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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 12 Recap

Chi Tiecheng received a phone call from Shan Leng, saying that he had found Su Wenqian’s address. He had no friends or family members, had not been with anyone, nor had he heard about Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue. Chi Tiecheng felt that this child named Xiaoxue was very important to him.

Xiaoxue took out a piece of cake, said she won with a slingshot, and gave Su Wenqian his favorite chocolate. Su Wenqian began to worry. He felt that it would take a few days for Chi Tiecheng to find out about him. He wanted to take Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter out of here as soon as possible, but if Qin Zishu didn’t hear it wrong, it means that Chi Tiecheng really came back.

The life he had meticulously forged for three years was shattered. It may be coincidence that Ouyang Xiangling comforted him, but they all knew that the possibility of this coincidence was too small. Su Wenqian decided to invite them, but there were two conditions, not to take a gun, and that they needed to protect Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter around the clock, Ouyang Xiangling agreed.

People from the Public Security Bureau also protected Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue in the name of protecting Qin Henian. Su Wenqian officially became the instructor of the task force, and Su Wenqian re-arranged their personnel. Yin Qiansu was working secretly. Section Chief Cao brought Ouyang Xiangling and Su Wenqian to check the safety work. After a few people left, Yin Qiansu and the secretary breathed a sigh of relief. Su Wenqian asked Chen Liansheng and others to take turns on duty. The little mirror was not able to shoot a gun yet, and Chen Liansheng expressed willingness to teach him.

The defense of Yin Qiansu’s house was seen through by the jellyfish team, and only Su Wenqian could do such a tight defense. Su Wenqian helped the little mirror point out the observation error, and the little mirror was very grateful.

Yin Qiansu was very worried after receiving the secret telegram. Yin Qiansu said that he had important official duties and asked to see Mayor Wen immediately. Knowing that Mayor Wen had entered Yin Qiansu’s home, Chi Tiecheng was puzzled, and Mayor Wen was considered an important goal, so Chi Tiecheng decided to take this matter to test Su Wenqian. It is their habit to divert their attention. Su Wenqian must understand that. The opportunity to kill Yin Qiansu is more important to find out if Su Wenqian is dead.

The Communist Party protected Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue. Qin Zishu took Xiaoxue home to pack his things. Today’s scene kept in his mind. Xiaoxue came to pack his father’s letter and said that he would show the letter to anyone who didn’t believe she had a father. Qin Zishu was angry. Xiaoxue slapped him. Yin Qiansu told Mayor Wen that Tang Siyuan sent someone to contact him a few days ago, saying that he wanted to avoid fighting. Chiang Kai-shek had only his direct line of troops in his mind.

The Tenth Army had never had a good life under him, so he wanted to avoid fighting. I originally asked for instructions to go south and would not run into the People’s Liberation Army, but I suddenly received an order in the afternoon and I would arrive in Hengzhou two days later. Although our army won’t arrive so soon, if they encounter this battle, they will undoubtedly lose. They cannot fight this battle.

Qin Zishu packed up her things and called Xiaoxue, only to find that she was gone, leaving only a letter saying that she had gone to Guangzhou to find her father. Tang Siyuan wanted to know the time when the People’s Liberation Army arrived in Hengzhou, but this was a military secret, and Mayor Wen could not be the master alone. Mayor Wen was worried that the assassination of Yin Qiansu by the Secrecy Bureau had something to do with this matter.

Yin Qiansu said that this matter was confidential and only the two parties and their men knew about it. Knowing that Xiaoxue had been lost, Su Wenqian couldn’t wait to find her. Chief Cao didn’t want to agree, so Ouyang Xiangling offered to accompany him and return in two hours.

Xiaoxue went to buy a train station in Guangzhou. The conductor was a little puzzled when she saw her alone. Ouyang Xiang asked Xiaoxue why he was going to Guangzhou to find his father. Su Wenqian replied that Xiaoxue’s father had passed away long ago, and they told her that he had gone to Guangzhou in order to hide it from her. Xiaoxue realized that the conductor had called the police and left immediately.

When Ouyang Xiangling, Qin Zishu and Su Wenqian rushed to find Xiaoxue’s bag, they drove around to search for them. Xiaoxue cried aggrievedly when she saw the intimacy of a father and daughter on the street.

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