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Renascence 凤唳九天 Episode 36 End Recap

When Ben Lei returned to his room to change his wedding clothes, and everyone was immersed in happiness, news of Ting Yue’s murder suddenly came. When Ben Lei rushed to the scene, Ting Yue had no breath. He was heartbroken, holding Ting Yue’s body and finished the wedding ceremony. The death of Tingyue dealt a great blow to Ben Lei, and he was devastated.

Yao Mowan wakes up from a nightmare. Ye Junqing personally made her white fungus soup. Yao Mowan took a bite of Ye Junqing and reminded those who would compete for favor in the future that only oneself can be unscrupulous against Ye Junqing. Ye Junqing said that even if he is oneself As the emperor, he would never accept a concubine, and only love Yao Mowan in this life.

Qianmian didn’t even die, and arranged for the Jagged Legion to assassinate the lieutenant general. Ye Junqing speculated based on the general’s death time and guessed that only the Iron-Blooded Legion had such a capability. He tried his best to draw out Qianmian, making Qianmian mistakenly think that he was Wedg. Qianmian refused to tell the master behind the scenes, and the two sides fought in the room.

Yao Mowan came to Ye Junqing’s room and looked at the portrait of Yao Moxin he painted, thinking a little bit. Ye Hongyi changed into Ye Junqing’s face, quietly approached and hugged Yao Mowan from behind, stroking her body, unable to bear his emotions. Yao Mowan didn’t notice it, and lamented the difference between him and Ye Junqing’s portraits. He believed that Ye Hongyi really valued power and did not take into account the feelings of the people around him. It was his own responsibility to blame Ye Hongyi for his death. .

Ye Hongyi held back the pain and hugged Yao Mowan tightly again, expressing that he wanted to get her desire. Yao Mowan embraced deeply and expressed her inner feelings. No matter what happened before, she will only belong to Ye Junqing. Ye Hongyi gritted his teeth when he heard it, but still did not leak his feet, preparing to assassinate Yao Mowan, so that Ye Junqing would be better off dead. Unexpectedly, Yin Xue came suddenly and told Qian Mian Yu Dang that he was also caught, wondering why Ye Junqing was here. Ye Hongyi finds an excuse to dismiss Yin Xue and ask her to go to the prison to help Han Jinyi.

Yao Mowan wanted to tell Ye Junqing the facts. She took Ye Hongyi to Yao Moxin’s body and told him that her body had been hidden in Yao Mowan, but she didn’t tell Ye Junqing, fearing that he would do it on impulse. Acts that hurt yourself. Yao Mowan thought that Ye Junqing knew about this, but he didn’t expect Ye Junqing to stand in front of him, but Ye Hongyi. Ye Hongyi was surprised, knowing that Yao Mowan turned out to be Yao Moxin, and Yao Moxin’s body was awakened, and the two lived in the world with each other’s bodies.

The more Ye Hongyi thought, the more angry he was, and he was kept in the dark. His beloved Yao Moxin actually deceived him. He grabbed Yao Mowan by the neck, knocked Yao Moxin out, and accidentally said his own. Feeling, take off Ye Junqing’s mask, revealing that he is Ye Hongyi’s face. It turned out that Ye Hongyi, who was killed before, was just a substitute for the real Ye Hongyi arrangement.

Ye Junqing saw Ye Hongyi’s handwriting and knew that Yao Mowan was in danger. He and Han Jinyi looked for people everywhere, but there was no trace, but Ye Hongyi left a note and had already held Yao Mowan and Yao Moxin. Not coming will kill the two. Ye Hongyi was already crazy, so Yao Moxin pushed Ye Junqing down the cliff and threatened her with a knife on Yao Mowan’s neck. Yao Mowan decides to guard Yao Moxin and die with Ye Hongyi, and both of them fall into the cliff.

After getting rid of Ye Hongyi, Ye Junqing ascended to the throne of Big Chu, Yao Moxin became the imperial concubine, and the two experienced all kinds of hardships and ups and downs, and finally a lover finally married, gave birth to the crystallization of love, and jointly governed Chu Jiangshan. .

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