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Perfect and Casual 完美先生和差不多小姐 Episode 22 Recap

Yun Shu told Kozhiyi that he and Zhang Zhinian expressed their mutual affection. Kozhiyi inexplicably complained that Zhang Zhinian was really a man with a heart-stopping heart. Zhang Zhinian followed other professors to the project department. Lin Chuchu brought a special coffee for Zhang Zhinian, which made Shen Lan a little bit overwhelmed.

Lin Chuchu created the opportunity to be alone with Zhang Zhinian, expressing that he wanted to chat with him alone. Yun Shu ran to the hospital to see his grandfather. Grandpa winked and told the doctor not to tell Yun Shu about his physical condition. Grandpa asked about Zhang Zhinian, and Yun Shu had to truthfully tell Zhang Zhinian to retreat because of work.

Zhang Zhinian told Lin Chuchu that his relationship with Yun Shu had changed from a contractual relationship to a marriage relationship, and that he really loved Yun Shu very much, but Lin Chuchu tried to persuade the fact that Zhang Zhinian and Yun Shu were inappropriate. .

Grandpa Zhang asked Yun Shu to conceal Zhang Zhinian’s physical condition. Grandpa Zhang asked Yun Shu whether he was worried about the two of them working together. Yun Shu told Grandpa he trusted Zhang Zhinian very much. If the two of them had a relationship, it would have happened long ago. When grandpa heard that he was happy to say that he had not read Yun Shu wrong, he had long believed that Yun Shu and Zhang Zhinian were a perfect match.

Yun Shu just happened to meet Lin Nuo when he walked out of the ward. Lin Nuo also explained to Yun Shu that he was not happy at all when he was with Gao Zhiyi. The breakup of two people has nothing to do with anyone, it is entirely their own problem. Yun Shu felt that he couldn’t persuade Lin Nuo, so he asked Lin Nuo to help him drive, and also called Ko Chi Yi to help. Lin Nuo and Kochiyi were in a mess again in the car, and Yun Shu immediately persuaded them to fight.

Yun Shu, Gao Zhiyi, and Lin Nuo came to the front desk of the hotel and asked Zhang Zhinian for the room number, but the front desk refused to let the three of them in on the grounds of not disclosing customer privacy, because Yun Shu could not make calls to Zhang Zhinian.

Kochi intended to improvise acting, the hall manager had to remind Zhang Zhinian of the approximate location of the room number. The three of them searched hard and still could not find Zhang Zhinian. At the same time, Lin Chuchu opened the door of Zhang Zhinian’s room.

Yun Shu saw Lin Chuchu and Zhang Zhinian alone in a room, very depressed. Kochiyi and Lin Nuo ignored Zhang Zhinian’s door to eavesdrop. Lin Chuchu asked Zhang Zhinian why she likes Yunshu.

Zhang Zhinian suddenly told Lin Chuchu that she had researched the data about getting along with Yunshu. She said that she had changed herself since she met Yunshu who was comfortable with the situation. Although he didn’t want to admit it at first, it was Yun Shu who gave him company.

Lin Chuchu asked Zhang Zhinian why he wanted to help herself in the first place. Zhang Zhinian said that it was purely because the two people looked so special, and he helped her only because he regarded Lin Chuchu as his best friend. Lin Chuchu was inexplicably sad to learn that Zhang Zhinian had not been tempted by herself from beginning to end. She asked Zhang Zhinian to give her one last hug, but Zhang Zhinian rejected her with a handshake.

Yun Shu really wanted to know if Zhang Zhinian had reported to Lin Chuchu. He accidentally made a noise and was discovered by Zhang Zhinian. When the three of them were about to escape, Zhang Zhinian hugged Yun Shu without saying anything. When she kissed Yun Shu forcefully, Lin Chuchu left silently seeing it in her eyes. Kochiyi was still angry with Lin Nuo.

Lin Nuo helped Kochiyi to call for a car and asked her to go back to school alone. Kochiyi felt that Lin Nuo had become so strange now, but Lin Nuo told Kochiyi that perhaps she is the real one now. Of yourself.

As soon as Yun Lan returned home, she was surrounded by Lu Yu. Yun Lan asked why Lu Yu was sued by President Han. Lu Yu had to tell Yun Lan the truth. It turned out that Lu Yu privately approached President Han to warn President Han not to approach Yun Lan. Get off the horse. Yun Lan told Lu Yu that she was very worried about him. After all, he is a movie star. If this incident affects Lu Yu’s personal future, Yun Lan would be sad, but Lu Yu let Yun Lan relax and said that he would handle the matter by himself. .

Yun Shu looked at the increasingly wilting grandfather very sad, but in order to comfort Zhang Zhinian, he still forced a smile and said that grandpa is fine and he will take care of grandpa. Gao Mei told Yun Shu that her comics were well received overseas.

In addition, Yun Shu was hired as an assistant to the great manga artist Xiao Lin. This incident would have been so happy for Yun Shu in the past, but now she is Some hesitation. Gao Mei also told Lin Chuchu that Yun Shu might be out for three years, and invited her to join the celebration banquet.

Yun Shu was a little reluctant to be separated from Zhang Zhinian for three years. He really had a bad choice. Yun Lan also told Yun Shu that her own suggestions had no reference value to her. The hospital told Zhang Zhinian that his cancer cells had spread, and there were only two months left. Yun Shu and Zhang Zhinian sat in the ward to take care of their grandfather’s suitability.

Lin Chuchu also came to the ward to visit his grandfather and contacted Smith, an overseas lymphoma expert, for Zhang Zhinian. Zhang Zhinian was very happy after seeing this. Lin Chu Chu told them that they had to go overseas. Zhang Zhinian said that going overseas would not be difficult for him. Zhang Zhinian also learned that Yun Shu was hired by Xiaolin Painting Agency.

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