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Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 23 Recap

Jackson was fatigued from dancing and sprained the lumbar ligaments. The doctor said that it would take a week to recover. If he was closed and hard, he might have sequelae. However, tomorrow is the semi-final. Time is not waiting. Everyone is going to let Jackson rest and the four of them will play. Jackson disagreed. He couldn’t watch the Weilai team just lose, so he asked the doctor to give him a shot.

The next day the Pingzi team finished the game, Guan Xi received a text message from Gu Yang, he said that their song was specially modified for Guan Xi, let him enjoy it. It turns out that they added a RAP to the song to let Guan Xi feel what he is like. Afterwards, Chengfeng Boy took to the stage and gave everyone a wonderful performance. The players in the audience talked a lot. Seeing that the Weilai team opened the whole wheat, I felt that this rap was clearly aimed at whom, Guan Xi’s expression was very different good looking.

After the Weilai team’s performance was over, some players praised their perfect performance, and Lin Chen was also surprised that Gu Yang and the others had improved so much in a short time. After the voting ended, the host announced that the teams with four in two were Ranxing and Weilai. After the game, Gu Yang and others were resting in the dressing room.

Guan Xi rushed in and asked if Gu Yang had done anything, or how could he lose to them again. Gu Yang said that Guan Xi thought everyone was the same as him. This stage relied on strength rather than trickery. Guan Xi walked away dejectedly. At this time, Lin Chen came over. He said that this time Gu Yang and others had performed very well, but next time he would not be so lucky.

Next is the last tough battle to be fought. Teacher Jiang brought good news to the trainees. The previously leaked tuan music is now back to the original owner and they can perform. Gu Yang and others were very pleasantly surprised. Before the final, Gu Yang and Lin Chen met again in the old place. Looking at the familiar scenery, the two couldn’t help feeling deeply. They said what they had held in their hearts for a long time. Lin Chen told Gu Yang that tomorrow was the final. They had to do their best. , They all speak with strength on that stage.

The next day was the finals of “Young New Generation”. The families of Gu Yang, Lin Chen, Xing Hao and other players came to cheer for them, and Zheng Nan’s parents also came. Then the wonderful opening dance of the two teams began. Ran Xing team gave up the stage to the Wei Lai team after the hot dance. The young men in white suits were particularly eye-catching on the stage. The teammates lingered after a few moves. It felt strange that Yang appeared.

It turned out that the elevator on the stage was broken, and Gu Yang couldn’t get out by himself in the low-lying part of the stage. While dancing, Chen Xuan and Zheng Nan approached where Gu Yang was. They each stretched out a hand behind their backs, and Gu Yang took advantage of their strength to jump up to the stage. After the performance, the teammates couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Just now, it was really shocking. Gu Yang said it was all thanks to Chen Xuan and Zheng Nan.

Next, a VCR was played on the stage. Yu Minghao in the video gave encouragement and blessings to all the players. Immediately after the exciting finals officially began, the host announced the rules of the game. First, the last two rounds of individual competitions are team competitions. During the three rounds, the audience can vote in real time, and the team with the highest number of votes will eventually win. Before the individual match, the host asked the two teams to cross out a proposition that they had prepared.

After reading the proposition that Lin Chen crossed out, Gu Yang knew that Lin Chen was going to face him head-on, and Lin Chen told his teammates that they would be in Weilai. This is Ran Xing’s strength where he is best at winning. His teammates persuaded him not to be arrogant. This is the finals, but Lin Chen still insisted on doing it according to his own ideas.

In the first two rounds of individual matches, the Weilai team lost to Team Ran Xing. The team members of Ran Xing were very happy and seemed to have the winning ticket. The game is still very exciting. Jackson also blamed himself very much after he left the field. Gu Yang comforted that he played well just now. Seeing that his teammates were a little frustrated, he encouraged everyone to have another round of PK. He believed that they would not lose.

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