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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 12 Recap

Chen Waer tried every possible means to refuse the blind date. She repeatedly emphasized that she was the restless person. Chen’s father was angry about this and wanted to blast Chen Waer away. Bai Fu Dalian hurriedly stopped and said that he liked it very much. Chen Wal. At this moment, Li Qiang outside couldn’t stand still. He got into the car and quarreled with Father Chen. Chen Wa’er yelled at Li Qiang, and Li Qiang got back to his senses and got off the car without saying a word.

When Li Qiang went home, he told Uncle Jin that he wanted to go to Shenzhen. Good guys have aspirations in all directions. Besides, Li Qiang is still young. Uncle Jin is very supportive of Li Qiang. At the same time, he is also kind to persuade Li Qiang to give up Chen Wa’er and not be trapped by emotional matters.

Li Qiang didn’t say a word, only sighed and asked Uncle Jin to hide his trip to Shenzhen from the big guy. Who knows, this matter was still scattered by Aunt Jin. The entire yard had a dinner to see off Li Qiang. Hu Meihua wanted Chen Wal to go to the yard for dinner, but Chen Wal shook his head and refused Hu Meihua, only wishing Li Qiang. Get rich early and live long.

The people in Happiness ate together, everyone wished Li Qiang all the best, and Li Qiang had an aggressive force that they all agreed with. After receiving all the blessings, in addition to recalling some things in the past, Li Qiang also said a few heartfelt words to Uncle Jin. He has always been arguing with Uncle Jin, but in his heart he always regarded Uncle Jin as himself. His biological father, he will keep in mind the teachings of Uncle Jin, do things honestly, and be a down-to-earth person.

Although Chen Wa’er did not go to the yard to eat, she kept crying at home. Chen’s mother knew that Chen Wa’er could not let Li Qiang go. She asked Chen Wa’er to forgive Chen’s father, but if Chen Wa’er really wanted to see Li The wall went to see one last time. On this side, after eating for the elders, Wu Xikai and Hu Meihua bluntly said that they knew that Li Qiang went to Shenzhen to escape. If Li Qiang lost Chen Wal, he would definitely regret it forever. Li Qiang loves Chen Wa’er deeply. He thinks that his continued stay in Beijing will only bring more trouble to Chen Wa’er.

He cried and told Wu Xikai and Hu Meihua to shut up. How could he let Wa’er go, but he replied It is indeed necessary to go to Shenzhen. At the same time, Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou also came to the station to find Father Chen. Uncle Zhou scolded Father Chen, believing that Father Chen broke up the couple. Father Chen had a few quarrels with Uncle Zhou about this. Father Chen suffered a sudden heart attack and was sent to the hospital.

Father Chen entered the hospital. He recalled what he had done in the hospital bed. He felt repented. He kept holding Chen Wa’er’s hand and apologized to Chen Wa’er. He was sorry for his daughter. He was not a good father. , And not a good husband. Now that he is hospitalized, I am afraid that family expenses will become difficult again.

After that, Chen Wal called Li Qiang at the request of Chen’s father. Li Qiang assured Chen’s father that he would take good care of Chen Wal’s. Even if the Chen family’s family situation is difficult and complicated, he will work hard to survive and will not regret today. His choice, he can definitely carry this family.

As soon as Chen’s father was discharged from the hospital, Li Qiang bought a color TV and TV ticket for the Chen family, intending to relieve Chen’s father’s boredom when he was recuperating. Father Chen knew Li Qiang’s thoughts, but Li Qiang was still not a member of his family. He set up a note for Li Qiang on the spot, and he would return the TV money to Li Qiang when he started his salary in the future. On the other hand, Uncle Jin, Aunt Jin carrying a gift, was about to go to Father Chen’s house to visit Father Chen. Aunt Jin still minded what happened last time in her heart, but Uncle Jin has long since taken care of what happened last time. Aunt let go of what happened before.

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