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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 19 Recap

Kwong Mingchou apologized for the mistakes Jiangcheng made at the meeting. The provincial joint investigation team composed of taxation, industry and commerce, and customs suddenly visited Chaoxin Company. The responsible team leader Jiang explained the investigation, which was aimed at Pingdu City.

The state-owned and privately-owned technology companies in China, and the need to seal up the accounts and warehouses during the investigation will temporarily affect Chaoxin’s operations. Jiang Cheng heard this decision and immediately burst into emotions.

Fortunately, Kuang Mingchou was there to appease Team Leader Jiang. Kwong Mingchou and Jiang Cheng are meeting Zhou Dingbei and Wang Yong after get off work. Jiang Cheng feels more comfortable when he learns that Jingqi will also be investigated, but Zhou Dingbei blames Jiang Cheng for the joint investigation’s fault. Kwong Mingchou satirizes the overconfident Zhou Ding. Bei, a few people quarreling is also interesting.

Yao Kun’s father learned that his daughter had accepted Kwong Mingchoi’s marriage proposal, so he went to Pingdu alone to investigate Kwong Mingchoi’s foundation, and specifically told Yao Kun not to inform Kwong Mingchoi in advance. Kuang Mingchou was called out by Director Li of the Foreign Trade Bureau and told Jiang Chengshou that he was in the office to receive the old comrades of the investigation team.

Yao Kun’s father entered Kwong Mingchoi’s office and thought it was Kwong Mingchoi. He didn’t say who he was and only said that he was investigating. Jiang Cheng thought he was a member of the investigation team. He was arrogant towards others and made Yao Kun’s father angry and called his daughter directly.

Yao Kun still didn’t know what happened and called to ask Kuang Mingchou what he had done to make his father angry. Kuang Mingchou realized that the person Jiangcheng received was Yao Kun’s father, and he hurried to visit Yao Kun’s father with a gift to explain his previous misunderstanding. Zhou Dingbei explained to Director Zou what was being investigated, and repeatedly ensured that there was no problem with the banner, and then confessed that Wang Yong would cooperate with the investigation, and then hurriedly declare the product to the customs, and it can be put into the warehouse as soon as it is over.

Kwong Mingchou visited Yao Kun’s father and promised to get married as soon as Yao Kun returns from his studies in Japan. In fact, Yao Kun’s father has many friends in Ping and he has a clear understanding of the situation of Kwong Mingchou and Chaoxin. At this time, he got Kuang Mingchou’s promise, and the old man was very happy and satisfied with his son-in-law. Kwong Mingchou successfully resolved the matter of his father-in-law. When he hurried back to the company, he heard Professor Tang furious.

The investigation team questioned Professor Tang’s research funding and the source of the research accessories was unclear. The investigation team directly slandered Professor Tang and made him angry. Professor, I believe in Professor Tang’s character, and the investigation team will explain it by themselves. Mingchou Kwong directly approached Team Leader Jiang to explain Professor Tang’s problem, and asked him not to disturb a scientist anymore. It would be a loss to the company and the country to hinder the work of scientific researchers.

Su Yan reported on Zhou Dingbei’s slow progress in recruiting scientific research personnel. Zhou Dingbei had already notified the recruitment information and was very puzzled about the current situation. He asked the personnel from the personnel department to find out, because the investigation team’s intervention made the outside.

They all thought that the scientific research companies on Baisha Road were all purchasing and reselling leather bag companies. Even if the job advertisement was posted, no one came to apply. Zhou Dingbei realized the seriousness of the problem. Su Yan passed by the Chaoxin gate after get off work and remembered her past with Jiang Cheng, feeling very uncomfortable, but she didn’t want to see Jiang Cheng again.

Yao Kun is very happy that Kwong Mingchoi can get his father’s approval and give up the favorable conditions of communication to return to China and get married with Kwong Mingchoi. Wang Yong was anxious to find Hong Yuqiao for help.

He helped the villagers bring a few color TV sets from abroad for the sake of face. This is a smuggling. Once the investigation team finds out, he will face jail. But Wang Yong didn’t want the company to know, so he begged Hong Yuqiao to help him bring the goods before the investigation team came.

The investigation team’s investigation into the tide of letters made the insiders panic, and several researchers proposed to resign and want to return to the institute. Professor Tang painstakingly persuaded several of them, and Kwong Mingchou is very good to everyone on weekdays, so he can’t abandon the company in times of crisis. That’s how to persuade several people to give up the idea of ​​resigning. Hong Yuqiao found Huang Xueyi to help him deal with the problem of smuggling goods, and Huang Xueyi’s interests were first profitable and naturally agreed.

Mingkuang Kwong and Zhou Dingbei approached Tian Yi to explain the current dilemma. Since the reform and opening up, the market shares of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises have been on the same level, but once they face such frequent investigations, the market will sooner or later have no position for state-owned enterprises.

There was no other choice but to explain the company’s difficulties privately with Team Leader Jiang. Kuang Mingchou fainted in the mayor’s office as he became more anxious and excited. Jingqi’s goods were investigated, and Wang Yong was nervous that the goods he had carried were found to delay as long as possible. Huang Xueyi also asked someone to find the smuggled goods but did not have time to take them away.

Wang Yong’s incident revealed that the smuggling was established, which made Zhou Dingbei’s angry, not only the banner’s reputation destroyed, Zhou Dingbei also turned into a joke, and cast all his anger on Wang Yong. Zhou Dingbei returned home and reflected on his experience in starting a company in the past few years.

It seems that he has decided to take the initiative to take the responsibility and explain to his wife that he is going to take care of his family and son. Yao Kun rushed back from Japan when he learned that Kwong Ming-choi was ill. Kwong Ming-chou didn’t know what illness he had and was worried about the company and the investigation team.

His heart was still unreliable, but when Kwong Ming-choi saw Yao Kun, his mood was much better, Jiang Cheng and Yu Wenjing Leave space for the two to communicate separately. Yao Kun blamed Kuang Mingchou for not taking good care of himself, and the two shook hands. Zhou Dingbei assumed all responsibilities in the face of the investigation team’s questioning. Yao Kun did not allow Kwong Mingchoo to work in the ward, and Kwong Mingchoi was carrying Yao Kun’s work on the company.

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