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The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 15 Recap

Xiaolan dressed up, and Zhan Qinghong went to Zhou’s house by boat with the purpose of sneaking into Zhou’s dance feast to monitor Zhou’s house. Huo Zhan, who was waiting in the inn, was very worried about Xiaolan, because he was so enamored with Xiaolan that he felt that the two were stupid and the other was incapable of doing this. However, Lin Fang felt that Xiaolan and Zhan Qinghong were quick and smart, and there was no danger.

In order to let Xiaolan squeeze to Zhou Bo’s side smoothly, Zhan Qinghong jumped up, using his hands and feet together, to easily get rid of the girls around, and patted the table in front of Zhou Bo, scaring the girls to lose their color. Escaped, and successfully brought the charming little blue to Zhou Bo’s side.

But what is unexpected is that Zhou Bo has no interest in Xiaolan dressed up, but fell in love with Zhan Qinghong at first sight. Faced with Zhou Bo’s teasing, Zhan Qinghong deliberately wanted Zhou Bo to show his jade finger, but Zhou Bo ignored her.

So Zhan Qinghong expressed his intentions straightforwardly, and Lin Fang wanted to see Zhou Bo to talk about cooperation. The shameless Zhou Bo not only didn’t listen to Zhan Qinghong’s words carefully, but instead offered his own terms-as long as Lin Fangken gave him Zhan Qinghong, then Zhou Bo would be willing to cooperate.

Back at the inn, Zhan Qinghong told Lin Fang about the matter, but Xiaolan was not convinced that she was better-looking than Zhan Qinghong, but Zhou Bo looked down on her. Huo Yang, who was jealous, was angry and sour Xiaolan had no hue, but made Xiaolan even more angry. He turned his head and ran, Huo Yang hurried to catch up and apologize.

After the two left, Lin Fang and Zhan Qinghong talked about business. The reason why Lin Fang asked Zhan Qinghong to take the jade pull finger was because Zhou Bo gave it to Lin Fang at the funeral many years ago. After he became the leader of the martial arts, he took it as a letter to find it. he. But Zhou Bo’s reaction was that he had forgotten this, so Lin Fang decided to send Zhan Qinghong to Zhou Bo, but Zhan Qinghong refused.

At the same time, Princess Huayao and Miss Wenrou greeted the returning Wen You and Xia Houying outside the city. Gentle gave Xia Houying’s purse, but Xia Houying didn’t accept it. She told Gentle that the color she chose was green, which made Gentle very puzzled, and wondered about Xia Houying’s thoughts.

Princess Hua Yao was furious because of Wen You’s indifference, but Princess Hua Yao’s grandfather Wang Dun comforted her. He has asked the emperor to marry the two, so that Princess Hua Yao can feel at ease.

Lin Fang insisted on sending Zhan Qinghong to Zhou Bo the next day, just when Zhan Qinghong was angry. The Zhan couple unexpectedly appeared in Linzhou to meet with Zhan Qinghong. Lin Fang felt that something was wrong and asked Rouge to closely monitor the Zhou family and the Zhan family.

In the yard, Zhan Broken the enemy and Zhan Qinghong studied, checked Zhan Qinghong’s martial arts, and his diligent practice of Zhan Qinghong’s martial arts improved a lot and was praised by War Broken. At this time, Wen You’s reply came. Zhan Qinghong informed his parents and Wen You about the lifelong affairs. Zhan Qinghong’s mother asked Zhan Qinghong to tell him about Wen You’s situation, and Zhan Qinghong ran away shyly.

When Wen You returned home this time, he also proposed to his parents that he wanted to marry Qinghong, but Wen Qiao and his wife did not agree with Wen You and Zhan Qinghong’s marriage, because the emperor had already given marriage to both Wen You and Princess Hua Yao. Wen Youchang couldn’t kneel down, but there was no countermeasure.

Zhan Podi visited Lin Fang at night, and went to inform Lin Fang of Lin Xiaotian’s entrustment, and handed over the “Seven Star Sword Technique” to Lin Fang. When Feng Bufei was eavesdropping, he was spotted by the enemy Zhanpai and was so scared that he hurried away. Lin Fang’s suspicion about the enemy’s defeat in the battle of Zhou Bo was not reduced by half.

Back at the camp, Feng Bufei told the steward that Zhanpai had a seven-star swordsmanship, and the steward decided to catch turtles in the urn. The next day, Lin Fang suddenly received an invitation from the Zhou family, and only invited Lin Fang and the Master of War Armor, Lin Fang decided to go to the banquet.

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