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Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 39 Recap

Guo Liye was lost outside, Huang Rong sent her home and prepared to invite him to eat skewers. Guo Liye, who had amnesia, asked when Huang Rong would have a baby with Guo Jing. Huang Rong couldn’t bear to tell the truth and lied that he would have a baby after his work. .

At this time, Huang Rong received a call from Xiao Rui. In order to prevent Xiao Rui from misunderstanding that he was receiving a patient, Guo Jing opened the door and called his father. Xiao Rui on the other side of the phone understood that Huang Rong was at Guo’s house.

Xiao Rui took Huang Rong to try the wedding dress and arranged a date for the two to get married. Huang Rong knew that he had something in his heart and apologized for lying. Xiao Rui believes that marriage should be stingy, and if she really can’t separate, she should leave. Huang Rong didn’t ask her own opinion when talking about Xiao Rui installing a bathtub and asking for leave. She hoped to give them free space. Xiao Rui once again mentioned the matter of Huang Rong next to her ex-husband, which made the two unhappy.

Guo Jing accompanied Guo Liye to dinner and mentioned that Huang Rong was about to get married, so he would not look for her. Guo Liye got angry and Huang Rong was about to get married, at least he had to go with him. Guo Jing sent dumplings to Huang Rong’s new home to visit. When he asked about the situation of the two people living together, he saw the wedding dress on the bed.

He had prepared a lot of confession words. He changed his mind instantly. Huang Rong couldn’t bear tears when he heard him say congratulations Live down. And all of this is under Xiao Rui’s control, he monitors Huang Rong’s every move through the monitoring in the house.

In order to ask the blind date to be entangled, Chen Xiaonan took Guo Jing to act as her boyfriend. The blind date did not believe her words, and Chen Xiaonan stepped forward to kiss Guo Jing and drove him away. Chen Xiaonan thinks that every newspaper pays off, who makes him like him?

Xiao Rui took Huang Rong to see his parents. Huang Rong was angry that he did not discuss with him in advance, but still suppressed his anger. How did Xiao Rui’s parents question her, Huang Rong stood up and told everyone that she had not agreed to marry Xiao Rui, and then went back to the hospital to work. The two remained silent along the way, and after they separated, Huang Rong practiced renting a house with an agency.

Han Haoyue taught Guo Liye to talk about cross talk. Guo Liye’s memory was significantly reduced and he couldn’t remember a simple sentence.

Guo Jing gave Huang Rong some money and mentioned that he was going to be a volunteer in Africa. Huang Rong snatched the money from the men, and hid in the corner of the wall sad and weeping. It was even more sad to see the name Guo Jing written on the red envelope.

In the evening, Guo Jing invited Chen Xiaonan to dinner because he completely let go. Chen Xiaonan thought he wanted to get along with himself, but didn’t know that he wanted to go to Africa, and laughed at her.

Xiao Rui consulted with Huang Rong because she was invited by Chen Xiaonan. Huang Rong knew her intentions and asked Chen Xiaonan after the two deliberately separated. The two were drinking and chatting in the bar. Huang Rong said that one of her friends had congenital breast disease.

My mother was her own teacher and died of this disease. It is guessed that she asked Xiaorui today to contact the breast-related authority Shen, who was just contracted by their hospital. Chen Xiaonan admitted that she was sick and thanked Huang Rong for helping her conceal her condition.

Guo Jing asked Huang Rong for help because of Guo Liye’s disappearance. The two searched inside and outside the community. In a hurry, the two of them ran around holding hands, but Guo Jing realized that he was awkward and let go. At this time, Guo Liye stepped forward. Asking Huang Rong’s name, let Guo Jing contact more, so that Guo Jing can forget Huang Rong.

Guo Jing had to go to Huang’s house because of temporary business. Huang Rong took Guo Liye to the emergency department to take care of him, but he lost Guo Liye when he was busy.

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