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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 20 Recap

The doctor initially diagnosed Kwong Ming-chiu as coronary heart disease. Although he missed the best time for treatment, he can still recover completely after he is prepared for surgery. Mei Zhaohe noticed that Yu Wenjing had cut her hair while visiting Kwong Mingchou, and asked Jiang Cheng to learn that Yu Wenjing liked Kwong Mingchoi, because Kwong Mingchoi was going to marry Yao Kun, so she cut her troubles short when she was sad. Hong Yuqiao opened a game machine factory in Guantao’s hometown to open. The workers hired are all fellow villagers who are undergoing induction training.

Hong Yuqiao treats these fellow villagers well. Once they pass the training, they will be paid according to the official salary. Mei Zhaohe decided to formally pursue Yu Wenjing, and joined Chaoxin in front of Kuang Mingchou. Zhou Dingbei took the responsibility to find Director Zou to take the initiative to accept all the punishments given by the organization. Director Zou was pleased with Zhou Dingbei’s behavior and asked him to wait for the result at home.

Yao Kun has long known that Kwong Mingchou is secretly thinking about the company. As a doctor of economics, he intends to give Kwong Mingchou some suggestions on the company’s equity reform plan. Wang Yong asked Su Yan about the content of the investigation team’s questioning. Su Yan said that there was nothing serious but that Zhou Dingbei had a problem. Wang Yong went to Zhou Dingbei in a panic and felt guilty for Zhou Dingbei’s responsibility for himself. It was the innocent Zhou Dingbei who committed the crime. Zhou Dingbei thought about it for a long time.

The banner was created by himself and Wang Yong, so he can’t let it fall in his own hands. Wang Yong is an enterprising and thoughtful young man. He is old, so feel free to hand the banner. To Wang Yong. Kwong Mingcun convened the main person in charge of Chaoxin to discuss shareholding reform. Most of Chaoxin’s current profits were turned over to the research institute. This time, more than 50% of the company’s shares were bought out and turned into personal shares. The reform plan is handed over to a few people present.

Professor Tang was the first to disagree with the reform. He insisted on his status as a cadre of the country. He would only serve the country throughout his life. It is impossible to turn national property into personal possession. This is treachery. No matter how Jiangcheng explains the reform of the shareholding system, Professor Tang is They disagree and clamor to divide their scientific research results from Chaoxin’s assets. Tian Yi approached Team Leader Jiang to explain the current plight of technology companies, and asked Team Leader Jiang to unblock some company warehouses within the scope of legal compliance.

Team Leader Jiang also considered that these companies would unblock those companies that had no problems first, and would find An appropriate time to report the situation of this investigation. Kwong Mingchou was worried about the reform of the shareholding system. In Chaoxin, it was not Professor Tang who had conservative ideas. Yao Kun did not want Kwong Mingchou to harm his body, so he decided to come forward to persuade Professor Tang, but Chaoxin needed Yao Kun to come forward. Standing.

Ming Kwong appointed Yao Kun as the company’s chief financial officer. Jiang Cheng took her to meet with Professor Tang. Yao Kun told Professor Tang that Chaoxin’s shareholding system reform would not harm the country’s interests, but only help Chaoxin’s faster and better development. Professor Tang There is no need to leave the research institute. The same trending letter needs Professor Tang’s research and development, but the trending letter reform is the general trend and must be carried out regardless of whether Professor Tang agrees. Professor Tang is even more angry with Yao Kun’s statement.

Su Yan told Wang Yong that Zhou Dingbei was accepting punishment from the organization. Wang Yong was guilty and anxious to find Kuang Mingchoi. Zhou Dingbei was about to be transferred from the banner. Not only Wang Yong begged for his favor, but Su Yan also begged Kwong Mingchoo for help. . Jiang Cheng stayed at Professor Tang’s house and continued to move with affection and reason. In fact, Professor Tang is also a reasonable person. He wants to see the tide of news getting better and better than anyone else. It seems that Professor Tang has also wavered.

Kuang Mingchou’s body is slowly recovering, and he is preparing for the operation, but he has not forgotten to ask several city leaders to explain the reform of Chaoxin shareholding system. Before leaving the banner, Zhou Dingbei entrusted all the important keys of the banner to Wang Yong. Zhou Dingbei trusted Wang Yong so much that Wang Yong set down his mind to protect the banner. Director Zou is quite supportive of the reform of the shareholding system, and Tian Yi also very openly promised to reflect the reform of the shareholding system to the city, striving to make Chaoxin a pioneer in the reform, reflecting the company’s affairs upwards and asking the leaders to consider Zhou Ding.

North’s problem. Zhou Dingbei left Jingqi to suspend work and went home to accompany his wife to buy food, feeling very lonely. Kwong Mingchou successfully completed the coronary heart disease operation. He woke up and received the good news that Chaoxin had nothing to do. In addition, the city researched and decided to agree to the Chaoxin share reform plan. Jingqi’s early operations are commendable. The company’s cargo is not high in value and the punishment is not severe. Zhou Dingbei was only relieved of Jingqi’s general manager position and Wang Yong was temporarily acting as an agent.

Hong Yuqiao and Guan Tao are very happy that Wang Yong can be promoted, but Wang Yong is very guilty of Zhou Dingbei. After the company’s shareholding reform is over, he will try to hire Zhou Dingbei back to lead the work. The shareholding reform of all state-owned enterprises was completed, the Hongyuqiao Game Machine Factory opened, Kuang Mingchou and Yao Kun married, the relationship between Jiangcheng and Xiaocheng also gradually improved, and everyone and everything went smoothly. Time flies quickly. Both Yao Kun and Kuang Mingchou’s children have gone to kindergarten, and Chaoxin Technology has further grown.

The notebook computer developed by Professor Tang has also successfully tested and is ready for production. Yu Wenjing was assigned to the Shanghai branch. principal. Zhou Dingbei returned to Jingqi as a director. Wang Yong also relied on Zhou Dingbei’s help when he was in charge of Jingqi’s main business operations. Jingqi mainly acts as an agent for foreign computer businesses. However, the domestic market is changing rapidly and needs its own technology products as support. Zhou Dingbei is responsible for going to major universities to find advanced technology to buy out for banner use. Yu Wenjing met with multiple blind dates under pressure at home, but they were all perfunctory.

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