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Renascence 凤唳九天 Episode 34 Recap

Unexpectedly, after Ye Junqing and the others drank, they fainted one after another, and were hit by cartilage. King Dashu removed his mask, and it turned out to be Ye Hongyi, and the real King Dashu had been killed by Qianmen, and the human skin on Ye Hongyi’s face was King Dashu’s. Ye Hongyi was triumphant, thinking that everything was under his control, and he wanted to make all those who betray him worse than life. Unexpectedly, Ye Junqing and the others woke up, but failed, Ben Lei led his troops into the hall to surround Ye Hongyi and Qianmen’s Jagged Legion.

Yao Mowan and Chu Mobei had already noticed that there was something wrong with King Dashu. Through a secret investigation, they found the skin water in their bedroom. They guessed that King Dashu had been counterfeited, and the spy arranged by Han Jinyi knew that Ye Hongyi was three days away. Before going to court, Yao Mowan believed that it was the Hongmen Banquet set up by Ye Hongyi. She colluded with Ye Junqing and the others and arranged the manpower in the Dashu Palace as early as possible, ready to count.

Ye Hongyi laughed and said that since he can be here, he must be prepared. Ye Junqing accused Ye Hongyi of cruelty and innocence. He was not worthy to be in charge of the world. For the sake of the people of the world, Ye Junqing wanted to resist Ye Hongyi. Ye Hongyi had been extremely Ye Junqing since he was a child. He believed that only Ye Junqing was favored by the emperor, and his officials also supported him. He was not reconciled to anyone robbing him of the country and beauty.

The two sides fought, Ye Junqing fought with one enemy and ten. Just as he was assassinating Ye Hongyi, Ben Lei threw out smoke bombs and led Ye Hongyi to escape. Ye Junqing convened the essentials of various countries to discuss ways to deal with Ye Hongyi. The war kicked off and the Dashu, Southern Region, and Mangyuan Rebels signed an alliance. After forming the coalition forces, they successively captured the two cities of Dachu. Ye Junqing and Yao Mowan, as coalition commanders, fought side by side with Han Jinyi and Chu Mobei.

Da Chu City failed one after another, and Ye Hongyi ordered heavy soldiers to surround Qicheng. Since ancient times, Qicheng has been an important place for the military, easy to defend and difficult to attack. Ye Junqing decided to arrange four men and horses to attack from both ends of Qicheng’s moat and the front and back to win Ye Hongyi.

Standing on the tower, Ye Hongyi had already figured out a countermeasure, using the women and children of the people of Qicheng as a physical shield to force Ye Junqing and others to retreat. Ye Hongyi knew Ye Junqing’s weakness, and Ye Junqing hesitated whether to go forward. After weighing the dilemma, Yao Mowan proposed to withdraw his troops. But on the way to withdraw troops, Ye Hongyi was in an ambush and suffered heavy casualties. Chu Mobei found that something was wrong and sent troops to support him.

Ye Hongyi gritted his teeth and asked Ye Junqing and others to pay the price. Today’s warfare is very unfavorable to the coalition forces. There is neither a force attack nor a wise method. When Huan Heng learned that Qicheng was stationed in Weiqi, he decided to persuade him. Huan Heng entered Qicheng in disguise, but Qianmian had already watched him. Huan Heng persuaded Wei Qi that the current situation was helping him to abuse him. Unexpectedly, when he left, he was killed by a thousand faces. Wei Qi watched Huan Heng dying in front of him, his heart began to shake, hating Ye Hongyi’s tyrannical innocence.

Chu Mobei rushed to tell Yao Mowan that the previous marriage contract was a slow-down strategy, and hoped that Yao Mowan would not take it to heart. Han Jinyi mocked Chu Mobei and thought he was worried about being rejected by Yao Mowan. Chu Mobei was unwilling to beat Mandarin Duck, and sincerely wished Ye Junqing and Yao Mowan.

Ye Hongyi ordered Huan Heng’s head to be hung outside the gate of the gate, and the body had been fed to the dog. After Ye Junqing learned of it, he was furious, and Yao Mowan regretted herself and should not agree to let Huanheng go to Qicheng. After waking up, the four decided to discuss the crusade against Ye Hongyi again.

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