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The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 16 Recap

Lin Fang and Zhan Qinghong took Xiaolan and Huo Yang to the Zhou Mansion for an appointment. Zhou Bo was very surprised that the master of the war family was not the enemy. Zhou Bo once again asked Lin Fang to send Zhan Qinghong to him. This time Lin Fang didn’t mean to let go, saying that Zhan Qinghong was his favorite subordinate, and he would not be too difficult for him.

Xiao Lan said that he could, Huo Yang’s expression changed, and he was jealous. The brothers of the Zhan family asked the rouge who stayed behind at the inn about Wen You’s situation, and the Zhan couple favored Lin Fang compared to Wen You.

At the same time, in the Zhou Mansion, Zhou Bo asked Lin Fang to give him Zhan Qinghong as part of his cooperation. Zhou Bo stayed with Lin Fang and the others. Lin Fang knew at a glance that Zhou Bo was under house arrest, but he agreed.

Late at night, Lin Fang asked Zhan Qinghong if he thought Zhou’s family was very strange. Zhan Qinghong thought about it and found many suspicious places. First, Zhou Bo did not respond to the token; second, Zhou Bo was very enthusiastic; third, Zhou Bo felt that the one who came to the appointment should be to defeat the enemy.

So everyone analyzed that this matter should be related to the incident ten years ago. Zhan Qinghong wanted to investigate. Lin Fang was worried that Zhan Qinghong would be in danger, so he asked him to protect himself, and sent Xiaolan and Huo Zhan to investigate the next day.

It turned out that the butler was the one who commanded Zhou Bo. Zhong Buming, who pretended to be the butler, confessed that Feng was not flying, and asked him to draw the enemy to Zhou’s house, so he had a way to obtain the Seven-Star Sword Technique.

Early the next morning, Zhan Qinghong asked Huo Yang to protect Lin Fang and slipped into Zhou Bo’s study alone, looking for the existence of a secret room. After searching for a while, I didn’t find the switch of the secret room, but accidentally found a volume of military newspaper, and when he saw the military newspaper’s Zhan Qinghong’s face changed drastically.

In Lin Fang’s room, Huo Yang and Lin Fang looked cold, so scared that Xiao Lan thought that Huo Yang had made a big mistake, and hurriedly knelt down to apologize to the leader, but Lin Fang was only alive and Qinghong went to investigate in spite of the danger.

After Zhan Qinghong came back, the general newspaper gave it to Lin Fang. The military newspaper stated that Zhan Broken the enemy and killed Lin Xiaotian by swordsmanship to capture the Seven Stars. Zhan Qinghong, who trusted Lin Fang, saw Lin Fang’s doubts about this, so he decided to find evidence to prove that this military report was false.

When Zhan Qinghong went back to the study to investigate again, he overheard Zhong Buming’s conversation with Zhou Bo. During the conversation, Zhan Qinghong learned that Zhou Bo was controlled by Zhong Buming’s medicine, and he just wanted to continue listening. Shi was discovered by Zhou Bo and was so scared that Zhan Qinghong left quickly, but he didn’t know that this was just one of the plans of the master and servant.

Zhan Qinghong ran into Lin Fang after escaping from the study. When Lin Fang saw Zhou Bo who was chasing him, he approached Zhan Qinghong next to the tree and gave a notice, but the straightforward Zhan Qinghong immediately expressed that he liked Wen You.

At this moment. Zhou Bo stepped forward and took the initiative to reveal the identity of Lao Zhong and the fact that he was controlled, and asked Lin Fang for help. Lin Fang asked about the truth about his father’s death. Zhou Bo said that it was the enemy who killed Lin Xiaotian.

Zhan Qinghong and Lin Fang had a dispute over Zhou Bo’s words, and the two broke up unhappy. Zhou Bo reported to Zhong Buming that the two had already taken the bait. Zhou Bo made an appointment with Lin Fang alone and wanted to deal with him. The two of them helped each other get rid of their troubles, and Lin Fang agreed.

The next day, Zhou Bo found Zhan Broken the enemy and deceived Zhan Broken into the Zhou Mansion. It turned out that Zhou Bo was also from Xiyan, so he didn’t respond to Lin Fang’s token. Now Zhou Bo is just a fake Zhou Bo played by Xiyan.

Just as Zhan Qinghong was fascinated by it, he was taken away by the fake Zhou Bo holding the acupoints. After waking up, the fake Zhou Bo told the truth about all these things.

It turns out that the fake Zhou Bo was the dead man of Xiyan, A Liu. The Xiyan people sent A Liu to marry Zhou Bo’s wife according to a plan, but A Liu fell in love with her. Zhong Buming worried that the matter would be revealed and killed his wife Axiu while A Liu was away.

Huo Yang and Xiao Lan fainted in the smoke, but they saw Lin Fang when Zhan Podi arrived in the study as scheduled. Lin Fang asked if Zhanpai the enemy had killed his father. After the poisoned Lin Fang wounded Zhanpai the enemy, he realized that it was a situation. Zhong Buming asked Zhanpo the enemy for the seven-star swordsmanship, and threatened Zhan Qinghong.

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