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Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 21 Recap

Teacher Han suddenly fainted on the ground due to overwork. This scene happened to be seen by Gu Yang who had returned. He hurried over and helped him to the car with Teacher Jiang to go to the hospital. Teacher Han told Gu Yang not to follow. Said that he still had a lot to do, and told him not to tell other trainees so as not to affect their training.

In the evening dance studio, Jackson was still thinking about dancing, and the other trainees were tired to sleep. When Liang Chenxuan woke up and saw Jackson practicing with headphones on, he took a photo with his mobile phone and posted it on the Internet. After seeing it, Tian Tian immediately mobilized his friends to forward and like. Chen Xuan walked over to persuade Jackson to take a rest. He said it was okay and the two of them started practicing together. Gu Yang opened his eyes and saw this, so he woke the other trainees to continue dancing.

In the competition, the young riders won warm applause and cheers from the audience with their outstanding performance. The host also played a video of blessings from his family. Gu Yang couldn’t help smiling when he heard the encouragement from his mother. Tian Tian in the video also gave My brother is cheering for him. Jackson and Chen Xuan are relatives. In the video, they cheer for each other. Then there was a voice of encouragement from Zhengnan’s father in the video. The teammates couldn’t help but look at Zhengnan, and the audience under the stage also talked about it. Zhengnan lowered his head and thought about it.

Then the other teams returned to the stage, and the tense voting session arrived. The players were very uneasy. Finally, the host announced the results of the eight-to-six promotion. Ran Xing ranked first and Chengfeng Junior ranked third and successfully advanced. Gu Yang and the others couldn’t help but embrace each other happily when they heard it. Teachers Han and Jiang who watched the live broadcast at the hospital were also very happy. They are happy.

After the game, Zhengnan received a call from his father accusing him of making a fake audio, and there was a lot of scolding on the Internet. The director of the show team called Gu Yang and Teacher Jiang to discuss the matter. Gu Yang explained that something happened in Zhengnan’s house and that’s why they did this. The director said angrily that the show team did not understand why the fraud was done. The original video was cut from his father’s public class.

Gu Yang apologized for this incident. The director said that it is certain to apologize. Now netizens suspect that the entire show is fraudulent. In order to eliminate the impact, they plan to issue a statement with Wei Lai that this is only an individual’s behavior, and that the team members who falsified It’s not an exaggeration to be expelled from the team. Gu Yang thought it was pushing Zheng Nan off the cliff. These words happened to be heard by Zheng Nan outside the door, and he was very uncomfortable.

Originally, the popularity of Chengfeng Boys was very high, but after the fraud came out, the voting is now countdown. The director said that if this goes on, the next competition may be their final stage. He reminded Gu Yang and Teacher Jiang that timely stop losses are more important than anything else.

After Zheng Nan went back and saw his teammates discussing this matter, he admitted that the audio was faked, and he apologized to everyone. At this time, Guan Xi came over and satirized him for making a fake for wanting to be popular, and also ridiculed that he was from a Kochi family and his level was different. Zheng Nan was so angry that he rushed out and grabbed his collar, and the other teammates hurriedly pulled them away. When Gu Yang came back, Zheng Nan said that Guan Xi was right, and he just wanted to finish speaking with anger and left.

Then Gu Yang found Zhengnan sitting on the side of the road. He knew that Zhengnan didn’t want to drag them down, but now to quit is to flee. This is not Zhengnan’s style or their style, but Zhengnan feels that he can’t leave without giving up. After going down, Gu Yang told him not to underestimate them, and then took him back to prepare for the next round.

After the six-to-four promotion game, it was another tense voting session. Zhengnan lowered his head and felt very depressed. After the voting ended, the host announced the results. Team Ran Xing was still the first place. When the last place was announced, Gu Yang and the others couldn’t help but close their eyes and hung up. When they heard that the last one to be promoted was the Weilai team, the teammates couldn’t help being very happy.

Suddenly many audience members shouted “Go down”. Zheng Nan apologized to everyone, admitting that the audio was indeed fake and the team did not know it. He felt that he was not qualified to participate so he decided to retire. Gu Yang and others were surprised to hear that, he and other teammates apologized to everyone and said that if everyone insisted on retiring Zhengnan, they chose to advance and retreat together with Zhengnan.

Teacher Jiang hurried over, and the director played a VCR she brought. In the video, Zhengnan’s father said that he had always wanted his son to study in a top university, so he had not supported his dream of dancing. It was Teacher Han’s words that woke him up. Parents may not agree with their children’s dreams, but don’t be a stumbling block on their children’s pursuit of their dreams. He hopes that everyone will give Zhengnan a chance to change. Zhengnan couldn’t help crying when he watched the father in the video, and there was warm applause.

Due to the temporary withdrawal of the Weilai team, the fifth-placed Fanxi team is automatically promoted, but after the video just now, the judges and the program group are willing to give Weilai and Fanxi an extra opportunity to compete for promotion. The two teams will be Gu Yang readily expressed his willingness to accept the challenge for whoever gets the vote of 10,000 viewers first and who will be locked in the final promotion spot within the limited time.

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