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Parallel Lost 平行迷途 Episode 1 Recap

In the police station, a discussion about a gun battle triggered by a previous drug dealer transaction is underway. The location is in Padang Province. At that time, a drug dealer transaction was in progress. Erhu, Li Xiang, and Liu Meng gathered together, but they were not seen. The figure of a coyote. Police Gu Jun and a group of people broke through the trading scene, and the fight was on the verge.

The police did not arrest the three people in the trading center. According to the analysis, the police learned that Zhou Zheng of the Chunsheng Group was probably the boss behind him, but it was due to lack of evidence. Liu Meng and Li Xiang are right arms of the bright-faced leader Liu Zhi. After the police prepared to figure out the operation of this huge drug cartel, they closed the net in one fell swoop.

On the other side, Li Xiang and Liu Meng were acting secretly and vaguely saw the police’s surveillance. Liu Meng and Li Xiang escaped the police’s stalking by taking advantage of the attacking moves. The police officer Gu Jun and his party were scolded by the captain, which easily made the surveillance object escape. It was really unprofessional behavior, but the captain looked at Gu Jun’s low head and couldn’t say anything. After the police searched the place where Liu Meng was under surveillance, they found that the place was awkwardly clean. It seems that Liu Meng deliberately erased the traces of his life. But Gu Jun still found a suspicious set of clothes in Liu Meng’s closet. Looking at the trademark, Gu Jun thoughtfully.

Liu Meng, who escaped surveillance, came to a secret warehouse. After meeting with the trading boss, Liu Meng received another business. The next day he was about to pick up the goods with Liu Zhi.

Gu Jun came to the door of a fashion design shop and accidentally found a note full of numbers in the crack of the door. It turned out that there was a secret information transaction method hidden behind all this. This method reminded Gu Jun of himself An old friend of, although he could not believe it, Gu Jun insisted on the value of this clue, came to the library, found the corresponding book according to the number, and obtained the location code from the book. Gu Jun just kept up with the boss Liu Zhi Private car.

Liu Zhi noticed the suspicious vehicle in the rearview mirror and decided to drive to the parking lot quickly. While Gu Jun was chasing, he immediately responded to the headquarters, reporting his location information and requesting support. The police at the headquarters ruled out various speculations based on Li Xiang’s cell phone conversation and various intelligence, and finally located the specific location of the trading venue.

Gu Jun observed Liu Zhi driving into the parking lot, changing the vehicle and driving out again, and then reported to the headquarters again to update the tracking information. After changing the vehicle, but still unable to get rid of the situation of being tracked, Liu Zhi confirmed that he was being tracked, and immediately ordered Liu Meng, the co-pilot, to throw off the tracking vehicle.

As the two vehicles drove too fast, Gu Jun’s vehicle was knocked over by the truck, and Liu Zhi and others were injured when they hit a tree. Looking at Liu Zhi with blood on his hands, Liu Meng insisted on helping Liu Zhi bandage the wound. Then the police arrived with an ambulance. The siblings rushed to visit Gu Jun, but there was no time to speak. Gu Jun hurriedly instructed his colleagues to check another car, but it was too late and it was already empty.

Gu Jun asked his colleague Yang Fang to investigate the surveillance video. After the images showed up and the previous case records, the police determined that one of the two was the leader Liu Zhi, but who was the other? Gu Jun quietly listened to his colleagues analyzing the traces left in the car, and found that the suspicious fabric was the same as the clothing store he had previously investigated, and other intelligence was basically consistent, but why did Liu Meng, who is extremely anti-reconnaissance capable, use Is your car parked in the same place? Gu Jun was puzzled.

According to the information collected, the police believe that a huge drug deal is about to take place tonight. The boss Zhou Zheng is very likely to appear, but the boss opposes the injured Gu Jun to take part in the operation, which makes Gu Jun very disappointed. But Gu Jun still looked for another way. He asked his colleague Ma Qiang to investigate Liu Meng’s information. Liu Meng’s previous employment information pointed to a suspicious fabric shop.

Gu Jun personally came to the clothing store and asked the clerk in an attempt to obtain information. From the damaged car on the other side, Gu Jun also personally inspected it. He vaguely felt that Liu Meng wanted to leave a special message, but he could not find a way to decipher the secret. Suddenly remembering that my colleague mentioned that there were blood stains in the car, Gu Jun began to look for the cloth on the car, and the eighth cloth disappeared mysteriously…

The police brigade is already in place at the transaction site, and everything is waiting for the drug trafficking team to appear. Gu Jun, who was not able to participate in the action, sat in the car thinking, the box containing the cloth, the missing piece of the eighth cloth, the abandoned factory building, all the words were connected in series, Gu Jun had a flash of inspiration and finally understood the meaning behind it The information turned out to be hiding the real trading location, so he drove off immediately, and Gu Jun drove to the abandoned steel factory. Observing the movement of Gu Jun’s car, Yang Fang, who was secretly observing from behind, also followed the trend.

Gu Jun, who was armed alone, walked into the abandoned factory building. At eight o’clock on time, the opponent did not show up. Liu Meng was quickly targeted by Liu Zhi with a gun, and he began to doubt Liu Meng’s loyalty. But Liu Meng said that if he is suspected, he does not need to use the genuine product. It turned out that the person who was really suspected was Liu Zhi. Hearing Gu Jun’s gunshots, Liu Zhi and his party moved. A gun battle was on the horizon. Yang Fang called the headquarters for support, but Liu Zhi was shot. Everyone rushed, Liu Zhi’s muzzle was aimed at Gu Jun in front of him. Gu Jun suddenly turned his head, but saw Liu Zhi slowly fall down. The one standing behind him was Liu Meng with a gun…

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