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Parallel Lost 平行迷途 Episode 5 Recap

For the sake of his brother’s face, Gu Jun could only temporarily post money to pay the bill, only to find that the price of this bar was ridiculously expensive. I was about to go out to reason with the restaurant staff, but I fell into a trap. I was caught and punched a few times. Su Ming, who happened to be taking a part-time job, saw this scene. Jun. After Ma Qiang rushed out to stop all this, it was too late, and Su Ming was fired by his boss because of trouble.

Gu Jun returned home and saw his angry father. Gu Jun’s fight this time may not only affect the results of future police examinations, but even almost disturbed the plans of the police officers who had been eyeing this dark bar. Gu Chunlin has long known that his son’s impulse personality is easy to cause trouble. Although the quality of jealousy and hatred is good, accidents will inevitably occur. Gu Chunlin, who cares about his son’s future and personal safety, cannot help but carefully advise. By the way, Gu Jun’s living expenses for a month were deducted as punishment.

Gu Jun, who is on a budget, can only fill his stomach with instant noodles every day. The hungry chest sticks to the back every day. Although Gu Jun concealed it well, Su Ming saw all this in his eyes. The caring Su Ming went to have a meal and secretly placed it on Gu Jun’s table. Although neither of them raised the matter, Gu Jun is still very grateful in his heart.

Gu Jun, who was dragged by his classmates to watch the concert, accidentally discovered that the violin player on the stage exuding infinite charm was the blind date of his “break up on the spot”, Liang Xue. Gu Jun, who saw Liang Xue again, was already deeply caught in Liang Xue’s charm this time. After the performance ended, he stood up and applauded excitedly.

One day, Liang Xue and Gu Jun met. The two met a lost child. Seeing Gu Jun’s harmonious interaction with the child, talking and laughing, Liang Xue couldn’t help smiling. After the child was taken away by the anxious parents, Liang Xue and Gu Jun also let go of the unpleasantness of the meeting. Gu Jun asked Liang Xue to meet at the weekend, and Liang Xue also readily agreed.

Back home, his mother couldn’t help but ask about the progress of Gu Jun and Liang Xue, and offered advice to Gu Jun. Unlike his previous impatience, Gu Jun also showed a shy smile this time. Coming to Liang Xue’s orchestra ahead of time, Gu Jun gave a gift he bought by himself and walked side by side on the street. Seeing Liang Xue’s smile, the relationship between the two slowly crawled in. Gu Jun frankly realized that his impression of Liang Xuechu was not bad. Liang Xue couldn’t help but look at Gu Jun’s honestly thinking face. The gap between the two finally disappeared, and there was a sign of heartbeat. He agreed to meet next week. Gu Jun heard Liang Xue was affirmed, excitedly at a loss.

After the lights in the dormitory were turned off, Gu Jun wanted to secretly use his mobile phone, but was caught by the supervisor. This time the mobile phone was turned in, and all the brothers in the dormitory had to stay with Gu Jun to stay up late. Gu Jun blamed himself very much, but Su Ming did not complain.

On the second day, the whole class went to the field to carry out survival training in the field. Each group held a different task and completed the task according to the prompts. Regardless of Gu Jun’s self-recommendation, the teacher ordered Su Ming to be the team leader, and the group started the task. As the team leader, Su Ming is responsible for exploring and leading the way. Who knew that Gu Jun turned a dangerous path on the map and wanted to take the opportunity to arrive early. For the sake of safety, Su Ming disagreed with Gu Jun’s proposal, but Gu Jun insisted on going his own way and immersed himself in the direction of the shortcut.

Su Ming, who couldn’t let go of Gu Jun, arranged for the team members to go to the camping site. One person turned around to look for Gu Jun. The path was overgrown with weeds and many dark holes. During the step by step, Gu Jun suddenly slipped and fell off the slope. Go on…

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