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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 11 Recap

This time, Lady Scallion gave the deputy general sweet-scented osmanthus cake. The last time she gave it was winter clothes, she was snatched by Leopard’s head in a daze. When she turned around, she thought she must have liked him. The leopard head and the lieutenant were both stupid and stupid. They were obviously brave when it came to being a soldier. When it comes to dealing with these children’s love affairs, they are really inferior to each other.

Chu Xiuming still performed well in this way. Here at the court, the emperor summoned several ministers. Some officials reported that the border guarded by Yongningbo hadn’t paid military salaries for two years, and the court had paid them every year, so there must be something hidden.

Which emperor does not hate corruption, these moths lurking in the dark corners of the court, make people want to eat their flesh and eat their bones. Just because he was angry, the servant reported that the nine princesses had fainted and became bedridden.

It turned out that the nine princesses fell in love with the guards in the palace, and the two of them abandoned their status and status in the mortal world, lost their wealth and prosperity, and simply loved them vigorously. Helplessly, the Dongchuang incident happened. The emperor knew about the incident and ordered the guard to be executed.

Therefore, the nine princesses knelt outside the hall for three days and three nights. It’s been a long time now, but every time she thinks of the guard, the princess is worried, lovesickness becomes sick, and she is listless and lazy in life every day. The only life left is to expect to see the guard again in the future, otherwise I have entrusted myself to the concubine under Jiuquan.

Seeing his favorite daughter lying on the couch, he looked sad, and the father felt very distressed. He took this opportunity to send the nine princesses to live in Yongning Bo’s residence.

First, he saw the life of General Chu Xiuming and his wife for him. Whether it is really like the rumored discord for a long time, secondly, it is also a good place for Huanger to relax.

In Yongning Bofu, Chu Xiuming and Xiao Su discussed in the study, and Shen Jin discussed with Rourou in the bedroom.
What always makes Shen Jin suspicious is that his promise to be a husband is not enough. It is time for a wedding to give Shen Jin a lifetime promise.

These days, I was afraid of this and that, thinking that Maya was a bad woman to instigate separation, but in the end she was wronged by others, and even more wronged by Chu Xiuming, it is better to make up for the grand enthusiasm of a wedding.

Although the starting point was different, the two thought that they would get married together. Shen Jin was going to do a big deal, but because the meticulous work around Chu Xiuming has not been investigated, if the grand fear falls into the enemy’s ears, then Shen Jin’an will be mysterious and mysterious, so they plan to do a big deal in the mansion.

Nothing can be seen on the surface of the entire Yongning Bo Mansion, but red tents, red candles and red lights are hung everywhere inside. On the table in the main hall was “Fruitful grains, early birth of a precious child”, and a large cluster of bright flowers in the back. Shen Jin walked towards the man he eagerly loves, wearing a red dress and a hijab.

After all the cheers, Chu Xiuming took her with the red silk and led her, as if taking her to digest that time, following his steps, he came to the courtyard bridge. Peach petals flew down, the lotus leaf lining flowers drifted away in the wind from the lake, the autumn leaves flew around, and the winter snow followed them. The beauty of the four seasons of the year is right in front of him. From then on, every year and every season of Shen Jin, Chu Xiuming is on his side for him to share and rely on.

Such a promise of beauty made the woman tempted. Under the flowers in the bridal chamber, Chu Xiuming reluctantly wrote these words for Shen Jin. Finally, he signed and painted, and the two kissed each other.

Just after the wedding, the nine princesses arrived by car, and Shen Jingang’s elevated mood was suppressed by the unknown nine princesses. With the experience of the Mayan princess last time, she decided to take the initiative to defend her love.

So Shen Jin went to stop the frame of the nine princesses outside the city, and told her that she and Chu Xiuming had not been easy along the way, and hoped that the princess would fulfill them, and don’t embarrass them because of the Holy Order.

The princess only feels that she is most affectionate and sexual, so she also told Shen Jin about her and the guard. The two admired each other because of their love. Shen Jin believed even more than the princess that the guard would meet the princess again. See you.

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