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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 12 Recap

At the company meeting of Tianguan Xingchen Automobile Conference, Peng Yue gave Ouyang Xialan a list of car critics. He asked Ouyang Xialan to invite all car critics on this list. After Ouyang Xialan took the list, she frowned slightly. She knows that the car critics on these lists are very harsh.

Ouyang Xialan knew that the funding for the Tianguan Stars Conference was not particularly large. It’s harder to ask Ouyang Xialan to invite so many well-known car critics than to get to the sky. Ouyang Xialan wanted to explain to Peng Yue the difficulty of this. However, Peng Yue seemed determined to ask all the car critics in it. Even if Lin Jiayang helped Ouyang Xialan speak, Peng Yue still refused to let go.

In Ouyang Xialan’s heart, the sky seemed to collapse. But she knew that Peng Yue, as her superior, had to fulfill her own orders. So Ouyang Xialan calmed down. Together with Lin Jiayang, she analyzed the hobbies of each assessor in detail! Ouyang Xialan decided to invite every assessor no matter what method was used. Ouyang Xialan even invited a famous Japanese chef in order to invite teacher Fang, the evaluator.

Peng Yue also felt that he gave Ouyang Xialan too much task. So Peng Yue thought about it. He personally came to the workshop of Team Brave where Yuan Zhiqiang was in search of Yuan Zhiqiang. However, Yuan Zhiqiang’s attitude towards Peng Yue was not particularly good. However, Peng Yue perfectly analyzed the pros and cons of Yuan Zhiqiang’s participation in the Tianguan Stars Conference.

What Peng Yue said touched Yuan Zhiqiang’s heart. Peng Yue knew that Yuan Zhiqiang was competitive. Thus, Peng Yue had a bold idea. Peng Yue told Yuan Zhiqiang that he would compete with Yuan Zhiqiang at the Tianguan Star Press Conference. Yuan Zhiqiang looked at the trophy behind him and agreed to Peng Yue’s request.

Ouyang Xialan issued a copy of every planning plan he made, everyone’s information and the test performance of the Tianguan Xingchen vehicle to the on-site personnel. After Ouyang Xialan finished all this, she found that neither Yuan Zhiqiang nor Teacher Fang had arrived. Ouyang Xialan was very anxious. Moreover, Chairman Bloomberg also asked whether the two people arrived at the scene.

Later, the chairman explained the performance of Tianguan Xingchen Automobile and his confidence in this car. Lai Feier knew that today was the most important day for Ouyang Xialan. Lai Feier felt that Yuan Zhiqiang should not drop Ouyang Xialan. So, she also helped Ouyang Xialan find Yuan Zhiqiang.

As everyone looked forward to looking for teacher Fang, the famous assessor Fang appeared on the stage. This made Ouyang Xialan very happy. Immediately afterwards, Yuan Zhiqiang appeared in front of the media in his racing suit. Yuan Zhiqiang and Chairman Peng Yue shook hands in front of the media friendly.

Every link of the Tianguanxingchen conference is in progress happily as expected. In this conference, the final link was Yuan Zhiqiang wearing a racing suit and driving the Tianguanxingchen car to complete several actions on the prescribed track.

When the situation inside the track was projected on the screen, everyone unexpectedly discovered that there were two Tianguan stars cars inside. Peng Yue sat in the other car. The two did not perform the test according to the content of the final link. They had a race on the racing track. This game made everyone see the excitement. After the race, the drivers selected for the seven-day test drive came to the stage to collect the keys. At this time, Ouyang Xialan’s hanging heart was let go.

However, things are not that simple. One test driver had a car accident that day. At this time, every senior staff member of Tianguan Automobile Group was nervous. The police also came to the scene. Ouyang Xialan hurriedly took the injured to the hospital. However, there was a camera in the distance of the accident scene that was snapping shots. Ouyang Xialan was afraid that someone would make a fuss about it. She quickly reminded Lin Jiayang.

After thinking about it, Ouyang Xia Lan decided to visit the injured in the hospital. When he came to the hospital, he found that the injured did not want to stay in the hospital. Therefore, Ouyang Xialan did ideological work on the injured and asked him the reason for the accident. When Ouyang Xialan knew that this was a car accident caused by a test driver’s operation error and not the company’s vehicle. At this time, she was relieved. At this time, Lai Fei Er also found the company’s accounts.

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