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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 14 Recap

Ouyang Xialan learned that his father had booked travel tickets for their family in the travel agency. He felt that this was a clue to his father’s sudden suicide. So he commissioned Yuan Zhiqiang to find this travel agency. Yuan Zhiqiang found this travel agency. Yuan Zhiqiang told Ouyang Xialan that he had received information about her father from the staff of the travel agency.

Ouyang Xialan was very happy when she learned that her father had booked tickets for them at the travel agency. This makes Ouyang Xialan feel even more incredible. Ouyang Xialan calculated the time. From the time his father booked travel tickets for them to his death. It was the time when Futai and Tianguan Group handed over. For Ouyang Xialan, the death of his father is related to the accounts handed over by Tianguan Group and Futai Group. So Ouyang Xialan called Lin Jiayang.

Ouyang Xialan wanted to get the details of the list of suppliers when Futai Group and Tianguan Group handed over from Lin Jiayang. Lin Jiayang agreed to let Ouyang Xialan come to the office tomorrow to get the information. Ouyang Xialan recalled that after she got the news of her father’s death, she returned home and listened to her mother and herself about the suicide of her father. Ouyang Xialan also remembered what his father’s creditors could say about his father’s suicide. Ouyang Xialan felt that her father’s death had a new clue.

At this time, Lai Fei Er walked up to her with the red wine in a depressed mood. When Ouyang Xialan asked her why. Lai Feier told him that Bloomberg did not intend to pursue the debt issue between Tianguan and Forte. After Ouyang Xialan heard it, she had an idea in her heart.

Ouyang Xialan thought for a long time and decided to go back to her hometown. So he asked for leave from Manager Zhao. However, sales within the company are very busy these days. In any case, Manager Zhao did not want to give him leave. At this time, Peng Yue came to the company. Peng Yue helped Ouyang Xialan approve the fake. Peng Yue told Ouyang Xialan. Want her to work across the hills. However, Ouyang Xialan had no idea of ​​going to work across the hills.

Bloomberg visited the big boss of Shengzhong Group. He asked investors to help him tide over the shortage of capital chain of Tianguan Automobile Group. The big boss of Shengzhong Group told Bloomberg that his daughter Qianqian would organize a charity foundation. As a result, Bloomberg took the initiative to increase the bargaining chip for Qianqian’s charity foundation. On this day, Bloomberg invited Lai Feier to the bar. After some ideological struggle, he told Lai Fei Er that he was about to marry someone else. He can’t be in love with Lai Fei Er! Lai Feier forced herself to endure the pain in her heart and told Bloomberg that she must pay attention to her body.

However, Lai Feier just walked out the door, tears involuntarily flowed out. Bloomberg also knelt weakly in front of the bar counter. As the chairman of Tianguan Group, he can’t really talk about the love he wants. The next day, at the Qianqian Charity Foundation, Bloomberg and Qianqian walked on the stage hand in hand, looking very happy. But at this time, Lai Feier, accompanied by Ouyang Xialan, was doing things she didn’t dare to try in order to forget her thoughts about Bloomberg and experience the pain of losing love.

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