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Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 40 End Recap

Huang Rong took Guo Liye to the hospital to take care of him. After a while, he found that Guo Liye had disappeared. At this time, Xiao Rui came out to take Huang Rong to the show, and talked about finding someone to bring Guo Liye to dinner. Huang Rong was angry that Xiao Rui didn’t discuss these things with him. If Guo Liye had an accident, he couldn’t explain it, so Xiao Rui asked Xiao Rui to take him to him.

At this time, Guo Liye grabbed Guo Jing and walked out. Guo Jing saw Huang Rong and Xiao Rui together and was preparing to leave, but Guo Liye mumbled Huang Rong’s name.

Guo Jing said that Guo Liye was just peeing his pants, so he changed his pants to him. She was angry that she shouldn’t hand Guo Liye to Xiao Rui. I was about to leave, and I had a lot to tell her, but I don’t need to say it now. Huang Rong laughed at him as an asshole, no matter how stupid he was, she couldn’t stand his stupidity in her heart.

Going to Africa now means revenge on yourself. He didn’t agree to remarry because he was stupid, so stupid that he couldn’t understand the pros and cons, and he used some stupid methods to stimulate himself. Guo Jing immediately understood her intentions, but Kuwuwu Ring could not propose marriage.

Fortunately, Huang Rong cleverly handed him a pen. Guo Jing immediately drew a ring on her hand and resisted her going home.

Huang Rong packed up his luggage and was about to leave. Xiao Rui took off his disguise and no longer forbeared him. Everything he had done for so long was a joke. He asked Huang Rong to call Guo Jing and even threatened Huang Rong with words.

It happened that Guo Jing noticed that he went upstairs abnormally, and Xiao Rui immediately fled when he saw him aggressively. Guo Jing picked up the ladder to check the ceiling monitor, and then found the monitor in the bedroom. Huang Rong was angrily looking for Xiao Rui, but fortunately Guo Jing stopped it.

Guo Jing called Zeng Li for help, and then violently beat Xiao Rui with a baseball bat. Fortunately, the police arrived in time and Xiao Rui escaped. Xiao Rui lodged a complaint with the police about Guo Jing’s assault, but the police caught him on the grounds of broadcasting indecent female private videos on the Internet.

Chen Xiaonan was pushed into the operating room for surgery, hoping that Guo Jing would kiss herself, Guo Jing counseled, Huang Rong on the side immediately did the work for Guo Jing. Afterwards, Huang Rong wondered if Guo Jing would kiss Chen Xiaonan when he came one step later. Guo Jing immediately swore his feelings for her.

A month later, Guo Jing and Huang Rong held a wedding, and everyone gathered together. Guo Jing was nervous and didn’t know what to say. Huang Rong picked up the microphone and said that she was married three times and didn’t plan to get married in the future, so she mentioned the old-fashioned child problem.

I have already seen that Guo Liye is not ill. He is the person who does not want to leave Guo’s family. He has no father since he was a child. Perhaps the father in my impression is Guo Liye. Thinking of him pretending to be sick so hard and running to the hospital every day, I couldn’t bear it, and walked to Guo Liye and talked about his grandpa. Guo Jing was happy that he was going to be a father, and embraced Huang Rong.

Guo Guo gave birth to a daughter. Han Haoyue was happy that she had both children, but Guo Guo thought her daughter was too ugly like Han Haoyue. Han Haoyue, who has a well-rounded family, has taken his career to the next level and became a famous person in the cross talk world.

Han Haoyue’s ex-wife Yuan Yuan and Zeng Li were entangled with each other. He was usually taken seriously by Yuan Yuan, who is proficient in psychology, and Chen Xiaonan met his blind date again after surgery. Who knows that he will eventually go on a blind date with the previous blind date. Subject confirmed. Doctor Yu’s son lived up to his father’s efforts and was admitted to several key middle schools.

Time flies, Guo Liye led Guo Guo’s daughter to talk cross talk on the same stage. Guo Jing and Huang Rong also took their son Guo Fu to enjoy the fun of parent-child travel. Huang Rong experienced the fun of children and even wanted to have another one.

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