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Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 4 Recap

Because Xiao Muo was bullied by others and couldn’t explain, he was punished by the teacher to stand and met his little bell. Little Bell will tell Little Mumu the story of the baby whale, help him retrieve the toy and protect him from being bullied. Now, Xiao Mu has grown up, and the snail girl who has turned into a small bell can also guard her growth.

Xia Rui will still stand in front of Nan Xi to protect him as before, but she can only touch his head on tiptoe. The small wood that used to be has grown taller, and it is no longer a small bell to touch him. Arrived. Looking at Xia Rui’s outstretched hand, Nan Xi took the initiative to lower her head, even took off her hat and squatted in front of her, just like when she was a child, actively touching Xia Rui.

Xia Rui put the whale woodcut newly sent by Nan Xi on his neck. From then on, they promised to each other that no one would suddenly disappear again. As long as they were together, they would have infinite courage to face the unknown.

Because Xia Rui said casually, Nan Xi took off his hat and faced life bravely. It was the first time that the classmates saw his handsome appearance. The subtle change between Xia Rui and Nan Xi failed to escape the eyes of Zhao Yishu and Cheng Erluo, and simply confessed the past between them.

Zhao Yishu and Cheng Erluo could hardly believe such idol drama fate, but they were also willing to accept this new friend, but Nan Xi’s character made it difficult to accept his passion for strangers, which made Cheng Erluo feel puzzled and embarrassed. . The three of them are also friends who have met since elementary school. They have always been three people. Now because of Nan Xi’s character, they have to “part ways”.

Because Nan Xi took the initiative to explain the situation to Teacher Hu, since their getting along is beneficial to Nan Xi’s change, it can indeed improve Xia Rui’s grades. With Teacher Hu’s explanation and suggestions, Mr. Shao finally had a smiling face and agreed to let Nan Xi and Xia Rui helped one-on-one, but the prerequisite was that they could achieve a score of 100 before the next test.

Early the next morning, Cheng Erluo happily asked Xia Rui and Zhao Yishu to watch his newly downloaded anime together on Saturday. Xia Rui completely forgot what she was going to do for tutoring and responded casually. It happened that in the first class because of the absence of Teacher Hu, there was no one to teach. Xia Rui originally agreed to skip class and play with Cheng Erluo. But because Teacher Hu handed over the self-study task to Nan Xi, she suddenly repented and took the initiative to maintain class discipline.

In the afternoon, Xia Rui released Cheng Erluo’s pigeons again because of buying review materials with Nan Xi, which made Cheng Erluo even more dissatisfied. He complained about Xia Rui’s lack of loyalty in the Yi Ze coffee shop, and even set up a class representative with him. Tomorrow is Saturday, and Cheng Erluo feels it is necessary to take the opportunity to have a good chat with Xia Rui.

On Saturday, Cheng Erluo and Zhao Yishu prepared everything and waited for Xia Rui to attend the appointment. Naturally, she would let her dove out. The angry Cheng Erluo found Nan Xi’s home address from Teacher Hu’s office, and brought Zhao Yishu to the destination aggressively, ready to question Master Xia Ruixing.

Xia Rui, who didn’t know, was tutoring at Nan Xi’s house, but after a while, she fell asleep leaning on the other’s shoulder. In order not to disturb Xia Rui, Nan Xi knew that her arm was sore and tried not to wake her up. This scene happened to be seen by Cheng Erluo outside the window, which made him even more angry.

Since Xia Rui and Nan Xi recognized each other, Cheng Erluo obviously felt that their relationship had plummeted, and he made Xia Rui happy to choose one of the two. When she was a child, Xia Rui learned from Zhao Yishu that Cheng Erluo was bullied by her friends, so she made her happy choice. But today is different. Nan Xi is not a bully, and Cheng Erluo will inevitably fail.

The vinegar of friendship is equally sour. Cheng Erluo cannot accept Nan Xi who is unwilling to join the group and will only occupy Xia Rui alone. Seeing Cheng Erluo who was angry leaving, Xia Rui felt a little naive, and Nan Xi didn’t understand what was going on.

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