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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 16 Recap

Because of Yuchen and Lin Jiayang, Ouyang Xialan brought two bottles of red wine to Peng Yue to apologize. The two chatted without a word. Peng Yue was no longer angry. Ouyang Xialan worried that Peng Yue knew too much that he wanted to investigate Tianguan Automobile Group. So she tentatively asked Peng Yue about herself. I didn’t know that Peng Yue had already drunk too much.

Because Yuchen was rejected by Lin Jiayang in public, she felt very uncomfortable. So she walked along the street. No matter who called her, she didn’t answer it. Then she saw a restaurant. Suddenly, she wanted to go in for a drink. So, she drank unscrupulously in the restaurant. Yuan Zhiqiang saw all this in his eyes. So he went to advise Yuchen not to drink too much.

Unexpectedly, Yuchen felt even more uncomfortable. So she left the hotel alone and walked on the street alone. Yuan Zhiqiang worries about the dangers she will encounter as a little girl. So Yuan Zhiqiang drove her motorcycle to find home. However, she did not want to return home. Yuchen was afraid to face the setbacks brought about by this relationship.

Lin Jiayang met Uncle Xiang when he got home. Uncle Xiang educated him angrily. The more Uncle Xiang said, the more angry. So, Uncle Xiang slapped him severely. Lin Jiayang told Uncle Xiang that he and Yuchen would only climb the Peng family. Lin Jiayang said that he did not want to be a victim between his father and the Peng family. He himself will explain the relationship between himself and Yuchen with the Peng family of Tianguan Automobile Group, and strive to obtain forgiveness from the Peng family.

So Lin Jiayang came to Peng Yue’s residence. Lin Jiayang explained to Peng Yue his fault last night. However, Peng Yue’s performance was very strange. Peng Yue didn’t want to hear what Lin Jiayang said, but wanted to find something like that. Lin Jiayang was immersed in his emotions for a while, and talked to Peng Yue about his problems. He didn’t particularly care about the clothes on Peng Yue’s shoulders and the two wine glasses on the table. When he finished explaining to Peng Yue, Peng Yue immediately drove him away. However, Peng Yue just opened the door. Qiu Ling appeared at the door.

Qiu Ling also came for what happened yesterday. Qiu Ling wanted Peng Yue to explain why the female partner at the concert yesterday was not herself, but Ouyang Xialan. Peng Yue vacillated and couldn’t explain it. As a result, Qiu Ling even more suspected that there were people around Peng Yue. Qiu Ling thought about all this. So Qiu Ling opened the curtain at the end. Ouyang Xialan was lying in the bath.

At this time, they were all embarrassed. Peng Yue quickly came up to explain. However, Ouyang Xialan apologized to Qiu Ling and left on her own. Lin Jiayang insisted on calling Ouyang Xialan to eat. So, the two ate breakfast together. Lin Jiayang tentatively asked Ouyang Xialan what happened last night. However, Lin Jiayang did not ask anything. The two had breakfast. Lin Jiayang wants to send Ouyang Xialan to work. He was rejected by Ouyang Xialan. At this time, Yuan Zhiqiang called Ouyang Xialan and said that he needed his help.

Ouyang Xialan came to Yuan Zhiqiang’s venue. Yuan Zhiqiang told Ouyang Xialan. I met a woman I didn’t know last night and brought her home. Yuan Zhiqiang wanted Ouyang Xialan to help find this woman’s place. I don’t know, Ouyang Xialan recognized her at a glance. She is Peng Yuchen, the daughter of the Peng family. Yuchen refused to go home. In desperation, Ouyang Xialan gave Peng Yue’s phone number to Yuan Zhiqiang. When Yuan Zhiqiang’s motorcade was ready to set off, Peng Yuchen wanted to go to the desert with Yuan Zhiqiang.

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