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Parallel Lost 平行迷途 Episode 3 Recap

The police met to discuss the investigation results of the explosion. Su Ming’s body was not found at the scene, and Zhou Zheng’s behavior was normal. The current situation can only be based on Su Ming’s clues, but after thinking deeply, Guo Liang on the side decided to report his guess to the captain. Guo Liang told his boss about his understanding of the relationship between Gu Jun and Su Ming. Gu Jun was very It may be Su Ming’s inner ghost buried inside. That explosion was made by Gu Jun to help Su Ming cover it. Gu Jun used Yang Fang’s presence as a proof. The captain frowned as he listened to Guo Liang’s explanation.

Huang Xin and the two asked a doctor to bandage the wound for Su Ming, but the doctor advised Huang Xin to send Su Ming to the hospital for treatment. After the doctor left, Huang’s father explained to Huang Xin that Su Ming found it alone, there must be something unspeakable. Don’t want to be discovered. However, Father Huang asked about the relationship between Huang Xin and Su Ming. Huang Xin just faltered and said that the two were just colleagues, and Father Huang could only stop studying and pick up the traces.

Guo Liang’s guess was denied by his boss. Team Li felt that Guo Liang might have been too clingy to Gu Jun. Listening to the words of his boss, Guo Liang silently pinched the paper in his hand.

Huang Xin sat aside taking care of Su Ming, looking at Su Ming who was pale, Huang Xin was nervous, but only listened to Su Ming silently reciting the name of his sister Su Xiaoxi. Of course Huang Xin remembers Su Xiaoxi, Su Ming and Su Xiaoxi’s mother died young, not long after Su’s father also passed away. The two transferred and left. Huang Xin asked about his father.

Huang’s father still remembers the Su brothers and sisters. The parents of the two families met once. Huang’s father and Su’s father were also friends. But after the Su brothers and sisters transferred, the two families stopped contacting each other. Huang Xin asked why. Father Huang didn’t answer directly, and hurriedly prevaricate. Just silently asked Huang Xin to send Su Ming to the residence of his acquaintance friends to seek shelter.

Su Xiaoxi sat at home listening to the news report about the explosion, vaguely anxious, and wanted to send a message to ask his brother Su Ming, but he still stayed on the send button.

Gu Jun listened to the police report and planned to arrest Su Ming as a plan. A colleague on the side suggested that he wanted to be wanted, but Gu Jun objected to it on the grounds that he would not be surprised. The Li team on the side agreed to come down, but Guo Liang thought secretly.

Father Huang stood by Su Ming and noticed that his daughter Huang Xin was eavesdropping on the side. Father Huang couldn’t help worrying about whether her daughter had fallen too deeply unknowingly. Su Ming, who had been sleeping for a long time, gradually woke up, and Father Huang pressed down his voice to ask. The reason for Su Ming’s name change, but Su Ming could only explain that he was only looking for the things behind his father’s back then. Father Huang knew he could not intervene in it, so he could only tell Su Ming not to involve Huang Xin in it.

Zhou Zheng listened to the report from his subordinates and explained that his subordinates did not need to bring Su Ming back, as long as they were guarded properly to avoid the police from pulling clues on him.

Father Huang told Huang Xin to take Su Ming to a concealed residence to recuperate. He looked at “Liu Meng” who was silent from the side. Huang Xin could only remain silent. When he settled down, Huang Xin tried to ask the reason again, but Su Ming only asked Huang Xin. Take yourself to see Zhou Zheng, the person in charge of Pure Health Medicine.

Huang Xin walked into Zhou Zheng’s office and told Su Ming’s request to meet. Zhou Zheng’s expression changed drastically, and he could only agree to it pretending to be calm, and advised Huang Xin not to mix the matter too much, so as not to get into trouble.

Gu Jun recalled the bombing incident that day. He shot Su Ming with a single shot. Su Ming, who fell, still held back the pain, intermittently giving clues about the toy factory in Gu Jun’s ear. Anxious Gu Jun could only find Team Li to report on the progress he had mastered.

Su Ming, who was waiting alone in the car, received Zhou Zheng’s refusal to meet and left. Zhou Zheng sent his subordinates to the parking lot and found the usb left by Su Ming. Su Ming in the video revealed to Zhou Zheng that the police might go to the toy factory. According to the investigation, Zhou Zheng’s drug making tools are about to be discovered. Zhou Zheng, who was worried, took Su Ming’s suggestion. Su Ming, who got permission from Zhou Zheng, quickly came to the toy factory and transferred all the tools. As a result, Gu Jun and Guo Liang and his party who rushed to rush to the air, the traces of the recent move made it difficult for Guo Liang not to doubt Gu Jun again.

Back at the police station, Gu Jun and Guo Liang quickly investigated and monitored and found a suspected vehicle, but the license plate was blocked and unable to investigate more information. And Su Ming, who was sitting in the car, was also galloping on the road. This move earned Zhou Zheng’s trust, but thinking of Gu Jun, Su Ming was still full of guilt.

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