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Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 13 Recap

Su Nianfeng, who was sleepwalking on the street, was almost hit by a car. Fortunately, Su Muyun who came to protect her to avoid it in time. After Nianfeng was sober, she looked around blankly and didn’t know what was happening. It turned out that she called Muyun after drinking too much. Mu Yun asked where to pick her up. She asked Mu Yun to learn how to bark. Mu Yun had no choice but to do the same. Unexpectedly, Nian Feng didn’t know where she was, so he asked her to open WeChat and share her real-time location.

Nianfeng didn’t believe that he would call Muyun. Muyun said that the most embarrassing paragraph hadn’t been talked about yet. She covered his mouth as soon as he was about to say it. Then Nianfeng found that his actions were not appropriate, so he quickly shrank his hands. Came back. She turned to go home, but was held back by Mu Yun. Seeing that she was so close to him, Nianfeng was ashamed to let him let her go. She would not go home with him until the truth was found out. Yun had to send her to Le Di Yin’s house.

When she passed a supermarket, Mu Yun went in and bought a bottle of water for her to hangover. She also asked her to drink less in the future. It would be more dangerous to encounter today’s situation. Nianfeng knew from Mu Yun that she had sleepwalking, which was a traumatic stress disorder caused by a car accident. Then she understood why Mu Yun would often appear in her room before. Nianfeng thanked him for taking care of him for so many years. Mu Yun pulled her into her arms. She wanted to break free from Mu Yun and said that he was cold to keep him warm for a while.

It was dawn as we walked, and when Nianfeng was hungry, she pulled Muyun to eat breakfast, and the two of them ate and chatted. Mu Yun said that her parents were not doing well after she left, and her mother cleaned her room over and over again, and the non-drinking father also drank boring wine. Looking at the parents in the video played on Muyun’s mobile phone, Nianfeng couldn’t help crying.

Back at Le Diyin’s house, Nianfeng found him fainted as soon as he entered the door, and hurriedly walked over and knelt down and called his name. Mu Yun heard her panicking sound outside and quickly ran into the room, and Le Diyin, who was on the ground, hurried to the hospital.

Le Diyin was sent to the intensive care unit. Nianfeng was very worried about him. At this time, she received a call from Ouyang Yu, and she asked him to hypothesize that her friend was hospitalized. Ouyang Yu then asked people to find Le Diyin’s case and also met with foreign expert Dr. Thomas. After seeing Le Diyin’s case, Thomas said that he could do nothing. Ouyang Yu said that he would fully support Thomas’ research project on myocarditis, but only if he takes someone with him.

Ouyang Qingxue heard about this from Monica. She knew that her brother did all this for Nianfeng. She hated Nianfeng not only for taking away Su Muyun and now she would also take her brother away, so she encouraged Monica to give it to her. Nianfeng wears small shoes to drive her away. This day, Nianfeng went to Ouyang Yu with a letter of resignation. Ouyangyu told her that Dr. Thomas was studying dilated myocarditis and needed several subjects. He felt that Nianfeng’s friends were very suitable and planned to let her participate in the research as Dr. Thomas’s Assistant, Nianfeng was very happy to hear that, so I didn’t mention the resignation.

Then she went to the hospital and told Le Diyin about the incident. He was also very happy. Nianfeng said that after the new project came in, she would be busy. She planned to move closer to the company. After Nianfeng left, Le Diyin told Muyun that Nianfeng was going to move. The next day Muyun accompanied Nianfeng to see the house, and introduced her several houses. Nianfeng looked clean and cheap, but she felt that Muyun Yun might have posted money inside, so he said he would look for it again.

Kan Nianfeng’s clothes were torn, and after Mu Yun sent her back to her residence, he called Qin Yao out and the two went to the mall. Qin Yao said while choosing clothes, is it appropriate for them to visit the women’s clothing store as a single man, Mu Yun told him not to talk nonsense, and then the two went to the underwear store again, but left after a glance. The two of them didn’t buy a suitable one after shopping for a long time. The tired and paralyzed Qin Yao suggested that Mu Yun ask Liu Zihui. Mu Yun called and asked Zihui Nianfeng what kind of clothes he liked, and then pulled Qin Yao to continue shopping.

Nianfeng came to the company and was ridiculed for wearing torn clothes at work. This scene was seen by Ouyang Yu. After get off work, he deliberately waited for Nianfeng at the door of the company, and then took her to the mall to buy clothes. Nianfeng didn’t want to go, but Ouyang Yu said that she wanted to meet Thomas on behalf of the company and went there with formal clothes. After buying clothes, Ouyang Yu escorted her back to her residence, and met Mu Yun at the door of her house.

After Ouyang Yu left, Mu Yun told Nianfeng not to be with Ouyang Yu. Nianfeng said that he didn’t care about it, and asked what he was holding. He said trash and put the bag on a table and left, Nianfeng He walked over curiously, opened the bag and saw that Mu Yun bought himself new clothes.

When Mu Yun left, he saw Ouyang Yu waiting for the bus at the gate of the community. He told Ouyang Yu to stay away from Nianfeng. He also said that the Ouyang family did not harm the Zhuo family badly enough? Ouyang Yu said he had evidence? He said he would If evidence was found, he would not let Nianfeng suffer any harm, and Ouyang Yu said he would not.

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