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Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 34 Recap

Xiao Rui was the host to arrange a birthday party for Huang Caiyun, and Huang Caiyun thanked Xiao Rui for the preparation. On the other side, Guo Jing brought food to visit Huang Caiyun, but was completely empty. The rascal took out a bottle of wine and poured himself. At this time, the doctor brought the phone. Guo Jing immediately hurried back to the hotel to give a gift in his wheelchair. Huang Caiyun saw the photo album prepared by Guo Jing, which was all delivered by her birthday.

With little footprints and a smile from ear to ear, Guo Jing wondered why Huang Caiyun didn’t tell himself when he went out to eat. He mentioned that Xiao Rui called the landlord to raise the price behind his back in order to separate himself and Huang Rong through Jiu Jin. Huang Rong told him not to be crazy about drinking, thinking that Xiao Rui had a good heart for his sister’s birthday.

After Guo Jing left, Xiao Rui arranged him in front of Huang Rong. Huang Rong thanked him for his care and decided to leave the hotel with Huang Caiyun. In the car, Huang Rong was curious that Huang Caiyun’s attitude towards Guo Jing had changed a bit. Huang Caiyun believed that Guo Jing’s medical level was not bad. If it were not his brother-in-law, a simple colleague would actually be good. Huang Rong wondered why Huang Caiyun always missed her ex.

When Chen Xiaonan saw Guo Jing leaving, he also left the dinner. Guo Jing was in a bad mood and walked on the street to blow the air. Chen Xiaonan took the initiative to pick him up, but Guo Jing ignored him. Seeing that Chen Xiaonan really drove away, he immediately caught up. In the car, Chen Xiaonan thought that Guo Jing and Xiao Rui chased Huang Rong together, why Guo Jing had a guilty conscience. Now that the two are divorced, Huang Rong has the right to choose. Guo Jing got out of the car but was caught in a sudden heavy rain.

When Chen Xiaonan went to the hospital to receive tickets for the drama Juliet and Romeo, Guo Jing rushed in and scolded her. After get off work, Chen Xiaonan went to watch the drama and found that the drama ticket was actually given by Zeng Li. In order to dispel Zeng Li’s idea of ​​chasing himself, Chen Xiaonan got off the car halfway and lied that he was going to her boyfriend’s house.

Unexpectedly, he met Guo Jing, who was out to buy wine. Although he was on a narrow road, Chen Xiaonan accompanies him to drink and chat.

Huang Rong contacted Doctor Yu and wondered why he was not afraid that Xiao Rui would inform Guo Jing. Doctor Yu admitted that he was the one who informed Guo Jing. If he did not tell Guo Jing, Guo Jing would kill him if he knew it afterwards, but now he has to prepare for both. You have to work hard and look for a job. If the two remarry, you have to change jobs. Huang Rong wonders if they can remarry. Doctor Yu thinks that they are donkeys, and they can do anything after their tempers come up. .

Seeing Guo Jing drunk and unconscious, Chen Xiaonan helped him to the bedroom. Guo Jing mistakenly thought she was Huang Rong who was holding her hand. Seeing his infatuation, Chen Xiaonan laughed at him for nothing.

In the morning, Guo Jing cooked porridge for Huang Rong. Huang Rong apologized for yesterday’s behavior. He saw that Guo Jing had a long hair on his body. He was curious about who came to the house last night. Guo Jing pretended to be broken and found an excuse to leave.

Seeing Han Haoyue’s thoughts, Guo Guo was angry that Han Haoyue was concealing things. Han Haoyue told her that she was not unhappy that she was pregnant, but how well her own accounts raised her two children. Guo Guo saw his pressure. Lie that he is not pregnant. Then she went to the hospital for consultation by herself. Guo Jing saw that she had no fetal buds for more than 50 days after the pregnancy test.

Guo Guo decided to have an abortion and called Han Haoyue before the abortion. Han Haoyue rushed to the hospital, thinking that having a baby is like a lottery ticket. You cannot give up buying a lottery because the result is unsatisfactory.

Guo Jing came back and saw that there was an ice cream box in the trash can. He knew that Xiao Rui came to the house and reminded Huang Rong that he had better not take it home when he was outside. Huang Rong believed that half of this house belonged to him. Huang Rong’s family, when Xiao Rui called, Guo Jing got angry and returned to his room.

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