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Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 1 Recap

Yuan Qian, a freshman in the Sculpture Department of Xuanzhou University, had two wishes during college: one is to transfer to the oil painting department, and the other is to get rid of her mother-to-be single. As a student tyrant, Yuan Qian returned to the dormitory to pick up playing cards after studying. He met the Ji Feng group’s bed-check and was directly assigned the name of gathering crowd gambling. Classmate Qin Shen gave the 403 dormitory a serious face.

Take a photo to stay. Relying on being handsome, Qin Shen has become the dream of 10,000 girls in the school, and with the cold temperament of female sex, he has become the first place that can be seen from a distance and can not be played. And because of their names, they became the “deep affection and shallowness” of the classmates. From this day on, the two people who had not met before began to approach.

On the day of the transfer examination, I was catching up with the selection of the sculpture department. The school’s internet speed was destined to not take the class. Yuan Qian was rushing to the examination room. The nearest road was blocked due to construction, but the detour was too far. Yuan Qian did not have it. He hesitantly walked into the blocked bridge, and finally ran into Qin Shen head-on. When Qin Shen was about to give way, Yuan Qian rushed into the sculpture in his hand.

Qin Shen went to fish for the sculpture. At this time, Yuan Qian fell into the bridge. In the lake, fortunately, a classmate who was learning how to row boats brought Yuan Qian up in time. As soon as it was too early, Yuan Qian ran away hurriedly, no longer drenched, and Qin Shen’s sculpture was also destroyed.

Yuan Qian had fallen into the water and the admission ticket was flooded and could not be identified. He had to leave the examination room in despair. Qin Shen returned to the dormitory. When the roommates saw the mud on Qin Shen’s shoes, they hurriedly asked, Qin Shen looked on. He explained straightforwardly that Yuan Qian fell into the water, but he didn’t hold it. On the other side, Yuan Qian was complaining to her roommate. She fell into the water at the same time as the sculpture.

Qin Shen actually saved the sculpture first. How could there be such a straight man in the world. Suddenly Yuan Qian received a confession text message asking her to go downstairs to get something. Liu Tian knew that Yuan Qian had gone to buy medicine specially, but Yuan Qian looked at Liu Tian who was digging earwax with his long nails but had no favor. The roommates gave up a thumbs-up for Yuan Qian’s fearlessness and no need for her boyfriend’s argument, feeling that she is really single by her ability.

Yuan Qian is still trying to change the department. The teacher told Yuan Qian that there will be another exam at the end of this semester, but it must be in the first three years of age. Yuan Qian and his roommate, who was carrying the courier, met Song Siyi who had rescued Yuan Qian from the water, and he took the initiative to help bring the courier upstairs. The roommate urged Yuan Qian to buy some gifts to thank him.

Yuan Qian came to the canteen and found Song Siyi who was studying in a work-study program. He wanted to send a sports bracelet to thank him, but he refused, so Song Siyi accepted the gift. Yuan Qian was talking to his roommate on the phone and said that he did not like Song Siyi, a boy who is good to everyone, but Song Siyi, who was found to return the meal card, heard it. Song Siyi remembered that his childhood playmate also told him Similarly, I can’t help but wonder if Yuan Qian met when he was a child.

Yuan Qian ran into Qin Shen on the way to find the dean. Qin Shen saw her face so red and asked if she had a fever. Yuan Qian said that they didn’t agree with each other and should stay away so that she could not delay receiving Xiao Jing’s senior. While the dean arranged reception work for Yuan Qian, Yuan Qian kept sneezing. The dean looked at Yuan Qian who was ill and said that he should be replaced.

Qin Shen didn’t like to owe people. He took cold medicine and pictures of the lakeside to give Yuan Qian a sketch for her, but Yuan Qian was complaining about his mental retardation.

In the practice class, the teacher said that the best sculpture works will be exhibited together with the works of brother Xiao Jing. Both Qin Shen and Yuan Qian hope to win the first place. Yuan Qian heard his roommate say that Qin Shen’s works are better, and can’t help worrying that he can’t go to the sculpture exhibition. The roommate is still encouraging to destroy Qin Shen’s sculptures, and Qin Shen next to him can’t help but walk over to see them.

Yuan Qian couldn’t eat in the cafeteria, so she decided to go back to the classroom to continue processing her work, hoping to surpass Qin Shen, but the classroom was dark without the lights on. Yuan Qian successfully touched Qin Shen’s skull sculpture to the ground again, and she hurriedly touched it. I wanted to slip away, but later decided to help him repair it. One night later, Yuan Qian finally completed the restoration of the sculpture.

After Qin Shen came in the morning, he repeatedly looked at his skull and said that a thief was in the classroom. He found that his sculpture had been changed. Yuan Qian couldn’t help but ran out to look for him when he heard that he was going to check and monitor, but he didn’t expect that he knew it was Yuan Qian long ago.

Qin Shen said that the skull and crossbones were made according to his own brain CT, which was different from ordinary ones. Yuan Qian wanted to pay Qin Shen for his work. Qin Shen didn’t appreciate it. He apologized to the teacher for not completing his homework. The teacher said that this opportunity was given to classmate Jia Sicheng. Yuan Qian yelled at Qin Shen to be abnormal while saying that he was indeed a bit poor. He sighed up to the sky, unexpectedly Qin Shen approached, scared Yuan Qian leaned into the sculpture pond.

Qin Shen looked at Yuan Qian, who was covered in mud, and reminded her to change her clothes to see Xiao Jing, but Xiao Jing left long ago after Yuan Qian had changed her clothes, and now Yuan Qian and Qin Shen’s hatred was completely forged. Yuan Qian, who was told by her roommate Luo Xinxin about the horror legend of the campus bathhouse, had no place to take a bath. She was curious and opened the last door. The opposite of the door was Qin Shen in the bathhouse.

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