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Renascence 凤唳九天 Episode 31 Recap

Yao Suluan wore the queen’s red robe and angered Ye Hongyi. He put a sword on Yao Suluan’s neck. Yao Suluan was discouraged and mocked how lowly his love was. Ye Hongyi was about to die for everyone present. Qianmian almost hurt Ye Junqing. Fortunately, Ben Lei and others arrived in time. Yao Suluan used his body to block a sword for Ye Hongyi and confided before his death. My love is too tired and ends with hatred. Ye Hongyi realized the importance of Yao Suluan and cried bitterly while holding her, expressing that she would seal Yao Suluan as her queen. In order for Yao Mowan and others to leave smoothly, Yao Xiang blocked the door with his body.

Ye Junqing, Yao Mowan and others ran all the way to the gate, but unexpectedly encountered a group of soldiers blocking the gate. Just as Ye Junqing drew out his sword, the commander admired Ye Junqing’s actions, saying that all soldiers and family members had received Ye Junqing’s help and immediately gave way to the road. After Ye Junqing and others passed, The troops chased by Qianmen fought together.

Ye Junqing, Yao Mowan and others came to Mangyuan, thinking that everything was ready and only owed Dongfeng, but they never thought that Ye Hongyi once planted a person called Death Soul. Liusha heard that he was going to fight again, and was very reluctant. He rejected Ye Junqing in public, thinking that he had a powerful face and he could not explain it to his brothers. Ye Junqing vowed that if he did not benefit the people, he could let the quicksand deal with it, hoping that he could detail and support himself.

The dead soul has a deep hatred with Ye Junqing, and Ye Hongyi sent someone to pass a letter to him to use it, and the dead soul gritted his teeth. Quicksand has prepared weapons and food, and can go out at any time. Ye Junqing expressed that he could not compete with Big Chu with his current strength, and worried that Ye Hongyi would hold the Southern Region to confront him. Han Jinyi proposed to find the Southern Territory first, and take the lead.

Ye Junqing believes that the support of the people of Da Chu is their advantage, and it depends on whether the Southern Region understands the principle of uniting the weak and resisting the strong. If you want to win the big Chu, you must also learn to rely on the troops of Mangyuan and Southern Region. Coincidentally, Duan Tingting and Tingyue arrived and proposed to go to the Southern Territory first, so that they could persuade the Southern Territory King to help Ye Junqing.

Ye Junqing weighed and considered and only arranged a small group of soldiers to escort him to the Southern Region. But when passing through the mountains and forests, when they were lost and did not know the road conditions ahead, Ye Junqing, Yao Mowan and Duan Tingting went to explore the road first. The old man arranged by the gangster pointed in random directions. When chasing after the cliff and the broken bridge, Yao Mowan sprained her foot. While Ye Junqing was protecting Yao Mowan, Duan Tingting blocked the flying sword with her body and cut the broken bridge in order to let the two cross the bridge safely. The gangsters fell into the cliff together.

The dead soul took advantage of this and brought Duan Tingting’s body back to the Southern Territory in advance, and turned the right and wrong in front of the Southern Territory King, saying that it was Ye Junqing and Yao Mowan who held Duan Tingting and wanted the Southern Territory King to send troops, but he was hunted down by Da Chu soldiers. In the process, Duan Tingting fell off the cliff and died. The King of the Southern Territories was overwhelmed and believed in what the dead soul said, and vowed to make Ye Junqing and Yao Mowan pay the debt.

Ye Junqing lost Duan Tingting painfully, almost decadent. Yao Mowan encouraged Ye Junqing to cheer up quickly, walk out of the woods, and seek help in the Southern Region. Ye Junqing set up a small monument for Duan Tingting and continued to look for a way out. Ben Lei heard that the King of the Southern Territories had learned of this, and Yao Mowan believed that the most urgent matter was to explain to the King of the Southern Territories. Ye Junqing took advantage of Yao Mowan’s sleep and headed to the Southern Region alone.

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