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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 15 Recap

Peng Yuchen finally looked forward to the day when he could return home. Peng Yue drove Peng Yuchen to his home. Peng Yuchen looks forward to meeting Lin Jiayang very much. Bloomberg also prepared a private concert for Peng Yuchen. After meeting Bloomberg, Yuchen acted like a child to him. Qianqian also prepared gifts for Yuchen. Yuchen happily called her sister-in-law.

The concert will begin soon. Relatives and friends of the Peng family have already arrived. At this moment. Peng Yue was looking around anxiously. When Lin Jiayang asked what Peng Yue was doing, Peng Yue refused to answer. Qiu Ling told Peng Yue that when he wanted to sit with Peng Yue at the concert, Peng Yue would decisively refuse. Ouyang Xialan also came to the concert. The arrival of Ouyang Xialan surprised many relatives and friends of the Peng family. Even Wang Tao and his girlfriend talked about Ouyang Xialan.

Yuchen started her private performance. Everyone was immersed in the beautiful music. However, Lin Jiayang’s mind is like overturning old vinegar. In his hand he was holding flowers that he was about to offer to Yuchen. What he thought was Ouyang Xialan’s vision. He didn’t know where to go. Yuchen’s performance is over. Yuchen tells everyone that he has deep feelings for Lin Jiayang. At this time, Peng Yue reminded Lin Jiayang that it was time to present flowers. Lin Jiayang just reacted. He seemed to have lost his soul. Stepped onto the stage mechanically. Handed the flowers to Yuchen.

However, Yuchen took Lin Jiaying’s hand and refused to let him go down. Yuchen also said various ambiguous words to Lin Jiayang in front of many guests. When the guests asked Lin Jiayang to kiss Yuchen, Lin Jiayang suddenly seemed to have encountered something he was very afraid of. He backed away in fear, turned and left the meeting place. He left Yuchen standing awkwardly on the stage. At this time, Peng Yue hurried to catch up with Lin Jiayang. He asked Lin Jiayang to immediately turn around and go back to apologize to Yuchen and accept Yuchen’s feelings.

However, Lin Jiayang kept saying sorry. No matter how Peng Yue could not persuade Lin Jiayang. At this time, Ouyang Xialan appeared in front of them. Peng Yue turned his goal to Ouyang Xialan again. Peng Yue accused Ouyang Xialan with very vicious words. It seems that all these errors are caused by Ouyang Xialan. Ouyang Xialan hit Peng Yue in a fit of anger, and then left angrily. Back home, Ouyang Xialan regretted the more she thought about it. She was not hitting someone else, but the second son of Tianguan Automobile Group.

Lai Feier told Ouyang Xia Lan that she must apologize to Peng Yue. Even Lai Feier prepared a gift for Ouyang Xialan to apologize. After an ideological struggle, Ouyang Xialan decided to apologize to Peng Yue. Ouyang Xialan came to her friend’s residence. She did everything nice to Peng Yue. However, Peng Yue doesn’t know how to drink red wine. In a while

Yuchen walked alone on the icy street. No matter who called her, she did not dare to answer, nor did she want to answer. As she walked, she came to the hotel. But when Yuchen came to the hotel, he only asked for wine. It happened that Yuan Zhiqiang was helping in this hotel. When Yuan Zhiqiang saw that Yuchen had been drinking. Feeling something was in his heart, he never dared to give her a drink anymore.

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