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Renascence 凤唳九天 Episode 33 Recap

Ye Junqing and Yao Mowan met with Chu Mobei alone and asked why Chu Mobei attacked his Da Chu volunteer army. Chu Mobei became arrogant, thinking that Ye Junqing had no negotiating attitude, and he wanted Yao Mowan to be Dashu’s princess, otherwise Dashu would never retreat. Ye Junqing responded domineeringly, Yao Mowan is his own woman, no one can touch, even if it is torn apart with Dashu. After Chu Mobei left, Yao Mowan thought that Chu Mobei had such a request, and there must be a misunderstanding, and Ye Junqing became jealous.

Chu Mobei had already cut off the grain and water supply to Mangyuan, causing the rebels to eat coarse grains. Yao Mowan worried that if this continues, the rebels may not be able to resist the day of resistance, and the city is full of famines, the people are living in water and heat, and the army’s grain and grass stocks can no longer support the rebels and the people.

Chu Mobei also arranged heavy troops in Ye Junqing’s only breakthrough. He was worried that Ye would have many dreams, and he wanted to fight quickly. Ye Junqing would be so deadly, and the Southern Territory would support him at any time. Chu Mobei’s father was hard to beat. However, the father requested that he could only marry Yao Mowan to rescue the soldiers, and he ordered someone to protect Yao Mowan’s life after the attack.

Huan Heng said that the current situation in the military has no chance of winning against Dashu. If it is a sneak attack, the people will be left behind. However, the only waterway in the valley that can break through has been blocked by Dashu, and Yao Mowan doesn’t think about it. Suddenly a citizen’s wife called for injustice, and Liusha’s brother killed her son to grab food.

Ye Junqing must be severely punished and not negligent. Quicksand pleaded with Yao Mowan, but Yao Mowan also believed that these bandits must be eliminated, otherwise they could not become a powerful weapon. Quicksand personally executed his brother and left angrily.

Ye Junqing was ready to fight Dashu to the death, no matter what Yao Mowan advised. Yao Mowan came to Dashu Barracks alone to agree to the marriage contract with Dashu. After Ye Junqing learned about it, he decided to go to war. This is exactly the strategy of Ye Hongyi. He designed that he hoped that Dashu would compete with the rebels and the Southern Snipe, so that he could take advantage of the fisherman’s profit.

Ye Hongyi looked at Yao Moxin’s corpse and finally received the Nine-turn Resurrection Pill. He loved Yao Moxin wholeheartedly and fed her the pill by himself, hoping that Yao Moxin would wake up. Ye Junqing did not accept Dashu’s peace talks, thinking that Yao Mowan’s sacrifice should not be borne by her alone. Han Jinyi proposed to go to Dashu to discuss the peace first, considering the lives of Qiangyuan and the people of Liming.

The Dashu army assembled outside the Mangyuan City Tower, and Ye Junqing shot Dashu Yi and his envoys with one arrow, regardless of the consequences. Chu Mobei thought that Ye Junqing was confused, and in the current situation, only peace was the best way. Yao Mowan knew that it was her own cause, and Ye Junqing lost her mind and went on her own way. She decided to persuade Ye Junqing herself.

Han Jinyi swears to follow Ye Junqing to the death. Ye Junqing prepares to send three hundred elite soldiers to attack Dashu at night. At this time, he received a letter from Yao Mowan. Yao Mowan persuaded Ye Junqing, hoping that he could let go of his feelings and start a great cause for the people. But Ye Junqing didn’t understand Yao Mowan, thinking that she made decisions on her own, never discussing with him. Yao Mowan hopes that Ye Jun will clear up and become wise and not sacrifice thousands of people because of his feelings.

After seeing Yao Mowan, King Dashu praised her for being different from other women. He planned to use Chu Mobei and Yao Mowan’s marriage contract to invite Nanyu and Mangyuan to sign a covenant against Da Chu. Ye Junqing once again saw Yao Mowan marrying someone else, and the grief and anger in his heart made him try his best to suppress it on such occasions, and even said a congratulatory message.

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