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Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 22 Recap

The Weilai team and the Fanxi team began to compete for the last promotion place. The director gave each team a booster to ask everyone to go to the street to seek the support of the audience. A valid click of the audience is a boost value. They are before 3 pm Need to collect 10,000 boost values. The team that collects first wins. The two teams acted immediately. Gu Yang and his teammates went to the university campus with many young people, and Zhengnan’s father was teaching there. Everyone asked Zhengnan’s opinion and he said that there was no problem.

Everyone rushed to the school but closed their doors. The staff said that the principal was working and they had no appointment, so they asked them to leave. At this time, Xing Hao told everyone bad news. Tian Tian, ​​who was watching the live broadcast, told him that the Fan Xi team went to a food festival in the city, and the number of votes was already a lot ahead of them. When everyone was in a hurry, the principal walked out of the office. He knew Zheng Nan was Professor Zhao’s son so he let him go in and talk.

Zheng Nan explained his intentions and hoped that the principal would let him use the off-campus radio station. Other teammates waited outside in a hurry and all ran in. The principal said that using the school radio station to broadcast canvassing messages would disrupt the classroom order and asked them to try it out on campus. The trainees quickly walked into a classroom. The college students who were about to end the get out of class looked at them in surprise and listened to Zheng Nan’s introduction. Some boys stood up and said who allowed him to come here. The school is the least allowed place for fraud. Others The students agreed.

Zheng Nan said that he did not want to make his teammates no longer stand on the stage because of his own mistakes. He begged everyone to give him a chance to make up. Gu Yang also asked everyone to give them a chance. They bowed deeply to everyone. . The teacher who was impressed by their sincerity took the lead in voting and told the students that it was a good thing to correct them if they knew they were wrong. He felt that everyone could give them a chance. The students left their seats and voted for them after hearing it. Zhengnan’s father was outside. Seeing all this, he knew that his son’s fault needs to be made up for himself.

Seeing his father standing at the door, Zhengnan ran over immediately, his father took him to see other teachers to mobilize them to vote. Zhengnan thanked his father for his support. However, their votes were still more than a hundred votes behind. Gu Yang and his teammates were very worried. Suddenly many students came to vote for them in the classroom, and they thanked them happily.

In the hospital, Mr. Han, Mr. Jiang and Mr. Wang were also watching their voting status through live broadcast. After the vote ended, the teammates looked nervously at Gu Yang who was calling the director. Zheng Nan asked him eagerly how he was doing, Gu Yang said that they tried their best. Everyone thought they were frustrated not to be promoted. Who knew that Gu Yang hadn’t finished speaking, he smiled and said that they won because they tried their best.

The dejected teammate immediately turned grief to joy after hearing this. Zheng Nan was excited and wept. He blamed Gu Yang for speaking so slowly. Can this kind of thing be a joke? Seeing that Zheng Nan, who has been calm and handsome, is crying, everyone can’t help laughing. Take pictures with your arms around him.

The top four teams draw lots to determine which team they will face in the semifinals. The draw results show that Ran Xing will play against Dahua and Wei Lai will play against Pingzi. The director team has prepared four songs, and netizens vote to decide which song they will sing during the game. The Weilai team wanted to sing “Empty”, and the Pingzi team also wanted to sing this song. In the end, the Weilai team had more votes than the Pingzi team, and the director gave them “Empty”.

However, Guan Xi of the Pingzi team continued to practice “Empty”, which made the teammates feel very strange, and then the captain received a call from the agent to let them continue to practice “Empty”. Seeing that both teams were practicing “Empty”, the players of Ran Xing also felt strange, but Lin Chen asked them to concentrate on preparing for their game.

Gu Yang, who was still asleep that day, was woken up by the director’s phone, and he immediately rushed to the director’s office with his team members. The director said that they received a report that the Weilai team had induced fans to vote. Gu Yang and others were surprised when they heard it. They thought it was framed, but they were unable to produce evidence for a while.

The director also thought this matter was a bit weird, but the matter sparked heated discussion on the Internet, so he asked them to sing “Never Surrender” and “Empty” to the Pingzi team. But the game is going to be in a few days, and the Weilai team has no time to prepare. Gu Yang and others are very anxious about this.

After leaving the director’s office, Zheng Nan wondered how Wei Chao, the eliminated trainee Mei Chao, knew that they had deliberately sang “Empty”. Others said that someone should have told him, and this person might be Lin Chen or Guan Xi, Gu Yang and others found Mei Chao knowing that Guan Xi had made the idea to induce fans to vote, and then Guan Xi reported them to the program team. Afterwards, Gu Yang and others met Guan Xi in the program group. Zhengnan was so angry that he wanted to beat him and was dragged by others.

Gu Yang said that even if they changed the song, they would still beat him. After speaking, they took his teammates and left, and Captain Pingzi was on the side. Also very dissatisfied with Guan Xi playing this trick. Next, the young riders stepped up their rehearsal. They wanted to design a visually impactful dance movement for “Never Surrender”, but they did not expect that Jackson’s waist suddenly had a problem during the practice.

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