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Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 14 Recap

After Ouyang Yu returned home, she couldn’t help but raised her mouth when she looked at the photos taken by the clerk when she was buying clothes. Ouyang Qingxue asked her brother when he was happy. Ouyang Yu said there was nothing to put the phone aside to continue eating. Qingxue took the phone while he didn’t pay attention, opened it and saw that Nianfeng in the photo was very angry. She did not let her brother be with Nianfeng, Ouyang Yu asked her to return the phone to him, and Qingxue ran up annoyed when she saw her brother. Go downstairs.

Then Monica saw the photo. When she saw Nianfeng walk in at the meeting the next day, she couldn’t help but her face sank, and she began to blame Nianfeng for not sending her the data of the Thomas project. Others followed the wind and said. How could the chairman entrust such an important project to an intern?

When Nianfeng was searching for information in the data room, she accidentally found a file bag containing the Zhuo Shi Group Equity Acquisition Agreement. The final signature was from Ouyang’s family. She was surprised and quickly took it with her mobile phone. She went to the hospital and told Le Di Yin about the incident, suspecting that the Ouyang Group was related to the death of her parents. Le Tiyin said that the matter is important, don’t make arbitrary conclusions. He suggested that Nianfeng go to Muyun to discuss it. Seeing her hesitate, he said that Mu Yun actually wanted to find the truth more than she did.

Nianfeng knew that Qin Yao was from the law department and went to consult with him. Qin Yao felt that the equity price was a bit low. Nianfeng guessed whether it was a hostile acquisition by Ouyang Group. Qin Yao did not dare to draw conclusions at will, because after all, it was a contract. Part of it, Nianfeng said that she would try to get the contract in full. At night, Nianfeng saw Qi Yuan carrying another man’s arm on the street at night. She looked very intimate and walked over. Qi Yuan saw Nianfeng quickly let go of her hand, Nianfeng asked her to separate from this man immediately, otherwise she She told Qin Yao that Qi Yuan ignored her and left.

The next day in Nianfeng at school, she saw Qin Yao buying this and that for Qi Yuan, but she was a little angry. She walked over to make Qi Yuan not want to eat or not, because it was not her favorite taste. Seeing that the smell of wind and gunpowder is relatively strong, Qin Yao made a round and said that they would have a meal together and called Mu Yun in. During this time, he could not soak himself in the laboratory all day.

In the restaurant, Qi Yuan and Nianfeng were at odds with each other. Qi Yuan mocked Nianfeng for being fierce. No wonder she had a crush on Qin Yao and failed. Nianfeng was very angry when she heard that, saying that if she really cared about Qin Yao, she wouldn’t be dissatisfied with asking him to buy this and that, and even hooked up with other men. Qin Yao’s expression immediately changed after hearing this. Qi Yuan stood up angrily and walked away. Qin Yao chased her and took her to eat cooking. Qi Yuan went to the bathroom in the middle of the meal.

At this moment, her mobile phone on the table rang. Qin Yao picked it up and found that there were ambiguous text messages between her and other men. He couldn’t help feeling sad, but he didn’t show it. After eating, she pretended to be okay and sent Qi Yuan back to her residence. The two of them hugged Qi Yuan’s cell phone suddenly rang, she hung up a little flustered and said it was a rubbish call, Qin Yao was very painful looking at her.

Nianfeng and Liu Zihui were very sorry for Qin Yao when they talked about it. At this time, Qin Yao was still near Qi Yuan’s residence, and he saw her getting into a man’s car and leaving. Then he called Nianfeng and asked her to drink coffee the next day. On the second day, Qin Yao came to the cafe and saw that Nianfeng was already here, so he went to give her some coffee. Suddenly he got Qi Yuan and a man walking happily and quickly walked over to the man. He slapped his face, and the man immediately slammed his fist to counterattack. Nianfeng pulled Qin Yao away but was slammed away by him. Nianfeng stood unstable and fell to the ground with broken skin.

Qi Yuan hurriedly let the man leave. She took Qin Yao by the arm and explained that it was not what he thought. Qin Yao looked back and saw Nianfeng fell to the ground, so she threw away Qi Yuan and took Nianfeng and left. Qi Yuan annoyed and took a few photos of their backs, and then sent the photos to Mu Yun, saying that Nianfeng had taken her boyfriend away. Mu Yun was a little annoyed when he saw it, he asked for leave in the afternoon and went to Nianfeng’s house.

Nianfeng bandaged the wound and made a bowl of noodles for Qin Yao and himself. Qin Yao told Nianfeng that Qi Yuan was not like this. Everyone in her good family was pampering her. Later, when something happened in her family, she changed. Money has a sense of security. He thought that as long as he treated her well, she would be able to change back. Now it seemed that he was wrong and he couldn’t help crying.

When Mu Yun rushed to see Qin Yao leaving, he knocked on the door and went in. When he saw Nianfeng’s leg hurt, he carefully changed her dressing. He asked Nianfeng to go home with him. He was annoyed when Nianfeng disagreed. She said she could rent with Le Diyin, why can’t she do with him? Nianfeng said Le Diyin was a patient and she wanted to take care of him. Mu Yun said she was a severe sleepwalking patient and she should take care of her too. Nianfeng would not let him take care of her and sat on the sofa.

The above Muyun suddenly grabbed her hand and leaned towards her. Seeing that he was very close to her, Nian Feng couldn’t help but breathe a little, she quickly pushed Mu Yun away and pushed him out the door. Mu Yun was worried about her sleepwalking at night, so she sat at the door of her house for one night and didn’t leave until dawn.

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