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Renascence 凤唳九天 Episode 35 Recap

Ye Hongyi treated the people of Qicheng as flesh, and let the old young women and children bind them as hostages in the war. Seeing this scene, Wei Qi sighed in his heart for his choice. Yao Mowan didn’t think about it because of this, and her revenge had even affected many people at this point. She blamed herself deeply and made the wrong choice every time. Ye Junqing held Yao Mowan’s hand, believing that he would eventually avenge the unjust dead spirits. He summoned the lieutenants of the army to boost morale and vowed to overthrow Ye Hongyi’s tyranny.

Ye Hongyi learns that Ye Junqing is camping and rests, and orders Weiqi to take precautions. Ye Junqing and the others wanted to attack the city from the front. Chu Mobei believed that Qicheng’s complex terrain, coupled with the insufficient supply of our army and grain, would easily be countered by Weiqi. Han Jinyi couldn’t stand it, and suggested that the thief should be captured first, and he could start from the capital to attack Ye Hongyi Pianjia and not stay. Ye Junqing thought this method was good, and decided to let Han Jinyi cooperate with him, sneak into the capital to attack Ye Hongyi, and bypass the bend to take Qicheng.

In the middle of the night, Han Jinyi killed the guards of the capital and led a small unit to sneak in and rescue the tied up people. Ye Junqing took advantage of this to take Wedge and persuaded him not to make senseless struggles. Wei Qi expressed his loyalty to Da Chu once he became effective, and that Ye Junqing’s usurpation of power and rebellion was a great shame.

Unexpectedly, Ye Hongyi abandoned the city at a critical moment and fled, leaving behind tens of thousands of soldiers and Qicheng people. Weiqi has been kept in the dark, but he was ignorant and loyal to the wrong master. Please Huan before he died. Ye Junqing spared Wei Qi’s life. Thinking of those suffering people and Huanheng’s death, Wei Qi figured it out. He took out the big Chu deployment plan and was willing to help the rebels.

With the help of Weiqi, Ye Junqing and others successfully invaded the Dachu Palace. Ye Hongyi’s iron-blooded legion was already waiting outside the door. The two sides fought, and the morale of the Allies was surging. The soldiers approached the Ye Hongyi Hall. Ye Hongyi had already been waiting in the courtroom, but Qianmen appeared to attack Ye Junqing, but was backlashed.

Ye Junqing confessed that Ye Hongyi was not the truth of the royal blood, but Yao Mowan took out Luo Bin’s genealogy to testify. The officials of Chu Chu hesitated. Ye Hongyi saw that he had concealed the facts and failed and shouted to kill Ye Junqing. Stop all those who affect his power position. Just as Ye Hongyi stabbed Ye Junqing with a sword, the soldier behind could not understand Ye Hongyi’s brutality and stabbed him with a sword while he was not paying attention. Ye Hongyi fell to the ground, vomiting blood, and the red mark on his arm had long been covered by the burn.

Ye Junqing said that all those who accept surrender in Dachu can receive the protection of the rebels, and all those present kneel down and shout long live Prince Su. Yao Mowan walked to Yao Moxin’s corpse. She didn’t know whether the person calling the lying down was Mo Xin or Mo Wan. She hoped that she would wake up as soon as possible, and she was now using Yao Mowan’s body.

Ye Junqing suddenly sneaked into Yao Mowan’s room and hugged Yao Mowan to bed. Yao Mowan asked Ye Junqing what he would choose if Yao Moxin was still there. Ye Junqing said that whether she was Yao Mowan or Yao Moxin, she was her own woman at this moment, and the two embraced and kissed each other.

Chu Mobei bid farewell to Ye Junqing and the others, hoping to see Ye Junqing with admiration next time. Tingyue finally married Benlei, Yao Mowan regarded her as her own sister and set up a wedding in Yao’s residence. Ye Junqing hugged Yao Mowan quietly, unable to believe the facts before him, feeling that happiness had come too soon.

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