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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 13 Recap

When Lin Jiayang sent Ouyang Xialan home from get off work, he suddenly saw Bloomberg driving to Ouyang Xialan’s residence. Laifel opened the door to greet him. The relationship between two people is very close, just like a couple. Ouyang Xialan thought for a while and told Lin Jiayang that she was looking for another place to live.

So she contacted Yuan Zhiqiang and planned to stay with Yuan Zhiqiang temporarily for one night. But Yuan Zhiqiang has not yet returned home. So Lin Jiayang invited Ouyang Xialan to relax in the bar. When they entered the bar, they happened to see Peng Yue drinking with Duning in the bar. At this time, Peng Yue also saw them. Peng Yue’s heart was full of jealousy.

Duning took Peng Yue and kept talking. Peng Yue said that he was very unhappy. My girlfriend is not happy. So Peng Yue always wanted to explain to Ouyang Xialan. However, Ouyang Xialan did not want to hear him explain. In a blink of an eye, Ouyang Xialan’s cell phone rang. Yuan Zhiqiang told Ouyang Xialan that he had arrived home.

The next day, Qiu Ling came to the office happily. She is about to sit down and work. Suddenly a staff member told her that someone had reposted negative news about Tianguan Automobile Group. Qiu Ling’s nerves jumped immediately. She organized staff to investigate the identity of the reposter. Report to Bloomberg. Ouyang Xialan also saw the reprint of negative news.

She realized the seriousness of this matter. So, she rushed to the hospital to look for the test driver who had a car accident. However, the test driver had secretly left the hospital. Ouyang Xia Lansi thought about it and decided to look for the publisher of the negative news. After some searching, he found the publisher of the negative news. At this time, the issuer was still sorting out the unsent manuscripts on the computer. So Ouyang Xialan picked up the phone and kept evidence. She told the publisher that such fabricated facts were illegal and would be imprisoned. Then, the publisher told all the facts.

Ouyang Xialan took the results he found and prepared to report to the leadership of Tianguan Automobile Group. Unexpectedly, Jie Zutao has found evidence first. This made Ouyang Xialan very surprised. Everyone knows that Jie Zutao is one of the participants in this negative news release. But no one said to break this fact. Bloomberg even allowed Jie Zutao to participate in high-level meetings in the future. Ouyang Xialan was punished by the company.

Uncle Xiang has been reminding Bloomberg that the company’s debt problems are already very obvious. The company can no longer support excess expenses. Bloomberg is also aware of this. At this time, Duning contacted Bloomberg. He invited Bloomberg to dinner. Bloomberg knew that Duning was an investor who had crossed the hills. But Bloomberg checked Du Ning’s details and found that Du Ning had been playing underground banks. As a result, Bloomberg agreed to Duning’s request to divest. However, Bloomberg told Duning that he was not allowed to find Peng Yue.

Bloomberg’s approach has been supported by Mr. Peng Lao. Therefore, crossing the hills and crossing a very difficult hurdle. It turned out that the slumped employees have revived. On this day, Bloomberg and Uncle Xiang inspected the production workshop of Tianguanxingchen. Bloomberg placed great hopes on this production workshop. However, the funding problem of Tianguan Automobile Group is already very obvious. Therefore, Bloomberg decided to put aside the debt issue between Tianguan and Futai.

An Tianming also knew about the problems of Tianguan Group. He knew that once Bloomberg had time to take care of the debt between Tianguan and Futai, Futai would surely usher in a disaster. Therefore, An Tianming told Jie Zutao Futai Group that it was time for a movement.

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