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Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 11 Recap

Su Nianfeng, who learned that her parents were killed by the Su family, was very distressed. Helpless, she dialed the phone number of Le Tiyin who was treating illness in the United States. Le Diyin couldn’t help but asked her worriedly when she heard her cry. Nianfeng didn’t know how to tell him. Le Diyin asked her to calm down and wait until she wanted to talk. He would always be by her side.

At night, Muyun fell asleep by the bed in Nianfeng’s bedroom. Nianfeng quietly packed up some clothes and left. The next day Mu Yun woke up and found that Nianfeng was gone, so he quickly called Liu Zihui and Qin Yao, but they both said that Nianfeng had not contacted him.

At this time, Ouyang Qingxue was playing a cheerful tune at home, and Ouyang Yu walked to the piano and held down the keys. With a displeased look, he already knew what his sister did. Ouyang Qingxue argued that she did it, but she didn’t want to see Su Nianfeng being kept in the dark to tell her the truth.

Ouyang Yu knew that her so-called truth was nothing more than a fake car accident certificate and edited recordings. It was Ouyang’s low-cost acquisition of the Zhuo Group that caused their family’s destruction. In the whole incident, Su Nianfeng was the most innocent victim. He didn’t understand why his sister had to target her again and again. Ouyang Qingxue said the reason, that is, Nianfeng approached someone who shouldn’t approach.

Then Su Muyun met Ouyang Qingxue on campus. She greeted him with a smile, but was pulled to a quiet corner by him. He asked what she had said to Nianfeng. Ouyang Qingxue took out the recorder from her bag and showed it to him. She also said that it is impossible for him to and Nianfeng. Mu Yun coldly replied that it was their business. Mu Yun’s parents were also very anxious when they learned that Nianfeng had disappeared.

Muyun returned home and asked his parents if they were the parents who killed Nianfeng. His father told him not to talk nonsense, and his mother told him not to think. By accident, his parents asked him to find Nianfeng first before talking. So Muyun and Zihui looked around for Nianfeng, and Le Diyin was also worried about Nianfeng and left a note for his father to return home.

At this time, Nianfeng found another place to live, and she couldn’t help being scared when she saw the spider on the table. In the past, Mu Yun helped her kill the spiders, but now she can only rely on herself. She picked up the book and slapped the table fiercely.

Then she was scalded by boiling water when she was instant noodles. Everything went wrong and made her even more sad. She sat at the table and opened the notebook, crossed out the three words Su Nianfeng on it, and wrote her real name Zhuo Yifeng.

When Nianfeng returned to school, the dean asked her where she had been in the past few days, and her family was in a hurry and called the police. Nianfeng said that there was something wrong with her family and that she wanted to change her name and household registration. Her name was Zhuo Yifeng. She wanted to make up for a leave, so the director gave her a leave application form. After coming out of the director’s office, she ran into Ouyang Qingxue.

Qingxue pretended to be concerned, but Nianfeng walked away nonchalantly. Then Qingxue found Nianfeng again and said that she would keep her secret, but Nianfeng already knew what kind of person she was. She told Qingxue that she was going to disappoint her. Everything was fine for her and she would be better in the future.

After Nianfeng met Zihui in a cafe, Zihui ran over. Seeing that the leave application form on the table was not Nianfeng’s name, she curiously asked Zhuo Yifeng who was her name. Nianfeng said that it was her name before being adopted by the Su family.

She wants to be herself now. Zihui didn’t believe that Feng’s parents’ car accident was related to the Su family, especially when she learned about it from Ouyang Qingxue. She always felt that Ouyang Qingxue had bad intentions for Nianfeng.

In fact, Nianfeng also doubted her a bit, but she thought Qingxue would not lie to her about such a big thing. Zihui said that Nianfeng was too naive. She regarded Qingxue as a white moonlight. In fact, she was a beautiful snake. Nianfeng made Zihui feel relieved.

She will not be bitten again. After leaving the coffee shop, the two happened to meet Qin Yao. When Qin Yao saw Nianfeng, he hurriedly called Muyun. After hearing this, Mu Yun hurried out of the laboratory to find Nianfeng.

At this moment, Nianfeng was walking alone with her head down, and suddenly heard someone calling her, Le Di Yin, according to the reputation. The two who had reunited after a long time couldn’t help but embrace each other happily, but this scene was seen from a distance by Mu Yun who came over.

He stood still and felt very uncomfortable. At this time, a car pulling things stopped in front of him, and after the unloading car drove away, he looked at the place where Nianfeng was standing, only to find that she and Le Di Yin were gone.

In the evening, Nianfeng asked Le Diyin to eat hot pot. She asked about his condition. Le Diyin said that he wanted a heart transplant, but he might not be able to wait for the source of his heart. Nianfeng comforted her that she would want to let him live.

After eating and sending Le Diyin away, Nianfeng turned on the phone and found that Mu Yun’s mother had sent many voice messages. She couldn’t help feeling sad when she heard the familiar and friendly voice.

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