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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 10 Recap

When Shen Jin got up, he called the families to pack up the Mayan princess’s luggage. A crowd of people wandered at the courtyard gate, waiting for the Maya princess to come back and give her the luggage and send her away. Xiaosi Yuaner has been following Princess Maya, and the two finally return to the house. Shen Jin didn’t expect to drive her out of the house so smoothly. Princess Maya immediately agreed, then turned around and went to the inn outside.

Aunt Qing Qiu reminded her that if she repelled her rivals so readily, I’m afraid there might be another trick.
In the evening, Chu Xiuming returned to the mansion. He held Shen Jin in his arms. He could only pretend to be a Shen Jin and nothing else in his life, but Shen Jin should not be so rude to drive people out of the mansion.

Shen Jin was still happy when he heard the first half of the sentence, but blamed her in the second half. Seeing that Shen Jin was unhappy, Chu Xiuming took her to take advantage of the night to take a night tour of the lantern. Unexpectedly, there are many people on this street at night, and there are many things and objects. The lantern is just a few steps away, echoing the light of the stars and the moon in the sky. .

There were also buskers on the street, surrounded by people, Shen Jin could not see, only saw a ball of fire floating up and down, but Chu Xiuming was different, his slender figure could not be seen clearly. However, she deliberately played tricks on Shen Jin. He looked at her and ignored her. Shen Jin jumped anxiously. Who knows that Chu Xiuming stooped to pick him up with his arms, put him on his arm easily, stood tall and looked far away. Shen Jin is more enjoyable than anyone else.

The next day Chu Xiuming rode from the mansion to the camp. The golden helmet and armor on him seemed even more heroic. He said goodbye to Shen Jin. Chu Xiuming told her that today the chief of the Eagle clan was coming to the mansion, and he hoped that the general’s wife would have a good life for a banquet .

The eagle leader? Isn’t that the father of Princess Maya? Shen Jin thought that 80% was coming to take her daughter home. He was happy for a long time. Just when he was happy, Yuan’er came to tell Princess Maya that she would be here soon, not to leave. Yet? How come again, Shen Jin added a lot of worry in an instant.

Maya is here, giving people gifts. Fortunately, there is no Shen Jin who is immortal. This shows that she is buying people’s hearts. In order to learn about the first-line intelligence, Flesh was sent to do “there are ears in the wall”, and learned that Princess Maya is indeed a sweetheart, and she is sure to come and grab Chu Xiuming with her.

At the beginning of the banquet, the Mayan princess of the Eagle clan performed a dance, her graceful figure swayed and stretched gracefully with the music, her expression was soft and charming, and no one could bear to look away from her eyes. Shen Jin hid behind the curtain and saw Chu Xiuming smile and applaud for him, but the deputy general did not watch Maya dancing at all.

The reason was that the maid Xiao Cong was always by his side and asked him what he likes and what he likes to eat. No matter how obvious, it’s a pity that this officer, Chu Xiuyuan, is a stubborn dog. He can’t understand anything, and it hurts other girls’ hearts. At this moment, Shen Jin hoped that Chu Xiuming was the same piece of wood as the lieutenant.

After the meeting, Shen Jin asked Chu Xiuming. To ensure peace of mind, it was better to match the vice general Chu Xiuyuan and the princess Maya. After Chu Xiuming heard it, he didn’t even think about it. Shen Jin is strange. Doesn’t he have to wait until the Eagle Clan wants him to become a golden swordsman to be happy? This Chu Xiuming not only didn’t help her but also blocked her, so he could only rely on Shen Jin himself.

In fact, how did Shen Jin know that the lieutenant and the general were actually brothers, and their identities were not convenient for her to talk about, and it was even more impossible to talk about marriage with the Eagles.
On the top of the strategy, there are lonely men and women in the same room, and after another night, it will be easy to say everything. So Shen Jin gave a fake message and shut Princess Maya and her deputy Chu Xiuyuan into the tower.

In the end, the conscience was disturbed and regretted again. When he was hesitant to let the two out, he went up to the tower and took a look. Chu Xiuming came.
Chu Xiuyuan and Princess Maya were in a competition. The weapons they used had their own strengths, and they were quite dissatisfied.

In the end, Chu Xiuming only explained one truth. The soldiers are very fast, and the two are convinced. It’s just another close match between him and Maya. If Shen Jin can look at it blankly, I’m sorry for her hot liking.

So she shut herself in the room and ignored Chu Xiuming. It’s just that I haven’t seen it for a day. She didn’t even touch the rice and water. In the middle of the night, she finally got hungry. She sneaked into the kitchen to get some leftovers, but found that all kinds of chicken, duck and fish were extremely rich. It turned out that Chu Xiuming did it silently for her behind his back, and he knew that Shen Jin didn’t want to see him, so he went to the barracks. Except for his wife, the others were nothing but useless vain.

Madame disappeared, no intention to return home. In the barracks, the lights were shining on the book, but Chu Xiuming didn’t want to read it. Suddenly Shen Jin appeared, her eyes flushed, and I’m sorry, she just couldn’t see other women around Chu Xiuming, she went crazy, not not not loving, but too loving. As for the things that Chu Xiuming didn’t say, such as why he vehemently denied the match between Chu Xiuyuan and Maya, she was not in a hurry. She could wait until Chu Xiuming was willing to open her heart unscrupulously, and she could afford it.

Princess Maya finally wants to return to the Eagle clan, but there is another person sitting on top of the sedan chair. Shen Jin and Chu Xiuming happened to see him when they sent her. This person turned out to be Yuan’er who had been with the princess for the past two days.

It turns out that Princess Maya liked it. It’s him! It’s really useless for her to go around such a big circle in the past two days to eat so much jealousy. These people in the house were not surprised. Obviously they knew it a long time ago, but no one told her, it was really unreasonable.

Chu Xiuming hugged her and let her make her temper enough, telling her that he belonged to him alone, and Shen Jin asked him to sign and detain, and they kissed each other.

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