and poured it on, Chu Xiuyuan moved his hand. At this moment, Ta Rou girl rushed in and kicked her foot. Unexpectedly, there was someone behind him raising a stool. Chu Xiuyuan quickly swept her around her, Ta Rou’s brother Hute rushed in. Ta Rou I stared blankly in Chu Xiuyuan’s arms, this young man was so handsome, he was really a rare man.

Chu Xiu rushed in when he was fighting tomorrow morning. At this time, the gangster fled in a hurry. He stepped forward to thank Ta Rou and Hute brothers and sisters. Ta Rou insisted on having dinner with Chu Xiuyuan and the others, so the two groups gathered together to have a drink. Yan Huan is considered to have met.

Although Ta Rou was a girl, she was not arrogant at all. She directly asked Chu Xiuyuan if she liked her, and whether to marry her. Such boldness really choked off Chu Xiuyuan, who was full of loyalty, filial piety, righteousness, courtesy, and shame. They didn’t reveal their names to Hute brothers and sisters because they didn’t have a lot of right and wrong, but Ta Rou didn’t care, and kept asking Xiuyuan’s brother to drink with her.

After drinking three rounds of meat and drunk too much, he accidentally revealed Chu Xiuming’s true identity, and suddenly a strange light flashed in Hute’s eyes, and then disappeared.

After drinking too much wine, the meat and meat stall was drunk on the bed, and Shen Jin was also dizzy. Fortunately, his mind was clear and clear, and Chu Xiuming was tired and crooked for a while, Chu Xiuming went to get the sober soup for her and meat, and then went out. When he walked to a room, suddenly several assassins popped out of the window, and knives came straight at him.

Ta Rou really likes Chu Xiuyuan, and sticks to him to talk to Yuelong together. As a man, Chu Xiuyuan sent Ta Rou home. There was a fighting sound not far away on the road. Looking for the sound in the past, it was his general Chu Xiuming. After three punches and two kicks, Ta Rou arrived, and these assassins immediately fled.

It’s not safe here. They packed their luggage and set off immediately, but the assassin attacked again just outside the house. At the critical juncture, Chu Xiuming handed Shen Jin and the others to Chu Xiuyuan, and immediately dealt with the assassin alone. Part of the assassins besieged Chu Xiuming, and the other part chased Shen Jin, and the situation became very passive.

Chu Xiuming stretched out his hand very well. Although these assassins were exquisite in martial arts, he was still at ease. He swept left and right and took off the mask of the assassin’s leader. Chu Xiuming didn’t have time to ask more questions, so he lightly got up and hurried to rescue Shen Jin.

Here, Shen Jin fled to the bamboo forest, each of the assassins had their scimitars in hand, and Chu Xiuyuan was only bare-handed and was inevitably captured. Shen Jin saw that Chu Xiuyuan was in a bad situation and could not let Chu Xiuyuan be punished on the spot. So when Chu Xiuming came, all the other two had been captured except Flesh.

The more anxious he was, the more he couldn’t mess around, Chu Xiuming sent flesh to find someone. He went to the street to ask about Hute’s whereabouts, but this area was probably afraid of Hute, no one dared to reveal a word to him and had to give up. Rourou went to the Mayan Princess’s house, but unfortunately the princess was not there, she only left a letter and returned.

Hu Te kept Chu Xiuyuan and Shen Jin together. Only then did Ta Rou know that Chu Xiuming was the murderer who killed his father on the battlefield. The sword had no eyes. No one on the battlefield could say for sure, but since it was Chu Xiuming who killed him. It doesn’t matter to Chu Xiuyuan. She was still arguing for the man she loved, and she didn’t want Chu Xiuyuan to be involved in her hatred.

The door locks of the room where Shen Jin and the others were held were delicate. Shen Jin’s hairpin was not thin enough to open the second lock, but the hairpin on Ta Rou’s head was very thin, maybe you can try it.

On that day, Ta Rou came to deliver the food. Chu Xiuyuan held a straw in his hand and took the Ta Rou hairpin off the day. The thin hairpin pried the lock open, and the two of them had to escape to heaven. Unexpectedly, when Ta Rou just came out, she happened to come over, and when she saw Shen Jin holding her hairpin, she suddenly understood that Chu Xiuyuan actually took advantage of her love, and she ordered someone to lock the two of them. But Hute said that he didn’t need to close it. He heard that Chu Xiuming had been staying at the inn to inquire about his whereabouts, and ordered someone to bring him a letter.

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