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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 8 Recap

On the night of the full moon, all the soldiers surrounded the bonfire, the flames licked the barbecue on the rack, and even the oil and water sizzled out, filled with heat, everyone drank openly, and the moon hung high. Shen Jin and Xiao Su appeared together in front of Chu Xiuming. The gathering on the night of the full moon was the most relaxing time for every soldier. At such a happy moment, Chu Xiuming hoped that Shen Jin would come, and feared that Shen Jin would come. Sure enough, with Xiao Su by her side, she sat down together.

Chu Xiuming’s face was not good, and now it was even worse when he saw the man reaching out to him. Shen Jin took a step back and apologized for today’s pardon order. Xiao Su also politely thanked Chu Xiuming. The two of them apologized together as a gift, it seemed that they were a pair.

Chu Xiuming was unmoved, Shen Jin felt flat and boring, but Xiao Su took her to a toast to the soldiers one by one with interest. Although Chu Xiuming sat aside and didn’t look at the situation behind him, he had good eyes and ears. He heard the gossip between Xiao Su and Shen Jin that was indistinguishable from each other. It was obvious that only people who were very familiar with each other could have words. Chu Xiuming became more and more angry when he listened. He threw his wine bowl and ordered the entire army to have no wife, only the supervising army. Dispersed a group of soldiers in the wine forest, and also blasted away the concerns from Shen Jin.

After a hangover, Chu Xiuming had a headache. Thinking of what happened last night, he seemed to hurt Shen Jin’s heart. I went to the prison barracks and didn’t see him. I went to find Xiao Su again. Xiao Su was surprised. It was obvious that Shen Jin was so concerned about him. This person didn’t know what was good or bad. He treated other people’s affection as if he wanted to throw it away. Just throw it.

Chu Xiuming was awakened by the roar, and looking for Shen Jin like crazy, he came to the high bushes by the lake and shouted at the silence around him. He was explaining and recovering. It’s wrong for him to divorce his wife. He is a general who licks his sword and blood all day long. He can’t help his life on the battlefield. Shen Jin’s great years should not be left to him. If he can’t be in love for a long time, he would rather not start, so he writes Hugh book.

This sentence proved that Chu Xiuming really loves Shen Jin, so she came out, who had been hiding in the dark. Chu Xiuming hugged her tightly as if he had found a lost and recovered treasure. Her appearance made Chu Xiuming afraid of things, weak spots, and people he would miss unconsciously.

It turned out that Xiao Su and Rourou had always liked each other, not what he thought. Xiao Su and Shen Jin are only childhood playmates. The three of them have known each other since childhood and have been helping each other. The friendship is naturally extraordinary and comparable.

Chu Xiuming and Xiao Su regained strength this time. Chu Xiuming was not a violent and bloodthirsty demon, nor was Xiao Su a villain who came to dig a corner. According to Xiao Su’s statement, the emperor paid the royal army’s salary every year, but the frontier fortress had no grain or grass for two consecutive years, so the two teamed up to thoroughly investigate the fine works that existed around Chu Xiuming. Since they wanted to catch people, they became dangerous. They sent Shen Jin and Rourou to the market, followed by leopard heads, safe and reliable. This way they can start their hands and feet.

In the middle of the night, Xiao Su squatted in the shadow of the dark night forest, secretly calling for a masked black shirt, and a net caught him from the sky after the news. Soon Xiao Su will return to Beijing to return to life, begging Chu Xiuming to take care of Flesh before leaving. This is his only concern here.

Shen Jin bought a jade from the market and gave it to Chu Xiuming to keep him safe. The wife gave her a gift, and Chu Xiuming was very happy. He put his arms around the beautiful woman, but was interrupted by the sound of cries outside the door. It turned out that it was Xiao Su who was going to return to Beijing, facing the separation.

Before Xiao Su left, the two of them were still tired and crooked, and they couldn’t wait to hang on him. She also bought a gift for Xiao Su at the market that day, and she gave Xiao Su a hook. Sending you for ten miles must be transferred, and after sending it, Xiao Su finally has to leave. After Yang Chen, Rourou shouted and exhorted, she must wait for Xiao Su to come back.

In view of the extreme lovesickness that Flesh has experienced in the past two days, Shen Jin is not good at stimulating her, and meeting Chu Xiuming is secretive, this feeling rushes Chu Xiuming also rushes her. This day, Shen Jin came with her neck crossed. Chu Xiuming thought it was despising him, and just when she was about to have a seizure, she realized that she had stiff neck. Taking advantage of her unprepared wife to fix her bones, Shen Jin was able to jump around again.

At this time, Rourou just came out and saw my lady and the general. What are they doing? Are you in a tryst? She was about to touch the scene and cry her Xiao Su again, and Shen Jin hurriedly sent Chu Xiuming three steps away from him, and began to comfort him with the flesh.

From then on, they even lowered their heads when they were eating. The two of them stood far away when they were training. The footsteps that had been approaching quietly turned a bend in the cough of the flesh. After switching positions, there are still three steps away.

Finally getting rid of the flesh on this day, Chu Xiuming and Shen Jin watched the scenery on the shore of the lake, and the two cuddled together to echo the beauty of the lake. Who knows that Sufu suddenly appeared again, she came to wash the clothes, if this is to let her see the two of them, you and me, wouldn’t you be crying again? Shen Jin kicked Chu Xiuming into the water as soon as he turned back.

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