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The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 21 Recap

Wen You could finally meet Zhan Qinghong, but as the court commander, Lin Fang and Zhan Qinghong were seen off. Don’t practice the wine. Wen You respected Zhan Qinghong three glasses of wine and wished her every success. Invincible, second, I wish her safety and health, and third, I wish her an early triumphant return. When the event of the expedition arrived, Zhan Qinghong said goodbye to Wen You in tears. Wen You never dared to look at Zhan Qinghong from beginning to end.

The world will change for whom the world is going to change. Wen You personally ruined his beloved person today. He and Zhan Qinghong couldn’t even say goodbye. Zhan Qinghong walked on the road humming a little song, trying hard to forget these pains, Wen You danced his sword in the falling flowers, as sweet as when he competed with Qinghong, but the old man is no longer there. The flowers bloom in Pinellia and the two are forgotten, one is that the floating clouds are as light as the old, Zhan Qinghong and Wen You are like two parallel lines, there will never be an intersection again.

Xia Houying bought drunk alone, and gently came to Xia Houying and gave him the antidote. It turns out that what Xia Houying liked back then was Zhan Qinghong’s mother, but now he is still blaming himself for not saving the Zhan family. Gentle untied Xia Hou Yingjie’s heart knot and told him to cherish the person in front of him.

Wen You walked on the street. Whether it was Sugar Man or Falling Flower, Wen You recalled all the past with Zhan Qinghong. So he bought the Sugar Man, but when he returned home, he broke to pieces. Wen You sat on the ground like a child and wept bitterly. Princess Hua Yao felt pain in his eyes.

Lin Fang and Zhan Qinghong’s team arrived at Mianyang City smoothly, but when they entered the city, they were obstructed by Mianyang guerrilla general Gao Jianhua. Gao Jianhua regarded Lin Fang and others as spies of the rebel Du Zeng, and kept throwing arrows at them to stop them. They enter the city.

Zhan Qinghong led Huo Yang to attack the tower and handed the emperor’s decree to Gao Jianhua to gain trust. It turned out that Gao Jianhua began to distrust Lin Fang and his party because an agent pretended to be a special envoy and sneaked into the city to hold hostage Xuankai the inaction. Force him to surrender the city’s defense plan and the power to deploy troops, so that General Du Li Yingwai can join forces to capture Mianyang City.

When Lin Fang came to the governor’s residence, he soon discovered the existence of the spy. Lin Fang and others acted on the occasion to relieve the governor. During the conversation, Lin Fang came to the Cishi’s inner house in the name of picking up the dust, and deliberately smashed Xuan Kai’s valuable inkstone, making him rush out instinctively.

Just as the agent was shocked by the police rushing out by surprise, he killed one of them before he could react, but the other immediately took poison and killed himself. Lin Fang and others could not ask for more detailed information. When searching for the spy’s body, it was found that both spies were Xiyan people.

After inquiring about the governor, Lin Fang and others learned that the Xiyan army was about to support General Du. Such a situation was not a favorable situation for Mianyang City, so the training of troops was imminent.

Zhan Qinghong disguised herself as a man, and Lin Fang entered the barracks, and found that the soldiers were scattered in sand, headed by several commanders. Lin Fangzhan designed by Qinghong to make Zhan Qinghong the commander-in-chief. So Zhan Qinghong used aggressive tactics to force Gu Qingshan to take the initiative and place a bet.

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