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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 11 Recap

Su Wenqian called Qin Zishu and said that he would go home soon, and said that he would pick up Xiaoxue and Qin Zishu and go home together at four o’clock. Qin Zishu’s hanging heart was finally relieved. In the telephone office, Xiao Zhang recorded the phone calls Qin Henian received. This call was from Yin Qiansu on the outskirts of Songjiang, saying that Qin Henian was his family, but he was told that Qin Henian would not be back at five. Ouyang Xiangling sent Su Wenqian home.

Section Chief Cao followed the director to ask about Ouyang Xiangling’s past. After all, she had already joined the task force, so he needed to understand her information. The director told Section Chief Cao that the work of Yang Zhiliang and Ouyang Xiangling could not be made public three years ago, and then gave Section Chief Cao a file. All he wanted to know was in it, but the information involved Ouyang Xiangling’s personal feelings. Trauma, use it with proper measure.

In the car, Ouyang Xiangling took out a fairy tale picture book and said it was for Xiaoxue. Su Wenqian didn’t understand why they had to fight the jellyfish group to death and death. Ouyang Xiangling said that if they can really give up, who wants to fight to death and death. Qin Henian’s car crashed into a coachman, and Qin Henian asked him to take him to the hospital, then went to the food stall as usual, and Chi Tiecheng also came. Xiaoxue brought the Baixue cake to the school to share with everyone, but a little boy said that the father column of Xiaoxue’s school registration form was empty, and she had no father at all.

Qin Zishu was waiting to pick up Xiaoxue at the entrance of the elementary school. Chi Tiecheng happened to meet her when she left. Qin Zishu’s watch was hit on the street. Passers-by had no intention of helping. Qin Zishu stumbled towards the opposite side and saw a car approaching. Chi Tiecheng hurriedly brought her to the opposite side of the road safely. This scene was like a scene where the two met many years ago.

Qin Zishu subconsciously felt that he was Chi Tiecheng, but Chi Tiecheng disappeared in a blink of an eye. As soon as Qin Henian was about to leave, he heard Qin Zishu shouting Chi Tiecheng’s name on the street, and wanted to take her away if he couldn’t stand it. Xiaoxue broke out from the crowd to protect Qin Zishu. Su Wenqian and Ouyang Xiangling saw this scene when they arrived, and they hurriedly protected Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue home, but Qin Henian fainted in full view.

Yin Qiansu was worried when he received the news that he changed his route to Hengzhou. Qin Zishu and Su Wenqian took Qin Henian to the hospital, and Xiaoxue heard Qin Zishu admit to Qin Henian for the first time. Qin Henian was allergic to alcohol, and Yin Qiansu called Qin Mansion again to learn about the accident.

Section Chief Cao opened the document and received a call from Yin Qiansu to return to Songjiang before he read it carefully. Section Chief Cao had to leave immediately. Xiaoxue didn’t understand why Qin Zishu never told her that she had a grandfather, nor did she let others know that she had a father. Su Wenqian hurriedly stopped, saying that he would make it clear to her when he got home.

Ouyang Xiangling took Xiaoxue out and Su Wenqian stayed to comfort Qin Zishu, but Qin Zishu asked Su Wenqian if Tiecheng was back. The feeling was too familiar, and Qin Zishu decided that he could not make a mistake. Su Wenqian said that they had been in correspondence over the past few years, and even if they came back, they would talk to him first. Xiaoxue was always depressed, because Qin Zishu didn’t tell her about her grandfather, and even told her that it was a stranger.

Ouyang Xiangling patiently solved it. At this time, Section Chief Cao brought a lot of troops to escort Yin Qiansu to the hospital and put the hospital under emergency martial law. Yin Qiansu recognized Qin Zishu, he was her senior.

However, all of this was Chi Tiecheng’s plan to force Yin Qiansu to appear. Knowing that Yin Qiansu had arrived at the hospital, Chi Tiecheng was very sure and waited for the opportunity to come. Qin Henian is Yin Qiansu’s teacher, but although he has escaped from the dangerous period, he has not yet woken up. The director and Chief Cao started investigating why Qin Henian suffered from sudden alcohol poisoning.

After comforting Qin Zishu, Yin Qiansu began to teach Qin Henian’s entourage, but they also accidentally learned that Qin Henian went to the food stall to eat in order to see Xiaoxue every day. That’s it. The Director and Section Chief Cao insisted on sending Yin Qiansu back. He is now the target of the jellyfish assassination team. Hearing this sentence, Qin Zishu and Su Wenqian were both taken aback.

Qin Zishu felt that Chi Tiecheng must be here, and Su Wenqian patiently comforted that Chi Tiecheng’s students were in the Secret Bureau. Perhaps it was a task sent by the Secret Bureau, and Chi Tiecheng did not know. Songjiang has become a place of right and wrong. Su Wenqian wanted to take Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue out of here. Qin Zishu refused, but she asked Su Wenqian to help the Public Security Bureau protect Yin Qiansu. He is really a good person!

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