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Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 24 End Recap

In the last round of the team battle, Ran Xing’s wonderful performance pushed the atmosphere to a climax. Gu Yang encouraged his teammates to enjoy the stage in the final battle. After they came on the field, the Chengfeng teenagers went all out and fought back. Their perfect performance Once again ignited the atmosphere of the scene.

After the performance of the two teams, the audience began to vote, and finally the two teams tied for the same number of votes. The judges and directors decided to make an extra round to determine the team that won today. The rule is to draw one of the performance topics they crossed out, and vote on the spot to determine the winner. Gu Yang asked Lin Chen to choose one, and what Lin Chen got was a performance with musical instrument elements. The two team captains Lin Chen and Gu Yang decided to personally play PK.

Playing the piano is Gu Yang’s strong point. His teammates are full of confidence in him. Gu Yang put his head on the wall and fell into contemplation. He remembered that when the trainee was interviewing, Lin Chen defeated him and entered the future because of the solo performance. In the waiting room on the other side, Lin Chen also put his head on the wall, and he was full of confidence, thinking that he must have eliminated Gu Yang today.

The one-on-one duel began. Lin Chen walked to the piano and played proficiently. After one piece, thunderous applause rang out. Then Gu Yang walked onto the stage and sat in front of the white piano. Looking at the familiar keys, he realized that this was the piano that his father had left him, and his mother was surprised to cover her mouth with her hands. Gu Yang happily looked at the friends on the side of the stage, and everyone smiled and gave him thumbs up.

When Mr. Han in the hospital saw this scene, he couldn’t help asking Mr. Wang on the side how the trainees could afford the full price of the piano. In fact, he knew Mr. Wang was helping him. Mr. Wang said that this little matter was not enough. Gu Yang calmed down for a while and then began to play. After a watery melody passed, he suddenly stopped, picked up the microphone of the piano stand and sang. His passionate performance ignited the audience, and there were endless cheers. Teacher Han Can’t help but applaud.

After the game, he asked his teammates about the piano. Xing Hao said that they knew he wanted to redeem the piano, so they took advantage of this competition to give him a surprise. Chen Xuan went on to say that Mr. Wang was willing to help them again, and the few of them ran to the program team and asked Gu Yang to use this piano during the competition. Everyone praised him for being very emotional and the effect was very good. Gu Yang thanked everyone for your support.

The exciting moment arrived. Finally, the host announced that the Weilai team won the championship and made their debut. Gu Yang and the others happily embraced and wept with excitement. Lin Chen and others who won the runner-up were a bit disappointed. When Gu Yang spoke on behalf of his teammates, he specifically mentioned Teacher Han. If it hadn’t been for his great help, they would not have come to this day. Teacher Han couldn’t help crying with relief when he heard these words.

After the game, he saw his teammates celebrating with his family. Zhengnan sat down alone without seeing his family. He took out his mobile phone and saw the text message of his mother. She said that his father laughed after watching his game. Feels warm in his heart. The crowd dispersed, Gu Yang found Lin Chen who was there alone. He said that there was no win or loss between them.

Lin Chen said that if he lost, he lost. He said that Gu Yang did it. Gu Yang asked him to visit them the next day. Piano teacher. After Lin Chen returned home, he felt that he had let his parents down, but his mother said that he was doing great and they would always support his dream.

The next day, Mrs. Jiang came to pick up Mrs. Han from the hospital. She did not bring a gift for discharge. Mrs. Han smiled and said that their debut was the best gift for discharge. Then he took out a large bouquet of roses and gave it to Teacher Jiang. She was surprised to see the delicate roses. Gu Yang and others hiding outside the door could not help but walk in with a smile watching the sweet scene. Xing Hao said that they had prepared a large table of dishes for Teacher Han and asked Teacher Jiang to go with him. Hearing Xing Hao changed her name No, Teacher Jiang pretended to be angry and said that they were inflated.

Xing Hao quickly explained that he didn’t know whether to call her Teacher Jiang or his wife. Gu Yang and the others joked that it was of course the teacher’s wife. After speaking, they ran out of the ward. Teacher Jiang embarrassedly told Teacher Han that these boys were talking nonsense, but Teacher Han said that they were very insightful. Teacher Jiang lowered his head shyly.

Weilai announced the recruitment of new trainees. On the day of the exam, Gu Yang and others also came. Seeing Lin Chen holding the registration form, they couldn’t help running over happily. Lin Chen saw Gu Yang and raised his hand to him. Gu Yang couldn’t help showing a bright smile on the small piano decoration. He knew that their brothers could work hard together again in the future, and he believed that they would definitely go further and further on the road to pursue their dreams.

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